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Full text of "The Welsh book-plates in the collection of Sir Evan Davies Jones, bart., M. P. of Pentower, Fishguard; a catalogue, with biographical and decriptive notes"

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A. L. HUMPHREYS, 187 Piccadilly 


I WAS fortunate to receive a volunteer offer 
from my friend, Mr Herbert M. Vaughan, 
to arrange, catalogue, and describe my col- 
lection of Welsh Book-Plates. His know- 
ledge of the subject, especially in regard to its 
Welsh application, is, I think, unrivalled. 

The collection, which contains about fourteen 
hundred examples, is the result of a very de- 
sultory desire, recurring at intervals during the 
last fifteen years, to bring together as many 
book - plates as possible having some Welsh 

The desire never developed into a hobby, and 
was only pursued as chance occasion offered, and 
as a side issue of a more serious attempt at book 
collecting, a pastime more dangerous and insidious 
both to the pocket and the temper. 

I did not realise that I had unconsciously 
succeeded in forming a not unimportant collection 
until Mr Vaughan one day descended on my library 
and spied the land. I gratefully accepted his aid ; 
he has attached a value to the collection which it 
would not otherwise possess, and has further 
increased that value by adding many rare plates 
from his own collection. 

vi Foreword 

One hundred and fifty copies only of this 
Catalogue have been printed for private circulation 
and the type has been dispersed ; 50 copies on 
hand-made paper numbered I to 50, and 100 
copies on ordinary paper numbered 51 to 150. I 
have sent a presentation copy to each of the 
following institutions, with the hope that the 
valuable information compiled by Mr Vaughan 
may be of interest and service in the realms of 
Genealogy and Topography to future as well as 
present generations, especially amongst the many 
families in our self-governing Dominions and the 
United States who are of Welsh origin : 

Copy No. 3. National Library of Wales. 

4. The Honourable Society of Cym- 


5. Royal Institution of South Wales, 


6. Cardiff Central Free Library, 

Welsh Department. 

7. University College of Wales, 


8. University College of South Wales 

and Monmouthshire, Cardiff. 

9. University College of North Wales, 


10. Swansea University College. 

11. British Museum. 

12. Bodleian Library, Oxford. 

Foreword vii 

Copy No. 13. University Library, Cambridge. 

14. John Rylands Library, Manchester. 

15. Library of the Faculty of Advo- 

cates, Edinburgh. 

1 6. National Library of Ireland. 

17. McGill University, Montreal. 

1 8. The Public Library, Toronto. 

19. The Public Library of New South 

Wales, Sydney. 

20. The Public Library, Melbourne. 

21. The South African Public Library, 


22. Library of Congress, Washington. 

23. Harvard University, Harvard. 

24. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. 

The number of this copy is 

November 1920. 


Jacobean Armorial. (Impaling Owen of 
Orielton) . . ^ . Frontispiece 



Jacobean Dated Armorial . . 2 


dale Armorial. (By Skinner, of Bath; 
signed and dated 1742) . . .34 


Armorial . . . .96 

5. WM. SCOURFIELD ESQR. Chippendale Armorial 116 


Early Jacobean Dated Armorial . .120 

7. R. H. VAUGHAN ESQR. Pictorial and Armorial 132 


Armorial . . . . . 1 46 


IN November, 1918, I received the whole of 
the collection of the Welsh book-plates that 
had been formed during several years by 
Sir Evan Davies Jones, Bart., M.P. To this 
I have myself added about fifty plates from my 
own collection. 

A word of explanation is here required as to the 
term " Welsh," for it covers not only the book- 
plates of persons residing in Wales or the Marches, 
but also people having connection with Welsh life, 
as well as families of Welsh descent living in 
England and Ireland and even oversea. I have 
had to use my personal judgment in the matter of 
inclusion and exclusion of " Welsh " book-plates, 
and my attitude has been that of including rather 
than excluding those with doubtful claims. Con- 
sequently, this collection must contain some speci- 
mens that have small right to be accounted Welsh ; 
yet I think on the whole my method is a sound 
one. In most cases I have been largely guided by 
the heraldic bearings the vast majority of book- 
plates are armorial in character rather than by 
the surname or domicile. 

For those who have never studied any work 
dealing with the history and evolution of the 


xii Introduction 

book-plate, I may state that the book-plate or 
book-label or ex-libris call it which you please 
came into vogue very shortly after the invention 
of printing in the middle of the fifteenth century, 
the early Igler and Pirkheimer plates being well 
known to collectors. Gradually it became popular 
on the Continent, and was common there long 
before its use extended to England. Only three 
English plates, all Elizabethan (those of Sir Nicholas 
Bacon, Sir Thomas Tresham and Joseph Holland} are 
known to have been produced in the sixteenth 
century. Slowly the book-plate increased in 
popularity during the seventeenth century, which 
saw the fine plates of Sir Edward Littleton, Sir 
Thomas Gore, Samuel Pepys and a few others ; but 
it was not till the year 1698 that the book-plate 
became fashionable. From that year, however, 
till the present day the custom of having a label 
of ownership pasted into the books both in public 
and private libraries has continued unbroken. 

From an artistic point of view, the book-plate 
since 1698 has gone through a succession of 
phases. First, there is the early "Jacobean " (so- 
called) design, with a square shield surrounded by 
mantling of acanthus foliage. These early Jacobean 
plates are usually dated, and in most cases seem to 
have belonged only to persons of high degree. In 
this collection the fine armorial plates of Sir John 
Aubrey and Gwyn of Llansannor are admirable 
specimens of this early type, while of slightly 

Introduction xiii 

later date are the plates of Sir Thomas Hanmer, 
Baron Robert Price and Sir Thomas Trevor. 

From the simple design of plain shield and 
mantling the book-plate during the reigns of Anne 
and George I. began to grow more elaborate. Of 
this later Jacobean style we have good examples 
in the John Wogan of Wiston, the Lady Lloyd \ and 
the gorgeous plate of Henrietta-Louisa Fermor, 
Countess of Pomfret (nee Jeffreys of Acton), which 
is one of the largest and finest plates ever engraved. 

About 1730 the "Jacobean" gradually began 
to merge into the Rococo, or Louis XV., or 
" Chippendale," a leading characteristic of which 
is the shape of the shield, that now becomes curved 
and often lop-sided. The more formal later 
Jacobean embellishments now give place to a riot 
of flourishes and foliage, often without symmetry. 
The large Thomas Pryse (of Gogerddan) is one of 
the finest specimens of this phase ; but G. Davies, 
Harwich^ John Myddleton^ John Hughes of Brecon 
and dozens of others all offer good examples of 
this class. 

It may be added here that both in the later 
Jacobean and the Chippendale plates a large 
amount of extraneous ornament is often used. 
Cherubs, " sisters allegoric," globes, books, urns, 
musical instruments, curtains, mantles are intro- 
duced with good effect, and in such cases the plate 
is usually styled " Pictorial." In fact, the " Book- 
Pile" design becomes in course of time a regular 


feature, and is often so designated. The plate of 
Will. Worthington is a good example of this style of 
decoration. The " Mantle " too is frequently used 
as a background to the shield, as in the plates 
of David Lloyd and Richard Mostyn of Penbedw. 
Naval and military trophies are also found (cp. 
the plate of Adam Rogers). 

After the " Chippendale" comes the " Festoon " 
or Louis XVI. period, beginning, roughly, about 
1775. Here the shield regains its symmetry but 
becomes spade-shaped, and the swags of roses or 
fruit, the chains of corn-husks,. the elegant pins, all 
own a regular value in the scheme of ornament. 
Sometimes the shield is enclosed in an ornamental 
oval and forms a medallion, as in Sir William 

About 1790 the heavy wreaths and loops and 
light chains are discarded, only scroll- or ribbon- 
work and a few sprigs of foliage or a pair of palm 
branches being left. Even these ornaments, called 
the " Wreath and Ribbon," soon disappear, and 
we have the plain spade shield, which marks the 
opening years of the nineteenth century. 

About 1810 the shield loses its spade form, and 
becomes first square and plain, and then a little 
later appears with pointed ears. From 1830 or 
thereabouts the average book-plate degenerates 
into a mere " die-sinker," generally consisting of 
a slightly curved shield with a mass of shaded 
mantling above. 

Introduction *v 

About 1870, however, taste began to improve, 
and the Eclectic School arose. The elaborate 
armorial designs of C. W. Sherborn, the portrait 
plates of Stacey Marks, the choice designs of 
Batchelor, Kite, Eve, Kate Greenaway and numerous 
other artists of the late Victorian era are frequently 
found. There are several excellent examples of 
this modern school included in this collection, 
of special notice among them being the plates of 
Lord Kenyan, Dr J. L. Proper t, Harry Arthur 
James, Sir John Rhys, Muriel Rogers, etc. 

Mention should also be made of the " Land- 
scape " Plates, which curiously enough reached 
their highest point of excellence in the first 
quarter of the nineteenth century. Some of these 
were designed by Bewick, Sherwin, or their pupils, 
and are of great beauty. In this connection the 
pretty little plate of Thomas Evans, M.D., should 
be noted for its view of Henllan on the Teifi. 

The bulk of these book-plates are, of course, 
" Armorial," but there are also a fair number of 
plain labels. These are often of special interest, 
seeing that they usually belonged to schoolmasters, 
clergymen, poets, authors and other literary persons. 
To my mind the most interesting specimen of this 
class to be found in this collection is the T. S. 
Evans, Mathematical Master at Christ's Hospital, 
which is formed out of the 47th Theorem of the 
first book of Euclid. Leather-gilt labels, too, are 
not uncommon in the early nineteenth century. 

xvi Introduction 

A fair number of plates bear the name or initials 
of the engraver, and a smaller number show a 
date. I have noted these signatures and dates in 
my catalogue, and in a few cases have drawn the 
reader's attention to specimens that are not included 
in the compiled lists of H. W. Fincham's Artists and 
Engravers of Book Plates, or of W. Hamilton's 
Dated Book Plates, the two recognised authorities 
on these classes of book-plate. It is rare to find a 
book-plate both signed and dated, but Welsh 
examples exist in Howe// Gwyn of Garth, 1742, and 
John Hughes of Brecon, 1745, both being engraved 
by Skinner of Bath. 

This leads me to the question : How far were 
book-plates actually engraved in Wales itself? 
The earliest book-label printed in the Principality 
is, in all probability, that of " Lewis Edward, His 
Book, Anno Domini 1721 " (not included in this 
collection but reproduced in Old West Wales Book 
Plates, " West Wales Historical Records," vol. iv.). 
This was most likely the work of Nicholas Thomas, 
printer of Carmarthen, and its date shows it to have 
been produced only three years after the issue of 
the first recorded printed book in Wales from 
Isaac Carter's press at Trefhedyn (Adpar). No 
doubt all the simple printed labels and a certain 
proportion of the Armorial Plates of Welsh 
residents were printed locally in Wales, or at least 
at Shrewsbury or at Chester ; but the name of 
place or printer is very rarely given. One out 


of a few exceptions to this statement is the label 
of William Lloyd of Maes-Annod^ which is de- 
scribed as " Printed by J. Ross, Carmarthen, 1764." 
This must have been in the second year of the 
existence of his press, but I know of no other 
signed book-plate by this publisher, although I 
recognise his characteristic work in certain unsigned 

With regard to the Notes I have added to the 
technical descriptions of the plates, I must make 
some excuse for their paucity. The fact is, that 
Welsh heraldic bearings are more often a puzzle 
than a help in the process of identification. My 
catalogue is necessarily an alphabetical one, based 
on the various surnames, whereas (as every student 
of Welsh heraldry knows) the true Welsh coats-of- 
arms bear no relation to mere surnames, but are 
borne by the descendants or pseudo-descendants 
of this or that mediaeval chieftain or tribal lord, 
who has been posthumously supplied with armorial 
bearings. This difficulty does not arise in identify- 
ing the families or persons of English origin in 
Wales, and that is the reason why the English 
names are better and more fully treated than those 
of purely Cymric descent. Again, the mere name 
in conjunction with a coat-of-arms is quite insufficient 
for identification. No one could ever really pretend 
to discover the true owner of such plates as 
" Thomas Lloyd " with the coat of Cadifor ap 
Dyfnwal; or "John Williams" with that of 


Ednyfed Vychan ; or " William Edwards " with 
that of Tewdwr Trevor. There must have been a 
dozen or more contemporary armigeri of those very 
names and entitled to those coats, and it would 
require some very strong evidence or intimate local 
knowledge indeed to name the true owner of any 
particular plate with such slender information to 
build upon. For the Welsh place-name is rarely 
given on a book-plate, although in ordinary speech 
it is seldom omitted. That I have failed to 
identify through faulty research in many instances 
is probable enough ; at the same time I have not 
jumped to any conclusion by guess-work. A good 
many of my notes are safeguarded by a preliminary 
query, and in some cases by two queries. 

I have found the following books of special use 
and importance : 

H. W. Fincham, Artists and Engravers of Book 
Plates, 1897. 

W. Hamilton, Dated Book Plates (three parts), 

Burke's and Lodge's Peerage (v.d.). 

Burke' s Extinct Peerage, 1866. 

Burke's Baronetage (v.d.). 

Burke's Extinct Baronetage, 1838. 

Burke's History of the Commoners, 1836-1838. 

Burke's Landed Gentry (v.d., but especially the 
edition of 1849, with Supplement and Index). 


Walford's County Families of the United Kingdom 

Kelly's Directory of the Titled, Landed and Official 
Classes (v.d.). 

Foster's Alumni Oxonienses (an invaluable work ; 
would that the University of Cambridge possessed 
a like record !). 

Dictionary of National Biography. 

Rev. R. Williams' Eminent Welshmen^ 1852. 

T. Nicholas, Annals of the Counties and County 
Families of Wales^ 1872. 

These are a few only of the requisite books for 
such a task as this. All the County Histories of 
Wales ; G. T. Clark's Genealogies of Glamorgan ; 
the whole series of the Ex Libris Society's publica- 
tions (of which defunct society I was a member) ; 
the various pedigrees given in the Archaologia 
Cambrensis and the Cymmrodor\ the Transactions of 
the Carmarthenshire Antiq. Society ; the recently 
published work on North Wales Pedigrees ; the 
volumes of the Powysland Club ; the various 
works dealing with the High Sheriffs of Wales 
and the Border Counties ; Foster's Men at the Ear ; 
the publications of The West Wales Historical 
Society (which in vol. iv. includes my own 
article, "Old West Wales Book-Plates, 1698- 
1830," with a list of about seventy of the chief 
book-plates in the counties of Cardigan, Car- 
marthen and Pembroke) ; W. G. Shaw's Official 

xx Introduction 

List of the Knights of England, etc., etc., etc., 
ad infinitum. 

In the matter of Heraldry, which naturally plays 
a very important part in this work, I have found 
that Pap worth's Armorial worked in conjunction 
with Burke's Armoury sufficed for my purpose. 
The engravings of old Cymric armorial bearings in 
Enderbie's Cambria Triumphans I have also found 
useful, likewise some of the book-plates them- 
selves, which in certain cases enumerate and name 
the various coats depicted therein (cp. "Edward 
Abadam^ Joshua Edwards ', etc.). 

It may be objected by the critic that a large 
fraction of these 1400 book-plates that I have 
catalogued belonged to unimportant persons, or else 
have no artistic value and own no personal interest. 
This is quite true, and I grant at once that the 
whole of the " Crested " book-plates are (with a 
few exceptions) uninteresting. Still, they are 
book-plates, and have belonged to Welshmen 
owning libraries, and therefore form an integral 
part of the whole mass of Welsh book-plates that 
we are anxious to ascertain and collect. Thus all 
these plates go to make up a not unimportant 
page of our literary history during the past two 
centuries and more. And besides this, they 
present us with a number of heraldic, genealogical 
and local points of interest that will prove of some 
service to the historical and topographical student 
of the future. That the book-plate owns a 

Introduction *xi 

definite place in literary culture is proved by the 
considerable number of works that have been 
published thereon. For over two centuries it 
has reflected the passing phases of taste and art in 
Western Europe, and it affords, to myself at least, 
some satisfaction to show that Wales is well repre- 
sented in this attractive by-path of literature. 


March 1919. 


THE book-plates are arranged under the initial 
letter of owner's surname : A, B, C, D, etc. 
Within these sections I have also arranged the 
plates in alphabetical order so far as has been 
practicable. But a strict index order has not been 
attempted, and the plates often follow a scheme of 
heraldic or family sequence. This will easily be 
understood by observing the long heraldic " runs," 
especially under such surnames as Lloyd, or Morris, 
or Williams. 

Peers and Bishops appear under their family 
surnames e.g. Lisburne, Pomfret under Vaughan, 
Fermor ; Bishop of Bangor under Evans, etc. Place- 
names, when given alone, are treated similarly : 
thus Pengwern, Rhual, appear under Mostyn, 
Edwards, etc. 

A few plates whose owners' surnames I have 
been unable to trace to my satisfaction have been 
placed in an " Unidentified " section at the end. 

A good many abbreviations are made use of 
throughout the Catalogue e.g. : 

Jac. for Jacobean 
Chip. ,, Chippendale 
Arm. Armorial 



Key to Scheme of Arrangement 

Qtly. for Quarterly 

Qting Quartering 

Esc. of pre. Escutcheon of Pretence 

Imp. Impaling 

Cent. Century 

Pict. Pictorial 

d. Daughter 

h. Heir or Heiress 

gd. Grand (gdson, gdfather) 

S'P' Sine prole (without issue) 

v.p. Vita patris (in father's lifetime) 

Mod. Modern, etc. 



Edward Abadam Senr. /of /Middleton Hall, /Car- 
marthenshire. 1865. XlXth Cent. Arm. Dated. 

Eldest s. of Edward Hamlyn Adams, of Middleton Hall, 
M. P. for co. Carmarthen, 1833-1834; m. (1836) Louisa Taylor, 
of York ; H. Sheriff, 1855. " Assumed the ancient orthography 
of the family name." (See Hamilton's Dated Book-Plates, 
pp. 151, 154.) 

Edward Abadam/of Middleton Hall, Carmarthenshire. 
. 1865. Crest. Dated. 

The same owner. 

Edward Hamlin Middleton Abadam. 1865. XIX th 
Cent. Arm. Dated. 

Eldest son of Edward Abadam ; ob. unm., v.p. 

Conrade M. M. Middleton Abadam. 1865. XlXth 
Cent. Arm. Dated. 

2nd s. of Edward Abadam; b. 1845; m. Susan Saunders, 
of Court Henry, co. Carmarthen (1868) ; ob. 187 . 

Francis W. Middleton Abadam. 1865. XlXth 
Cent. Arm. Dated. (Reproduced in Hamilton's 
Dated Book-Plates, p. 125.) 

3rd s. of Edward Abadam, of Middleton Hall. 

[Ablett.] Pict. and Arm., signed "Austin" (who 
was probably Richard T. Austin, a pupil of John 

Joseph Ablett, of Llanbedr Hall, Ruthin, son of Joseph 
Ablett, and gds. of William Ablett, of Little Glemham, 
Suffolk; TO. Anne Bury; H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 1809. 
Eminent book collector. 

[Ablett.] Pict. and Arm. Another plate designed 
on similar lines, but unsigned. No name, but 
" Llanbedr Hall, Ruthin " is written beneath. 

Same owner. (Not in Franks Coll. in British Museum.) 

A I 

2 Welsh Book-Plates 

ABLETT continued. 

Joseph Ablett / Llanbedr Hall / Ruthin. The same 
plate with the name and place printed in gothic 

The same owner. 

Joseph Ablett / Llanbedr Hall /Ruthin. The same 
plate with the inscription in Roman letters. 

The same owner. 

Joseph Ablett / Llanbedr Hall / Denbighshire. Seal. 

The same owner. 


J. G. Andrews / Glanbrydan. Crest. 

? Of Glanbrydan, near Llandeilo-fawr, co. Carmarthen. 
(Not in Franks Coll.) 


Sir John Aubrey of Lantrithyd in the / County of 
Glamorgan Baronet and of / Boarestall in the 
County of Bucks. 1698. Early dated Jac. Arm., 
qting. Mans el. Basset and South ; with Lewis on 
an esc. of pre. 

Eldest s. of ist Bart, of Lantrithyd (Ext.); m. (i) 
Margaret Lowther, d. of ist Lord Lonsdale; and (2) Mary, 
d. and co-h. of William Lewis of the Van, Glam. ; H. 
Sheriff co. Glamorgan, 1685; ob. 1700. 

Sir John Aubrey of Lantrithyd in the /County of 
Glamorgan Baronet and of /Boarestall in the 
County of Bucks. 1698. Early Jac. Arm. Dated. 
Imp. Lewis. 

The same owner. 

ABERDARE, see Bruce. 
ANGLESEY, see Paget. 

Welsh Book-Plates 3 


Joseph Bailey Esq. / Glanusk Park, co. Brecon. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Hopper. 

S. of John Bailey (by Susannah Crawshay, his wife) ; H. 
Sheriff co. Monmouth, 1823; M.P. for Worcester and co. 
Monmouth ; cr. a Baronet, 1852; m. (i) Maria Latham, and 
(2) Mary-Anne Hopper, of Witton, co. Durham; ob. 1858. 


Blaney Baldwyn, A.M. Pict. and Arm. Imp. 

Blaney Baldwin (sic), s. of Francis Baldwin of St Julian's, 
Shrewsbury; matric. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1723 ; B.A., 1727. 
An interesting plate. 

B. Baldwyn, Ludlow. Chip., Pict. and Arm. Imp. 

The same owner. 

Chas. B. Baldwin / Inner Temple. XlXth Cent. 


John Balguy Esqr. / Middle Temple. Festoon. Arm. 

Of Darwent Hall, co. Derby; b. 1747; Second Justice of 
Carmarthen Circuit, 1808-1828; ob. 1833. (Reproduced in 
JEx Librls Society's Journal, xii., p. 148.) 


John Ballinger. Modern. Pict. Signed and dated. 
" W. Goscombe John, D.D. 1907." 

First Librarian of the National Library of Wales. 

John Ballinger. A similar but smaller plate. 

The same owner. 


E Libris Biblioth. Ecclesiae Cathed. De Bangor. 
XIX th Cent. Seal. Arm. 

The plate of the Cathedral Library of Bangor. 

Henry Bankes / of Lincolns Inn, Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

Of Kingston Hall, Dorset ; Deputy to Ch. Justice Trevor 
on Carmarthen Circuit ; m. ( i ) Eleanor Symonds, (2) 
Margaret, d. of Bp. Wynne, of St Asaph ; ob. 1776. 

4 ff^elsh Book- Plates 


W. Higgs Barker, A.B. Label with Greek motto. 
Probably engraved by J. Ross of Carmarthen. 
(Not in Franks.) 

Rev. William Higgs Barker, b. 1743; s. of George 
Barker (by his wife, Sarah Higgs) ; M.A. Trinity College, 
Cambridge ; Master of Carmarthen Grammar School, 1 767- 
1797 ; Vicar of Carmarthen, 1796, till his death, 1816. 


Barnwell. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Chapman. De- 
scribed as " of Ruthin, co. Denbigh." The coat is 
that of Barnwell of Stamford, Lines. 

Miles Bassett, Swansea. Early Jac. Arm. with 
Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of Thomas Bassett, of Bonvilstone, Glam. ; b. 
1670; m. Elizabeth Watkin ; ob. 1742. (Not in Franks 

The Revd. Miles Bassett / Swansea, Chip. Arm. 
with Welsh motto. 

2nd s. of the above Miles Bassett ; matric. at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford, 1752; B.A. 1756; Vicar of St John's, Swansea, 
1764-1768 ; m. Eliza Thomas. A scarce plate. 

Basset of Beaupre. XlXth Cent. Arm. with eight 
coats. Welsh motto. 

Col. Thomas Basset, Governor of the Military Knights of 
Windsor; m. Elizabeth Cruikshanks ; ob. 1842. 


Charles Bath. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

3rd s. of Henry Bath, of Swansea ; Knight of the 
Italian Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus; J.P. for co. 
Glamorgan ; of Ffynone, Swansea. 


John Beavan / 1844. Leather-gilt label. Dated. 

Hugh Beaver Esq. / Glyn-Garth, co. Anglesey. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Campbell. 

H. Sheriff co. Anglesey, 1837; m. (1839) Isabella-Janet, 
d. of Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart. 

Welsh Book-Plates 5 


Thomas Beynon/ of /Green-Meadow. Label, prob- 
ably by J. Ross, of Carmarthen. 

? ? S. of Thomas Beynon, Gent., of Laugharne; matric, 
Jesus College, Oxford, 1747. 


Henry Blackwell. Modern Pict., with Welsh motto, 
Druids, etc., and date 1 893. Signed " H. T. Sears." 

The New York publisher. (Reproduced in Ex Libris 
Society's Journal, iv., p. 117, with interesting note.) 

Henry Blackwell, New York. Modern Pict., a sea- 
scape with inscriptions. The plate of the eminent 
American publisher for his Welsh library. 


Jams. Bowen. Wreath and Ribband Arm. Imp. 
Bow en of Llwyngwair. 

? S. of Rev. James Bowen, of Rhoscrowther, co. Pembroke ; 
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1780; f. of Captain Thomas 
Bowen, of Pantyderi, co. Pembroke. 

Thomas Bowen. Late Jac. Arm. Imp. de la 

M. Sarah de la Chambre. 

Thomas Bowen. Chip. Arm., qting de la Chambre. 

Presumably s. of the above Thomas Bowen. 

William Bowen. Chip. Arm. 

George William Howard Bowen. Modern Chip. Arm. 

Only s. of Rt. Hon. Sir George Bowen, G.C.M.G. ; 

b. 1864; m. Gertrude Chamberlain ; Sheriff of London, 1902. 


Joseph Alfred Bradney of / Llanfihangel-Ystern- 
Llewern Esq. / 1883. Modern Jac. Arm. with 

Colonel Bradney, of Talycoed Court, co. Monmouth, C.B., 
M.A., F.S.A. ; b. 1859; m. Rosa Jenkins; H. Sheriff co. 
Monmouth, 1889. 

Welsh Book- Plates 

BBADNET continued. 

Joseph Alfred Bradney /of/Tal-y-coed in the county 
of Monmouth Esq. / 1899. Large Modern Jac. 
Arm. with date, with yenkins of The Grove, co. 
Radnor, on an esc. of pre. Signed " Harry Soane, 
London W." 
The same owner. 

Josephus Alfredus Bradney / de Talycoed / in Comitatu 
Monumethensi Arm. / Honoratissimi Ordinis de 
Balneo / Socius. 1911. 

The same owner. 


James Hews Bransby. Landscape, c. 1820. Signed 
" John Scott sculpt." 

S. of John Bransby, of Ipswich, Suffolk ; b. 1783 ; Unitarian 
minister and journalist ; wrote on Welsh scenery ; ob. at Bron'r 
Hendref, near Carnarvon, 1847. (See D.N.B.; also Auto- 
biography of Sir John Boivring. ) 


George T. 0. Bridgeman. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. 

The Rev. the Hon. George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, 
2nd s. of 2nd Earl of Bradford ; m. Emily Mary Bagot ; M.A. 
Trinity College, Cambridge; ob. 1895. 


Owen Brigstocke. Jac. Arm. Greek motto. A 
very scarce plate. (Not in Franks Coll.) 

S. of William Brigstocke, of Llechdwnny, co. Carmarthen; 
b. 1679 ; barrister of the Middle Temple ; F.R.S. ; M.P. 
for Cardigan Borough, 1710-1713 ; elder brother of William 
Brigstocke, of Blaenpant, co. Cardigan ; ob. 1 746. 

George Robert Brigstocke / Ryde, I. W. Modern 
Arm. Greek motto. Qting Bowen of Llechdwnny 
and Player. 

2nd s. of Capt. G. C. H. P. Brigstocke ; b. 1874 ; barrister- 
at-law; m. (1909) Anna-Cecilia Lewes, of Llysnewydd, 
co. Carmarthen. 

Welsh Book-Plates j 

BRIGSTOCKE continued. 

[Brigstocke.] Modern gothic Arm. 

The same owner. 

[Brickstocke.] Crest with date 1904, and in writing 
"G. R. Brigstocke, Robert's Rest, co. Carmarthen." 

Same owner. 


James Roberts Brown. Portrait. Signed " H. S. M." 
(Henry Stacey Marks, R.A.). Dated June 25th, 
1892. There are three sizes of this plate. Re- 
produced in Castle's English Book-Plates, p. 240 ; 
also in Hamilton, Pt. III. 

D. 1905. (See Ex Libris Journal, xv., p. 35.) 

James Roberts Brown, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.N.A., Copen- 
hagen. Modern. 

Same owner. 


[Browne.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with Order. 
Imp. Brandling. 

Lieut. -Gen. Sir Thomas Henry Browne, K.C.H., of 
Bronwylfa, Flint ; Knight Commander of Guelphic Order ; m. 
Elizabeth Brandling; H. Sheriff co. Flint, 1830; brother of 
Mrs Felicia Hemans, the poetess. 


John Wyndham Bruce. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

B. 1 847 ; of Roehampton Priory, Surrey ; s. of Rev. Horace 
Lewis Bruce, and gds. and h. of the Rt. Hon. Sir J. L. 
Knight - Bruce ; younger brother of John Bruce-Pryce of 
Dyffryn, Glamorgan. 

[Bruce] Lord Aberdare/of Duffryn. Mod. Arm. 
Signed "Will. Foster, 1899." Welsh motto. 

Henry Campbell Bruce, 2nd Baron Aberdare ; b. 1851; 
succ. 1895 ; m. Hon. Constance M. Beckett, d. of Lord 

8 Welsh Book- Plates 


| Brydges. | James Marquiss of Carnarvon. Chip. 
Arm. with Nicol on an esc. of pre. 

S. and h. of Henry Brydges, 2nd Duke of Chandos ; 
b. 1731; Lord Steward of Household of George III.; 
m. Margaret, d. and co-h. of John Nicol, of Southgate, 
Middlesex; succ. as 3rd and last Duke of Chandos ; ob. 1789. 


The Right Honble. Thomas James /Lord Viscount 
Bulkeley. 1785. Dated Arm., apparently copied 
from an early Jac. plate. Imp. Warren. 

Posthumous s. of James, 6th Viscount Bulkeley; b. 1752; 
cr. a Peer of Great Britain as Baron Bulkeley of Beaumaris, 
1784; TO. Elizabeth-Harriet Warren; 7th and last Viscount; 
ob. s.p. 1822. 

Viscount Bulkeley. / Baron Hill Library. Crest and 

The same owner. 

Viscountess Bulkeley. Pict. with view of Roman 
Forum. (Engraved by Seraphin of Rome, but 
signature lacking in this specimen. See Fincham, 
p. 82.) 

Emma-Bridget Rowlands, d. and h. of Thomas Rowlands, of 
Nant, co. Carnarvon ; m. ( 1749) James, 6th Viscount Bulkeley ; 
mother of 7th and last Viscount ; m. (2) Sir Hugh Williams of 
Penrhyn, co. Carnarvon, and mother of 9th Bart, of Penrhyn. 

Sir John Bulkeley. Early XIX th Cent. Arm., qting 
Faults and Griffith. Signed " Brook sc. Strand." 

Knighted 9th December 1795. (Mentioned in W. Carew 
Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 31.) 


[Burrell] Lord Gwydyr. Wreath and Ribband Arm. 
with Drummond on an esc. of pre. 

Rt. Hon. Sir Peter Robert Burrell, 2nd Baron Gwydyr and 
1 9th Baron Willoughby d'Eresby; b. 1782; succ. 1820; 
m. Clementina Drummond; ob. 1865. 

[Burrell] Lord Gwydyr. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Peter Robert Burrell, succ. (1870) as 4th Baron Gwydyr. 

Welsh Book- Plates 9 


Grace Byham. Modern Pict., dated 1896, with 
Welsh motto. 

H. K. B. Modern gothic Arm. Welsh motto. 
BANGOR, Bishop of, see Evans. 
BANGOR, Viscount, see Ward. 
BEAUFORT, see Somerset. 
BODEGROES, see Griffith. 
BRYNOG, see Vaughan. 

BUTE, see Stewart. 

This hook belongs to /the Parochial Library /of 
Eglwys Rhos in the / county of Carnarvon. Early 
Pict. Label with figure of St Augustine and a 
number of books. Signed "S. G." (Simon 
Gribelin). The place names are inserted in 
writing. C. 1710. 


[Caley.] Crest. Written below "R. Llewellyn Caley, 
B.A. St John's College, Cambridge." 
A.B. 1833; A.M. 1840. 


Cambrian Archaeological Association. Modern Seal 

Coat of Llywelyn ap Grufrydd. The book-plate of the 
famous Welsh Antiquarian Society. 


Campbell of Calder. Jac. Arm. coloured by hand, 
with Supporters. The fourth qting. is Lort of 

John Campbell of Cawdor Castle, Scotland, and of Stackpole 
Court, co. Pembroke; m. (1726) Mary Pryse, of Gogerddan, 
co. Cardigan; ob. 1777 ; gdf. of ist Baron Cawdor. 

io Welsh Book- Plates 

CAMPBELL continued. 

[Campbell.] Chip. Arm. Imp. Bacon. 

Pryse Campbell, eldest s. of John Campbell of Stackpole 
Court, co. Pembroke ; M.P. for Nairne ; m. Sarah, d. and co-h. 
of Sir E. Bacon, Bart.; ob. v.p. 1768; f. of ist Baron 

Henry Frederick Campbell. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Williams. 

General Sir H. F. Campbell, K.C.B. and G.C.H.; s. of 
Alexander Campbell (younger brother of Pryse Campbell); 
m. Emma Williams ; ob. 1856. 

Henry Frederick Campbell. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Williams on the second of the two shields 

A later plate of the same owner. 


Caradoc. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with Supporters 
and Orders. 

General Sir John Francis Cradock, G.C.B., or Caradoc 
(s. of Archbishop Cradock of Dublin) ; m. Lady Theodosia 
Meade, d. of ist Earl of Clanwilliam ; cr. Baron Howden, in 
the Peerage of Ireland, 1819; ob. 1839. 

Caradoc. The same plate with the crest replaced 
by a Baron's coronet. 

The same owner. 

Caradoc. Coronet and crest, with Welsh motto and 
English translation. 

John Hobart Caradoc, s. and h. of ist Baron Howden; 
b. 1799; Envoy to Brazil; m. (1830) Countess Katharine 
Skavronsky of Russia ; resided at Chateau Caradoc, Bayonne, 
France. (Title extinct.) 

The kneeling figure is intended to represent "an ancient 
Briton habited proper." Debrett (edition of 1849) 8tates "his 
lordship's family is of ancient Welsh origin, claiming descent 
from Caradoc and the ancient Princes of Wales." 


Bishop's Library / St Davids Church / Cardiff. 
XlXth Cent. Label. 

Welsh Book-Plates n 


William Carey, D.D. /Bishop of St Asaph/1830/1846. 

Dated Label. 

Theologian (see D.N.B.). B. 1769; Bp. of Exeter, 1820; 
translated to St Asaph, 1830 ; ob. 1846. No parentage recorded 
in Alumni IVcstmonasteriensei. 


The Library / St Mary's Retreat / Carmarthen. 

Book-plate of the Passionist community at Carmarthen, 
catalogued 1895. 


William Chambers / Hafod. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Only s. of William Chambers of Llanelly House, co. 
Carmarthen ; b. 1 809 ; m. Joanna Trent Payne ; purchased 
Hafod, co. Cardigan, 1855. 

W. D. Clark / Talygarn. Modern Chip. Arm. on 
buff-tinted paper. 

Wyndham Dames Clark, b. 1884; s. of Godfrey Lewis 
Clark, and gds. of George Thomas Clark, F.S.A., of 
Talygarn, co. Glamorgan, the antiquary. 


J. H. P. Clarke, Esqr. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

qting. Price, and with Clarke repeated on an esc. 

of pre. with fifteen coats. Signed " Yates sculp." 
Miss Price Clarke. Plain Label attached. A large, 

handsome and finely engraved plate. 

Job Hart Price, m. Anne Clarke, sister and h. of Godfrey 
Bagnall Clarke, of Sutton Hall, co. Derby ; ob. 1786; assumed 
name of Clarke. His d. and h., Anne Price Clarke, m. (1805) 
Walter Butler, i8th Earl and ist Marquis of Ormonde, and 
ob. s.p. 1817. 


Edward Clive Esqr. / of Lincolns Inn. Jac. Arm. 

Sir E. Clive of Wormbridge, co. Hereford ; b. 1 704 ; 
m. (i) Elizabeth Symonds, (2) Judith Clive; Deputy to 
Ch. Justice Trevor on the Carmarthen Circuit, 1741-1744; 
ob. 1771. 

One of the judges who tried the Jacobite prisoners in 1 746. 

12 Welsh Book-Plates 

CLIVE continued. 

Robert George [Olive] Earl of Plymouth. Mod. 
Seal Arm. Imp. Paget (? by Sherborne). 

I4th Baron Windsor; cr. Earl of Plymouth, 1905; of 
St Pagan's Castle, co. Glamorgan ; Lord-Lieutenant co. 
Glamorgan; Mayor of Cardiff, 1895. 

G. Windsor Olive. Mod. Arm., signed "Invt. 
W.P.B., 1905." 

George Windsor Clive, s. of Col. the Hon. George Herbert 
Windsor Clive; b. 1878. 

Frances Power Cobbe. Hengwrt. Modern. Arm., 
a lozenge. 

Only d. of Charles Cobbe, of Newbridge, co. Dublin (by 
Frances Conway, his wife); b. 1822; eminent writer and 
philanthropist; ob. 1904. 


John Vaughan Colby. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Of Ffynone, co. Pembroke ; only s. of Rev. Robert Colby 
Jane Vaughan, his wife); b. 1855; m. Anne Baker; 
. Sheriff co. Pembroke, 1891 ; ob. 1919. 

Colby of Ffynone. Modern Festoon Arm. 

The same owner. 

Frederick Wm. Conway. Book-pile Arm., c. 1730. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 46.) 

Charles Conway. Pict. c. 1800. An exquisite little 
plate. (" Adapted from Flaxman's Acts of Mercy " ; 
note by Sir A. W. Franks.) 

The Honble. Thomas Cornwallis impaled with the / 
arms of his lady Ann daughter of Sir Hugh Owen / 
of Orielton in ye county of Pembroke Baronet. 
Jac. Arm. A fine, large and rare plate, not in the 
Franks Coll. 

4th s. of 2nd Baron Cornwallis ; Commissioner of Public 
Lotteries; m. Anne, d. of Sir Hugh Owen, 2nd Bart, of 
Orielton, and widow of John Barlow, of Lawrenny ; ob. 1731. 
(See D.N.B.) 

Welsh Book-Plates 13 


Insignia Armornm Caroli Henrici Crompton-Roberts 
Armigeri. Modern Seal Arm., with Crompton on 
an esc. of pre. An early work of C. W. Sherborne, 
but unsigned. 

Of Drybridge House, Monmouth ; m. Mary, d. and h. 
of R. Crompton, of Breightmet, Lanes.; ob. 1891. 


Sr. Ellis Cunliffe. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

S. of Foster Cunliffe, M.P. of Liverpool ; cr. a Baronet, 
1759; m. Mary Bennett, of Moston, co. Chester; ob. 1767. 

Sr. Foster Cunliffe, Bart. Pict. and Arm. Signed 
"F. Bartolozzi fee.," a characteristic specimen of 
this engraver's art. C. 1790. 

3rd Baronet, b. 1755 ; succ. under a special remainder granted 
to the I st Baronet, Sir Ellis Cunliffe ; m. Harriet Kinloch ; 
ob. 1834. 

Robert Ellis Cunliffe. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Eldest s. of Gen. Sir Robert Henry Cunliffe, 4th Baronet ; 
b. 1808 ; m. Charlotte Howell ; ob. v.p. 1855 ; f- of Sir Robert 
A. Cunliffe, 5th Baronet, of Acton Park, Wrexham. 

Arma Cunliffe Cunliffe. Seal Arm. qting. Foster. 

? 4th s. of Sir Foster Cunliffe, 3rd Baronet, b. 1790 ; of the 
East India Co.'s service; m. (i) Mary Perrie, (2) Elizabeth 
Rayson, (3) Frances L yon ; ob. 1857. 


[Honble Society of Cymmrodorion.] Chip. Arm. 
The arms of Llewelyn of North Wales supported 
by a Druid and St David ; the coronet, feathers 
and motto of the Prince of Wales ; a Welsh motto 

The plate of this Society in the eighteenth century. 

R. C. Crest with Welsh motto. 
CARNARVON, see Brydges. 

14 Welsh Book- Plates 


W. B. Daniel. Spade and Ribbon Arm. 

William Barber Daniel, grad. B.A. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, 
1787 ; of Newforest, co. Westmeath. 

John Daniel. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. ? 
Hughes or Meredith. 

Thomas Daniel. Modern Label, dated "1876" in 
writing. ;. 


Modern Arm., with Welsh motto and arms of Cynric 


Robert Davies/of Llanerch, Denbighshire. Early 
Jac. Arm. 

Robert Davies, of Llanerch Park and Gwysaney, the 
Welsh antiquary ; s. and h. of Mutton Davies, of Gwysaney, 
who inherited the Llanerch estate through his mother, Anne 
Mutton (see Yorke's Royal Tribes of ffa/es, p. 98) ; b. 1684; 
H. Sheriff co. Flint, 1704; m. Letitia Vaughan, sister of 1st 
Viscount Lisburne ; ob. 1728. (See also D.N.B.) A rare 

John Davies Esq. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Possibly John Davies of Marrington Hall, Salop ; b. 1770; 
m. Charlotte Butt, 1805; Colonel of the Montgomeryshire 

[Davies.] XIX th Cent. Arm. with twenty-one coats 
displayed. Welsh motto. 

Hugh Morriston Davies. Modern Arm. Book-Pile. 
G. Davies. Late Jac. Arm. Imp. ? 

J. D.[avies.] Landscape and Arm. with initials and 
Welsh motto. 

An elegant little plate with the arms of Collvuyn ap Tagno 
on an obelisk. Probably brother of David (see below). 

Welsh Book-Plates 15 

DAVIES. DAVIS continued. 

David Davies. The same plate with the name added 
and a few slight alterations. 

Dr David Davies, s. of Morris Davies, timber merchant at 
Machynlleth ; Headmaster of Macclesfield Grammar School ; 
ob. 1827. (See Montgomeryshire Worthies, 2nd ed., p. 29.) 

Davies. Chip. Arm. The same arms (Collwyn ap 
Tagno} and crest. 

Rowland Davies, LL.B., etc. A reproduction or 
modern impression from an early Jac. Arm. plate 
of Rowland Davies, Dean of Cork (1649-1721), 
whose deeds and dates are recorded in red gothic 
lettering. (Reproduced in Ex Libris Society's 
journal, ii., p. 16.) 

Davies. Chip. Arm. 

Robert Davies. Wreath and Ribbon. Signed 
" Delegal sculp." 

James Davies Esqr. Festoon Arm. 

Willm. Davies, LL.B. Festoon Arm. 

Richard Davies. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Acton. Signed " E. Woolley sculpt." C. 1800. 

Richard Davies. XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. Blackett. 

Francis Pritchard Davies. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

G. Davies / Harwich. Chip. Arm. with Welsh motto. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 57.) 

Francis John Davies. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Gen. F. J. Davies, of Danehurst, co. Sussex; b. 1791 ; 
3rd s. of Thomas Davies (by Anna Baillie, his wife) ; m. (i) 
Anne Dunlop, and (2) Elizabeth Martin; ob. 1874. 

T. H. H. Davies / Elmley Castle. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
with de Crespigny on an esc. of pre. 

Thomas Henry Hastings Davies, 2nd s. of Thomas Davies, 
and elder brother of Gen. F. J. Davies; of Elmley Castle, 
co. Worcester; M.P. for Worcester; ob. s.p. 1846. 

The family with its curious coat-of-arms descends from 
Montgomeryshire stock. 

1 6 Welsh Book-Plates 

DAVIES. DAVIS continued. 

H. F. Davies / Elmley Castle. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Henry Fanshawe Davies, 2nd s. and h. of Francis John 
Davies; b. 1837; m. Ellen Christine Hankey, of Balcombe 
Place, Sussex. 

Francis Robert Davies. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
two Welsh mottoes. 

Warburton Davies. XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. 

2nd s. of Thomas Davies of New House, co. Hereford ; 
b. 1790; m. Sophia Anne, d. of Sir J. Burges-Lamb, Bart., 
of Beauport, Sussex. 

Sir John Francis Davis Baronet. XlXth Cent. 
Arm. with Order. 

S. of Samuel David Davies (by Henrietta Boileau, his wife), 
and gds. of John Davies, Commissary-General in the West 
Indies, 1 7 59, " who m. Miss Phillips of an ancient family in 
South Wales." B. 1795, Sir J. F. Davis was Governor of 
Hong-Kong; cr. a Baronet 1845, an ^ K.C.B. 1854; m. (i) 
Emily Humfrays, and (2) Lucy Ellen Rocke. 

Sir John Francis Davis, Bart., K.C.B. XIX th Cent. 
Arm. Imp. Humfrays. 

The same. A fine plate correctly marshalled with the coat 
and Order of the Baronet on one shield and with his coat imp. 
Humfrays on another shield. 

Richard Davies, A.M. / Archdeacon of Brecknock. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Williams of Penpont. 

S. of Rev. Richard Davies, of Brecon ; matric. Ch. Ch., 
Oxford, 1794, aged 17 ; Vicar and Archdeacon of Brecon and 
Canon of St David's ; m, Anne Williams of Penpont, co. 
Brecknock; ob. 1859. 

James Davies, M. A. /Moor Court. XlXth Cent. 
Arm., qting Powell. 

The Rev. James Banks, of Lincoln College, Oxford, assumed 
in 1858 the name of Davies under the will of his uncle, James 
Davies of Moor Court, co. Hereford; b. 1820; m. Frances 
Helen Young of Cowbridge House, Wilts. 

Welsh Book- Plates 17 

DAVIES. DAVIS continued. 

William Davies Esqr. / Cabalva. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Garbett. 

Cabalva is in the parish of Clyro (Claerwy), co. Radnor. 
S. Lewis in his Topographical Dictionary of Wales (vol. i.) 
speaks of " a neat villa called Cabalva within the parish as the 
property of William Davies." 

William Davies m. Sophia Garbett of Huntington Park, co. 
Hereford (see note by Sir A. W. Franks, Franks Catalogue, 
vol. i., p. 284). 

W. D.[avies.j Crest, Welsh motto. 
R. Davies. Label, c. 1820. 

Robert Davies, of Aberystwyth ; b. 1790; ob. 1841; 
gdf. of J. H. Davies, M.A., of Cwrtmawr, Principal of the 
University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1919. 

R. Davis. Coloured leather label, gilt border. 

John Davies. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

(Both coat and crest in the Visitation of London (Harleian 
Society), i. p. 220.) 

J. Lloyd Davies, Esq. XlXth. Cent. Arm. with 
Lloyd on an esc. of pre. 

John Lloyd Davies of Blaendyffryn and Alltyrodyn, co. 
Cardigan ; H. Sheriff, 1845 5 M.P. for Cardigan, 1855-1857 ; 
m. (1825) Anne Lloyd, h. of Alltyrodyn ; ob. 1860. 

John Evan Davies. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

J. Dickerson Davis, M.A. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Lieut. W. R. Davies, R.N. / Trawsmawr. Label with 
fringed border. 

? S. of David Davies (by Frances Powell, his wife), and 
nephew of John Davies of Trawsmawr, co. Carmarthen, who was 
H. Sheriff in 1783. 

Owen Davies Esq. / of the House of Gwysaney. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. with sixteen coats. Welsh 

Of Eton House, Kent ; 2nd s. of Thomas Davies, of 
Trefynant, co. Denbigh (by Margaret Peploe, his wife) ; b. \ 796 ; 
m. Wilhelmina Hooley (1826). 

1 8 Welsh Book- Plates 

DAVIES. DAVIS continued. 

Annie Mary Davies. Modern Arm., a lozenge. 
William Davies. Modern Pict. and Arm. 
Francis Davies / Pershore. Crest. 
Edwd. Davies. Crest. 
A. P. Davies. Crest. 

Winefred Wilton Davies. Modern. Pict, signed 
"Era. Hill." 

Josephine Davies. Modern. Pict., signed "Ada 

Edith Davies - Berrington / Pantygoitre Monmouth- 
shire / Nadolig / 1899. Label, modern. 

D. of the late Arthur Vendigard Davies-Berrington of 
Pantygoitre and of Cefngole, Glam. 

H. S. P. Davies. Modern Arm. with Welsh motto. 

Henry Samuel Pierce Davies, eldest s. of late Sir Henry 
Davies, K.C.S.I. ; b. 1856; m. Mabel Patterson, of U.S.A. ; of 
Rhosybedw, Pumpsaint, co. Carmarthen. 


Horace Davey. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

2nd s. of Peter Davey; b. 1834 ; Q.C., M.P.; Bencher of 
Lincoln's Inn, 1878 ; m. Louisa Hawes Donkin. 


Eleazar Davy. Chip. Arm. 

( Hazlitt' s Roll of Honour, p. 57.) 

David E. Davy. Spade Arm. 

David Elisha Davy, B.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge, 


John Davys. Wreath and Palm Arm. 
Of Tisbury, Wilts. 

George Davys. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Same coat and crest. B.A. Christ's College, Cambridge, 
1803; S.T.P., 1831. 

Welsh Book-Plates 19 


George Edward Day. Crest. 

S. of George Day of Manorabon House, Swansea, and 
nephew of Sir John Day, Sol. -Gen. of Bengal ; b. at Tenby, 
1815 ; m. Ellen Anne Buckton, of Wrexham ; eminent London 
physician; ob. 1872. (D.N.B.} 


[Devereux.] Late Jac. Arm. 
[Devereux.] Jac. Arm. 

No name, but arms and coronet of Viscount Hereford, 
Premier Viscount of England. Probably Price Devereux, 
9th Viscount Hereford ; m. Mary Sandys ; ob. 1 740. 

[Devereux.] Hereford. Arm. with coronet and 
Supporters. No name, qting Bourchier, Plantagenet 
and Bohun. 

Probably Rev. Robert Devereux, i Jth Viscount Hereford ; 
Canon of Durham ; b. 1809 ; m. Emma Ravenscroft ; ob. 1870 ; 
f. of 1 6th Viscount Hereford. 


L. W. Dillwyn, F.R.S. Pict. and Arm., c. 1800. 
Imp. Llewelyn. 

Lewes Weston Dillwyn, of Burroughs Lodge and Sketty 
Hall, Glam. ; s. of William Dillwyn, of Walthamstow ; b. 1778 ; 
H. Sheriff co. Glamorgan, 1818; M.P. 1832; m. (1807) 
Mary Llewelyn, of Penllergaer, Glam. 

George Dillwyn. Crest (as borne by Dillwyn of 


D. Dodd / Button Green / Denbighshire / 1793. Dated 


Dod, or Dodd, seems to be a not uncommon name around 
Llanerch, which belonged to this family by descent from the 
Davies's. Name said to derive from Cadwgan Dod, temp. 
Henry II. 


John Duncan / Cardiff. Mod. Pict. signed "R.A.N. 

Bell, L.V. '93." (Omitted by Fincham.) 
John Duncan / Cardiff. Smaller size. 

20 Welsh Book-Plates 


John Dyer. Chip., with crest and a medallion 
with a small landscape. 

Apparently the plate of the poet, John Dyer, of Aberglasney, 
co. Carmarthen, author of Grongar Hill and other works. 

2nd. s. of Robert Dyer, solicitor, of Carmarthen ; b. 1 700 ; 
Vicar of Calthorpe, Lines.; 0^.1758. (D.N.JB.) 

Thomas Dyer. Pict. and Arm. (c. 1770), signed 
" Delegal sculpt." Printed in blue, an elaborate 
allegorical plate. Hope with an anchor bears a 
scroll with verses on a storm, below which appears 
the owner's name in minute script. 

Thomas Dyer, b. 1705 ; 4th s. of Robert Dyer, Gent., of 
St Peter's, Carmarthen ; educated at Westminster School ; 
matric. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1723; M.A. 1730; Rector of 
Bodhampton, co. Hants. (Not in Franks.) (See Sheriffs of 
Carmarthenshire, vol. ii., p. 20.) 

Henry Dyer. Festoon Arm. 
DINORBEN, see Hughes. 
DYFFRYN, see Pryce. 


Edgeworth, Brynygrog. XlXth Cent. Arm. coloured 
by hand. 

Coat-of-arms of Edgeworth of Ireland. 


James Fisher Edisbury / Wrexham. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. 

No coat of the ancient family of Edisbury of Erddig, co. 
Denbigh, is given by Papworth or Burke. (Nicholas' County 
Families of Wales, i., p. 397). 

? Father of James T. Edisbury of Bersham Hall, co. 
Denbigh, who m. (1867) Minnie Jones. 


Francis Edwards. Early Jac. Arm. Coat of Tudor 

Welsh Book-Plates 



George Edwards, Librarian / to the College of 
Physicians, London. Jac. Arm. Welsh motto. 

B. 1 694 ; eminent naturalist and author of History of Birds 
( I 743- I 75 I )5 ob.unm. 1773. (D.N.B.) 

Bryan Edwards Esqr. / Greenwich Park, Jamaica. 
Chip. Arm. Signed "Ashby sculp. Russel 
Court, London," c. 1760. (See Griggs' Armorial 
Book-Plates^ ii., p. 51.) 

B. 1743; M.P. for Southampton; author of a History of 
Jamaica; m. Maria Phipps of Leighton House, Wilts ; ob. 1800. 

Edwards. Chip. Arm. 

Thos. Edwards Esqr. Llandaff. Wreath and Ribbon. 

S. of William Edwards of Monmouth Castle ; m. ( t ) 
Elizabeth Richards, of Cardiff, and (2) Mary Powell, of 
Llanharran, Glam. 

George Edwards. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Coat of 
Tudor Trevor within a bordure engrailed or. 

? George Edwards, M.D., 1752-1823 ; physician and writer 
on social economics. (D.N.B.) 

T. W. Edwards / Landaff House. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. Qting Richards. Borne by 
Thomas William Edwards. (Burke's Armoury.) 

? Eldest s. of William Richards, of Cardiff, who m. 
(1731) Jane, d. and h. of Thomas Edwards, of Llandaff. 
(R. T. Clark, Genealogies of Glamorgan, p. 382.) 

William Edwards. XIX th Cent. Arm. qting ? Hassall. 
B. Edwards Junr. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. printed 
on crimson paper. 

Joshua Edwards Esq. / Toxteth Park, co. Lancaster. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. with twenty-five coats, all 
Welsh, named on two banners. Welsh mottoes. 
The family coat Or on a pile az. 3 nags 9 heads erased 
arg. ; a chevron counter changed was confirmed, 
1825, to Joshua Edwards, of Manchester. (See 
Papworth, p. 1024.) 

22 Welsh Book- Plates 


Joshua Edwards. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Banks. 
Welsh motto. 
The same owner. 

Samuel Edwards. Modern gothic Arm. Designed 
and engraved by Harry Soane, of London. (Un- 

Bryan Edwards. Crest. 

? Sir Bryan Edwards ; b. 1 799 ; Chief Justice of Jamaica ; 
knighted 1859. 

[Edwards.] Jac. Arm. A remarkable coat (see 
Burke's Armoury}. The names of " Geo. Edwards " 
and "T. Edwards" and date " 1773" have been 
added in writing. 

Of Pentre, co. Montgomery and Cilcen, co. Flint. Thomas 
Edwards was H. Sheriff co. Montgomery, 1746. 

[Edwards.] Jac. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Of Rhual, co. Flint. The heiress of Rhual m. (c. 1720) 
Griffith, afterwards of Rhual. 

[Edwards] Rhual. Jac. Arm. with Welsh motto. 
The same plate with the place name added. 

John Edwards. Chip Arm. (Reproduced in Ex 
Libris Journal, xvi,, p. 78.) 
Of Rhual, near Mold, co. Flint. 

H. Holland Edwards. / Pennant Ereithlyn / North 
Wales. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. Palmer. 

Rev. Howell Holland Edwards, of Caerhwn, co. Carnarvon ; 
matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1782 ; rector of Pennant Eglwysfach 
and Llanrwst, Denb., 1799; cursal canon of St Asaph and 
prebendary of Westminster, etc. ; m. Caroline Palmer ; ob. 1 846. 

E. Edwards. Festoon Arm. Imp. ? Welsh motto. 

John Edwards. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Imp. 

Welsh Book-Plates 23 


The Rev. John Edwardes / Gileston Manor, co. 
Glamorgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Youngest s. of David Edwards, of Rhydygors, co. Car- 
marthen ; b. 1765; m. (1799) Margaret, d. and h. of Rev. 
William Willis, of Gileston Manor; ob. 1847. His d., 
Elizabeth Edwards, m. (1822) John Johnes, of Dolaucothi, 
co. Carmarthen. 

Wm. Edwards. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Henry Hope Edwards. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

loth Baronet ; b. 1829 ; succ. to title, 1841 ; claims descent 
from Tudor Trevor. 

Sir Henry Hope Edwards. Seal Arm. 

Another plate of the same owner. 

The Eevd. St Leger Frederick Hope Edwardes /of 
Netley in the county of Salop / 1889. Modern Jac. 
Arm. Imp. Eradney. Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of T. H. Hope Edwardes, of Netley; b. 1839; 
m. Alice, d. of Rev. J. C. Bradney, of Bradney, Somerset. 

Edwards. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 
Edwards. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

A very similar plate printed on blue paper. 

Willm. Embury Edwards. Wreath with crest. 

Crest of Edwards of Prestbury, Glos. 

Tenison Edwards / Inner Temple. Two crests with 
Welsh motto. 

6th s. of James Edwards, of Friars' Hill, co. Wicklow ; 
b. 1815; matric. Trinity College, Dublin; m. Mary Osborne 
Flower; author of Shall ive Register Title? (Foster's Men-at- 

J. Edwards. Crest. Celtic motto. 
Charles Edwards. Modern Arm. Signed " Jarrett, 
London," with Tate on an esc. of pre. 

Of Dolserau, Dolgelly ; b. 1825 ; M.P. for Windsor, 1866- 
1 868 ; m. Mary Elizabeth, d. and h. of William Tate. 

Charles D. Edwards. Modern Pict. Signed " Jessie 
M. Kitson." 

24 Welsh Book-Plates 


Ellis. Jac. Arm. A good example of "canting" 

Brabazon Ellis Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

Of Wyddial Hall, Herts. (Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, 
p. 69.) 

John Ellis Esqr. Medallion Arm. c. 1800. Signed 
" Neale sculpt." 

Of Hurlingham, Middlesex ; m. (1795) Antoinette Parker. 
Elder brother of Charles Rose Ellis, 1st Baron Seaford 
(see Peerage : Howard de Waldcn}* This family, long resident 
in Jamaica, claims descent from ancient Welsh stock. 

The Honble George Welbore Ellis. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. qting Agar. 

S. of 2nd Viscount Clifden ; cr. Baron Dover, 1831 ; m. 
Georgina Howard ; ob. v.p. 1833. 

Samuel Helbert Israel Ellis. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Evance. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. qting Evans of 

Described as " of London." 
Evance. XlXth Cent. Arm. The same coat and 

crest. Note the punning Latin motto. 

John Evans Lord Bishop / of Bangor. Early Jac. 
Arm. The arms of the see imp. Evans qting? 
Bordon and with Haddon on an esc. of pre. (sic) 
(Reproduced on the front cover of the Ex Libris 
Journal). C. 1702. 

Rector of Llanelhaiarn, co. Carnarvon ; consecrated to 
Bangor 1701 ; translated to Meath 1715 ; ob. unm. 1724. 
(D.N.B. Williams' Eminent Welshmen, p. 152, etc.) 

[Evans.] Chip. Arm. Below is written "The Gift 
of the Rt. Honble. Lord Carbery." Two coats : 
Evans qting Stafford, and Evans imp. Fitzivilliam. 
The plate has evidently been cut down. 

George Evans, 2nd Lord Carbery; m. (1732), Frances, d. 
of 5th Viscount Fitzwilliam (ext.) ; ob. 1759. 

Welsh Book- Plates 25 

EVANS continued. 

[Evans.] Chip. Arm. Imp. Noel. C. 1760. 

George Evans, 3rd Lord Carbery ; m. (1760) (i) Juliana, 
d. of Baptist Noel, 4th Earl of Gainsborough, and (2) (1762) 
Elizabeth Horton, of Catton Hall, co. Derby; ob. 1783. 

Thomas Evans / Knightsbridge. Festoon Arm. 
Revd. Henry Evans. Arm. c. 1820. 

? Henry Evans, s. of John Evans, of Huntington, co. Here- 
ford, arm. ; matric. Worcester College, Oxford, 1 806 ; of The 
Byletts, co. Hereford. 

G. W. Evans. XlXth Cent. "Aerial" Arm. 
Alfred Evans. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
J. Oarbery Evans. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Of Hatley Park, Cambs. ; eldest s. of Robert Evans of 
Fatherwell Hall, Kent; b. 1835; m. (i) Alice H. Smith; 
(2) Alice Mary Pitman. 

Thomas Evans Esq. / Hereford and Sufton Park co. 
Hereford. XIX th Cent. Arm. with Rogers on an 
esc. of pre. 

Eldest s. of Thomas Evans of Hereford (by his wife, Mary 
F.Watkins); b. 1804; m. (i) Mary, only child and h. of John 
Rogers, of Hereford ; ( 2 ) Harriet Webb. 

E. Vincent Evans. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. 

Sir Evan Vincent Evans, s. of Lewis Evans, of Tynllyn, 
co. Merioneth ; knighted 1909 ; Hon. Sec. of the Hon. 
Society of Cymmodorion of London, etc. ; H. Sheriff co. 
Merioneth, 1919. 

Sir Samuel Thomas Evans. Modern Arm. 

Only s. of John Evans, of Skewen, co. Glamorgan ; 
b. 1859; M. P. for Mid-Glamorgan, 1890-1910; President of 
the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Court 1910; knighted 
1908; m. (i) Rachel Thomas; (2) Blanche Rule; ob. 1918. 

John Bagnall Evans. Crest with Welsh motto. 

S. of Rev. William Evans, Vicar of Rhayader ; b. 1837 ; 
M.A. Jesus College, Oxford ; m. Eliza Maria Sterling ; 
member of the South Wales Circuit ; of Nantyreglwys, 
Whitland, co. Carmarthen. 

26 Wdsh Book-Plates 

EVANS continued. 

John Evans. Crest with Welsh motto. 

Charles Evans. Festoon Arm. 

Evans. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

F. A. Foley Evans. Mod. Pict. Dante reading at 
a desk. Signed "R. J. W." (at back) "By R. J. 
Williams of 192 Newport Road, Cardiff." 

Joseph Evans, Esq. / Hurst House, Prescott. Modern 
Arm. Welsh motto. 

On the plate it is stated that the owner is J.P. and D.L. for 
co. Denbigh. 

E. Libris Johannis Evans, D.C.L., LL.D., S.R.S. 

Modern Arm. with Order. 

Sir John Evans, K.C.B., s. of the Rev. Arthur B. 
Evans, D.D. ; b. 1823; eminent man of science and learning. 
(Kelly's Directory, 1905.) (Reproduced in Castle's English 
Book- Plates, p. 183.) 

Arthur Ernest Evans, Bronwylfa, Denbighshire. 
Modern Landscape and Arm., signed "Hamel 
Lister, 1890." 

5th s. of Edward Evans, of Bronwylfa ; b. 1866 ; m. Agnes 
Stanley; H. Sheriff, 1914. 

Thomas William Evans. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Gisborne. 

Of Allstree Hall, co. Derby, M.P. ; m. (1820) Mary 
Gisborne, of Yoxall Lodge, co. Durham. 

Revd. J. H. Evans. Pict. c. 1830, with books, lyre, 
roses, etc. A charming little plate, but unsigned. 
?John Harrison Evans, B.A., of St John's College, 
Cambridge, 1828; M.A., 1831. 

Thomas Evans, M.D. Landscape c. 1830, with a view 
of Henllan on the River Teifi. (Not in Franks.) 

Hugh Evans / Landilo. Label with wreath, c. 1780. 

Welsh Book-Plates 27 

EVANS continued. 

T. S. Evans / Mathematical Master, Christ's Hospital. 
The " Pythagoras " proposition of the First Book 
of Euclid. Unique as a book-plate. C. 1812. 

Thomas Simpson Evans, b. 1777 ; eldest s. of Rev. Lewis 
Evans (1755-1827), of Bassaleg, South Wales (D.N.B.) ; 
eminent as a mathematician; m. (1797) Deborah Mascall ; 
father of Rev. Th. Simpson Evans, vicar of St Leonard's, 
Shoreditch; ob. 1816. (D.N.B.} 

David Evans / Vicar of Ruyton. Label. 

The parish of Ruyton, otherwise * Ruyton-xi-Towns," is 
near Baschurch, Salop. 

Rev. George Eyre Evans. Modern book-pile, with 
pedigree and date 1893. 

Of Ty Tringad, Aberystwyth ; author of Cardiganshire : 
Its Antiquities, and many other works. 

Owen Evans. Crest. 

Edward Charles Evans. Crest with Welsh motto. 
[Evans.] Crest. In writing "Thomas Evans." 
Signed " Dolby Engraver, 56 Regent St." 


Charles Evanson, M.A. XlXth Cent. Arm. Signed 
"W. Lander sc. Bristol." 

Eldest s. of Rev. William Allen Evanson, of Cork ; matric. 
St Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 1830; vicar of St Andrew's, 
Montpellier, near Bristol; ob. 1874. 

Frederick Macdonnell Evanson. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Signed " W. Lander sc. Bristol." Same plate with 
altered name. 

A brother of the above. Another brother, the Rev. Richard 
Macdonnell Evanson, was rector of Llansoy, co. Monmouth. 


James Fenton. Chip. Arm. 

Of the family of Fenton, of Underbank, Yorks. 

28 Welsh Book-Plates 

FENTON continued. 

Richard Fenton. Chip. Arm. 

S. of William Fenton, of Underbank, Yorks ; b. 1698 ; m. 
Anne Brooke ; Clerk of the Peace to the West Riding ; 
ob. 1778. 

Fenton. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Welsh motto. A 
very frequent plate. 

Richard Fenton, barrister and antiquary, author of An 
Historical Tour through Pembrokeshire, etc.; b. 1746; s. of 
Richard Fenton; m. Eloise Fillet; ob. 1821. (See Intro- 
duction by John Fisher, B.D., to Fenton's Tour in Wales, 
published by the Arch. Cam. Assoc., 1917.) 

Fenton. Spade Arm. Welsh motto. 

Of later date and on tinted paper. Probably used by one of 
Richard Fenton's sons. 


[Fermor.] The Right Honble. Thomas Earl of 
Pomfret. Jac. Arm. Two shields, Fermor with 
Jeffreys on an esc. of pre. ; and Jeffreys qting 
Herbert, Parr and de Vere. Welsh motto. 

Thomas Fermor, 1st Earl Pomfret; m. (1720) Henrietta 
Louisa, sole h. of John 2nd Lord Jeffreys of Wem, and gdau. 
of Judge Jeffreys, 1st Lord Jeffreys of Wem ; ob. 1753. 

[Fermor.] Henrietta Louisa Countess of Pomfret / one 
of the Ladies of ye Bed Chamber / to Her Majesty. 
/ 1733. Jac. Arm. with Jeffreys on an esc. of pre. 
and also impaled. 

" Her Majesty " was Caroline of Anspach, Queen Consort 
of George II., who died 1737. 

[Fermor.] The Right Honble. Henrietta Countess of 
/ Pomfret, Lady of the Bed Chamber to the Queen. 
Jac. Arm. Two shields, Fermor with Jeffreys on 
an esc. of pre. ; and Jeffreys qting Herbert, Parr 
and de Vere. Welsh motto. 
(Reproduced in Labouchere, p. 57.) 

Welsh Book-Plates 29 

FERMOR continued. 

[Fermor.] The Rt. Honble. Henrietta Louisa Jeffreys, 
Countess of Pomfret / Lady of the Bed-chamber to 
Queen Caroline. Chip. Arm. An oblong plate of 
the most elaborate type. (Reproduced as Frontis- 
piece to N. Labouchere's Ladles' Book-Plates^ 
Fermor imp. Jeffreys, and also with Jeffreys on an 
esc. of pre. Welsh motto. Signed "S. W. 
Invt." By Samuel Wale, R.A. 
(See also Labouchere, pp. 57, 58.) 


Sr. Martin Browne Ffolkes, Bart. Festoon Arm. 
with Turner on an esc. of pre. 

Martin Browne Ffolkes, F.R.S., cr. a Baronet, 1774; 
m, Fanny, co-h. of Sir John Turner, Bart, (ext.) ; ob. 1821. 

Sir William Browne Ffolkes. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. with thirty coats, several being Welsh. 

B. 1786; eldest s. and h. of Sir M. B. Ffolkes; succ. as 
2nd Bart., 1821 ; m. (1818) Charlotte Philippa Browne, sister 
of ist Lord Oranmore. 


Charles Home Lloyd Fitz Williams of Cilgwyn. Modern 
gothic Arm. 

Only s. of E. C. L. Fitzwilliams, of Adpar, co. Cardigan ; 
b. 1843 ; m. Margaret Crawford; H. Sheriff, 1884. 


[Forestier- Walker.] Modern Portrait, with coat-of- 
arms below. 

Clarence Francis, 3rd s. of Sir George Forestier-Walker, 
Bart., of Castleton, Newport, Mon. ; b. 1857; m. Blanche, 
d. of G. T. Clarke, of Talygarn, Glam. ; ob. s.p. 190 . 


Arthur Charles / Fox-Davies. Modern Arm. with 
Welsh motto. 

30 Welsh Book-Plates 


J. D. F.[rancis.] Arm. with cipher and garter. 
Written at back : " Swansea Public Library, Refer- 
ence Department, J. Deffett Francis Bequest, 
about 6000 vols. and pamphlets." 


John Rowden Freme. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Eldest s. of William Purser Freme, of Wepre Hall, co. 
Flint; b. 1821 ; M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

" The Freme family was settled at Lypiate, Glos., temp. 
Edward III." 


Rev. James Ashe Gabb / Shire Newton, co. Monmouth. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Secretan 

S. of James Gabb, of Abergavenny ; matr'ic. Jesus College, 
Oxford, 1799 ; rector of Shire Newton, 1816 ; m. Mary Anne 
Secretan, of Arcadia House, co. Monmouth ; ob. 1 844. 


[Garnons.] Spade Arm. c. 1790. Signed " J. Stuart." 

Richard Garnons, of Colommendy, co. Denbigh ; H. 
Sheriff co. Flint, 1804, and co. Carnarvon, 1805. (See note 
in Burke's drmoury.) 


Fredk. D. George. XlXth Cent. Arm. with Order 
and Medal for "Meeanee and Hydrabad, 1843." 

Henry George. Modern Seal Arm. 


Davies Gilbert / of Tredrea, Cornwall and East Bourn, 
Sussex. XlXth Cent. Arm. with Gilbert on an esc. 
of pre. Welsh motto. 

Davies Giddy, M.P., F.S.A., only s. of Rev. Edward 
Giddy; b. 1767; m. (1808) Anne, d. and h. of Thomas 
Gilbert ; assumed name of Gilbert ; ob. 1 840. 

Welsh Book- Plates 31 


Colonel Thomas Glyn. Wreath Arm. Imp. Holling- 
berry. (Reproduced in Ex Libris Soc. Journal, 
xv., p. 86.) 

B. 1756; brother of Sir Richard Carr Glyn, ist Bart., of 
Ewell, Surrey ; m. Henrietta Hollingberry, d. of Archdeacon 
Hollingberry, of Chichester. 

T. Clayton Glyn. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Rev. Thomas Clayton Glyn, eldest s. of Colonel Thomas 
Glyn; b. 1790; matr'ic. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1818; m. Jemima 
J. Hammond, .of St Alban's Court, Kent; of Durrington 
House, Essex; ob. 1860. 


Edward Goulburn Esqr. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. De Visme. 

2nd s. of Munbee Goulburn, of London and Jamaica ; 
b. 1787; m. (i) Harriet de Visme; (2) Honble. Esther 
Chetwynd ; (3) Hon. Catherine Montagu ; held the last Assizes 
of the Great Sessions of Wales at Carmarthen, 4th Sept. 1830 ; 
ob. 1868. 

Father of Dean Goulburn, of Norwich. 


Abel Anthony Gower. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
qting Stedman and Lewes. 

2nd s. of Abel Gower, of Castle Malgwyn, Glandovan, 
Pontfaen and Clynderwen, co. Pembroke ; younger brother of 
Admiral Sir Erasmus Gower ; ob. unm. 1837. 


H. Grant /The Gnoll. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Henry John Grant, b. 1780; s. of Henry Grant, of The 
Gnoll (by Alicia Camac, his wife) ; m. (1822) Mary, d. of 
Gen. George Warde, of Squerries, Kent : H. Sheriff co. 
Glamorgan, 1834. 


M. Griffith, M.D. Chip. Pict. and Arm. 

? Moses Griffith, M.D., s. of Edward Griffith; b. 1724; 
at St John's College, Cambridge ; of Lapidon, Salop ; ob. unm. 
1785. (D.N.B. Reproduced in Ex Libris Journal, xi., 
p. 87.) 

32 W^elsh Book-Plates 

GRIFFITH continued. 

Hugh Griffith/ of /Brynodol Esqr. Chip. Arm. 
qting (?) Wynne. 

H. Sheriff co. Carnarvon, 1777. (Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, 
P- 93-) 

Mid. Griffith. Chip. Arm. Coat of Griffith of 
Penrhyn, co. Carnarvon. 

Murhall Griffith. Festoon Arm. with (?) Harris on 
an esc. of pre. Signed " Stuart, Chester," c. 1780. 
A large, handsome plate, but none of the qtings identified. 

Murhall Griffith. Festoon Arm. The same design 
but on a smaller scale. Signed " Stuart, Chester." 

Griffith. Spade Arm. c. 1790. Apparently a 
member of the same family. 

Thomas Murrall Griffiths (V), of Wrexham, wasH. Sheriff 
co. Denbigh, 1813. 

[Griffith] Bodegroes. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
White. Welsh motto. 

William Glynne Griffith, s. of William Griffith, of Rhosfawr 
and Bodegroes ; m. Catherine L. White, of Jamaica; H. 
Sheriff co. Carnarvon, 1827. (Nicholas, i., p. 43.) 

Nehemiah Griffith. Jac. Arm. A reprint. The coat 
is that of Edwards of Rhual (vide supra). 

(See note in Nicholas, i., p. 453, on this Nehemiah Griffith.) 

Reverend 0. H. Griffith. XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Wegg. With Welsh rebus for a motto. 

J. H. Griffiths. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Coat of 
Griffith of Burton Agnes, Yorks, Baronet (ext. 
1656), descended from ancient Welsh stock. 
(See Burke's Landed Gentry, edition of 1849, 
vol. i., p. 738.) 

Book-Plates 33 

GRIFFITH continued. 

John Griffith. XlXth Cent. Arm., qting Sandham. 

S. of Thomas Griffith, of Llwynduris, co. Cardigan (by 
Elizabeth Sandham, his wife) ; b. 1795 ; m. Elizabeth Brown ; 
ob. s.p. 1873. 

Charles Marshall Griffith, M.A. XIX th Cent. Arm., 
qting Sandham. 

S. of Rev. Charles Griffith, of Llwynduris, co. Cardigan ; 
b. 1830; m. (1858) Sarah-Anna Ingram, of Steyning, Sussex; 
Q.C. and Bencher of the Inner Temple ; chairman of Cardigan- 
shire Quarter Sessions, etc. 

Henry Thomas Griffith, B. A. / Smallburgh Rectory, 
Norwich. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Jackman. 
Welsh motto. 

Only s. of Rev. Thomas Griffith, of Bispham, Berks ; matric. 
at Pembroke College, Oxford, 1 846 ; rector of Smallborough, 

Lewis Griffiths / Marie Hill. Crest. 

Of Marie Hill, Cheltenham ; m. Catherine Ferryman ; ob. 
1869 ; father of George Summers Griffiths, of Marie Hill, 

0. Egburth Griffiths. Crest with Welsh motto. 
Thomas Taylor Griffith. Crest. 

Captn. W. S. Griffiths. Crest with punning Welsh 


Sr. Robert Grovenor of /Eaton Hall in the county 
palatine of Chester / of Snell Court in the county 
of Somerset / of Halkin Hall in the county of Flint / 
and of Hillbank Westminster in the county of 
Middlesex / Bart. Early Chip. Arm. Imp. War re. 

6th Bart. ; M.P. for Chester ; m. Jane, d. and h. of Thomas 
Warre ; ob. 1755. Father of ist Earl Grosvenor, and ancestor 
of i st Duke of Westminster. 

34 Welsh Book-Plates 


Augustus Guest, LL.D., P.S.A. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Elected Fellow of Society of Antiquaries, 1850 ; ob. 1866. 

Merthyr Guest. XlXth Cent. Chip. Arm. Imp. 
Grosvenor. Printed in red. 

Thomas Merthyr Guest, 2nd s. of Sir John Josiah Guest, of 
Dowlais (by Lady Charlotte Bertie, his wife, translator of the 
Mabinogion, etc.) ; b. 1838 ; m. Theodora, d. of 2nd Marquis 
of Westminster ; younger brother of ist Lord Wimborne. 


[Gulston.] Jac. Arm. with "Joseph Gulston, 1766," 
in writing. 

Three states of this plate. 
Joseph Gulston, M.P. for Poole ; ob. 1766. 
Used by his s. Joseph Gulston, of Derwydd Court, co. 
Carmarthen. (See West Wales Trans., vol. iv., p. 185.) 

Elize Gulston. Chip. Arm., a lozenge. 

(Reproduced in Castle's English Book- Plates, p. 99.) 
D. of Joseph Gulston, of Derwydd (by his wife, Elizabeth 
Bridgetta Stepney, of Llanelly) ; b. 1769; ob. mm. 1857. 


John Gwyer. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. (?) Keate. 
Signed "Burnell sc." 

(See Alum. Oxon, p. 579.) 


Francis Gwyn of Lansanor in the county of/ Glam- 
organ and of Ford Abby in the county / of Devon 
Esqr. 1698. Early Jac. Arm. Dated, with 
eleven coats and with Prideaux-Fraunceis on an 
esc. of pre. 

S. of Edward Gwyn, of Llansannor (by Eleanor Popham, 
his wife); m. (1690) Margaret, d. and co-h. of Edmund 
Prideaux, of Ford Abbey, Devon (by Amy Fraunceis, his wife) ; 
M.P. for Cardiff, 1685-1688 ; Clerk of the Council, 1684. 

CJRTH grj 

Welsh Book-Plates 35 

GWYN continued. 

Francis Gwyn of Lansanor in the county / of Glam- 
organ, and of Ford- Abby in the / county of Devon 
Esqr. 1698. Early Jac. Arm. Dated. Small 
size, with the coat of Gwyn only and Prideaux- 
Fraunceis on an esc. of pre. (Reproduced in 
Castle's English Book- Plates, p. 58.) 


Nevill and Maud/Gwynn. Modern gothic Arm. 
Imp. Savi/e. Welsh motto. Dated 1906. 
Signed "E. A. G." 

E. M. G. Crest with cipher, c. 1790. 

T. B. G. Crest and cipher with a bordure. 


Howell Gwynne Esq. / Garth. Chip. Arm. Signed 
" 1742, Skinr sculpt." 

Unknown to Fincham and Hamilton and extremely rare. 
(Not in Franks Coll.) 

Howell Gwynne, of Brynioiau ; m. Mary, d. and h. of 
Judge Marmaduke Gwynne, of Garth (ob. 1712), "by which 
event two estates were united." (T. Jones, History of 
Brecknockshire, pp. 297-298.) 

H. L. E. G.[wynne.] Crest. 

Captain Henry Lewis Edwardes Gwynne, 62nd Regt., of 
Glanlery, co. Cardigan ; 2nd s. of David John Edwardes, of 
Rhydygors, co. Carmarthen ; assumed name of Gwynne ; 
H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1832; ob. 1866. 

GWYDYR, see Burrell. 


Sr. Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer/in Oom. Flint, 
Baronet, 1707. Early Jac. Arm. Dated. Large 
size, with fifteen coats and with Bennet, Countess 
of Arlington, on an esc. of pre. 

B. 1676; 4th Bart, of Hanmer; m. (i) Lady Isabella 
Bennet, Countess of Arlington and widow of Duke of Grafton ; 
and (2) Elizabeth Ffolkes ; M.P. for Flint; ob. 1746. 

36 Welsh Book-Plates 

HANMEE continued. 

Sr. Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer in Com. Flint 
Baronet, 1707. Early Jac. Arm. Dated. Small 
size. Four coats, with Bennet on an esc. of pre. 
The same owner. 

Col. William Hanmer. / 1739. Jac. Arm. Dated. 

William Hanmer, of Fenns ; cousin and heir-male of Sir 
Thomas Hanmer, of Hanmer, co. Flint, 4th and last Bart., 
who died 1746; cousin of Sir Walden Hanmer, 1st Bart, of 
second creation. " The smaller plate of Sir Thomas Hanmer 

[Hanmer.] XlXth Cent. Arm. with eight coats. In 
writing "C. J. Hanmer, Shrewsbury." Signed 
" F. Lewis, Salop." " The only known plate by 
this engraver." 

L. W. Hanmer. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Calvert Hanmer. Modern Arm. 

? Rev. Edward Calvert Hanmer, 4th s. of Llewelyn Hanmer, 
Gent., of Manchester ; matric. Queen's College, Oxford, 1869 ; 
M.A., 1876. 

Latham Hanmer / Liverpool. Label with modern 
Chip, border. 


Edward Harries. Chip. Arm., qting Dovey, of 
Farmcot, Salop. 

The Rev. Edward Harries, of Cruckton, Salop ; m. (1771) 
Lucia Blithe, of Broseley Hall, Salop ; ob. 1812. 

Edward Harries, A.M. The same plate with the 
additional letters. 

Lucia Harries. Festoon Arm. Imp. Blithe. 

D. of Francis Turner Blithe, and widow of the Rev. E. 

Francis Blithe Harries. Early XIX th Cent., qting 
Blithe and imp. Jenkins. 

2nd s. of Rev. Edward Harries of Cruckton (and of Lucia 
Blithe, his wife); b. 1776; m. Emma Jenkins, of Charlton 
Hall, Salop; ob. 1848. 

Welsh Book-Plates 37 


Or. Harris Esqr. / Haine. Chip. Arm. with Cornish 

Christopher Harris, of Haine, Devon. His gds., Christopher 
Harris, of Haine, m. (1825) Louise Eleanore Watkins, of 
Penoyre, co. Brecknock, gdau. to Richard Vaughan, of Golden 
Grove, co. Carmarthen. 


Henry Montonnier Hawkins./ Tredunnock, Monmouth- 
shire. XlXth Cent, gothic Arm. with twenty-four 
coats and five crests. Signed "W. West, sculpt. 
Margaret St." 

S. of Anthony Montonnier Hawkins, of The Gaer, Newport 
(by his first wife, Jane Nicholl, of Tredunnock) ; t. 1805 ; m. 
(i) Jane Fenwick, and (2) Lucy Lambe; ob. 1871. 


William Scott / Hazelwood / Cardiff. Modern Pict., 
with design of books, thistles and leeks. Welsh 
motto. Signed " J. S." 


Isaac Heaton. Chip. Arm., qting (?) More. 

[Heaton.] Pla"s Heaton. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

John Heaton, of Plas Heaton, co. Denbigh ; H. Sheriff, 
1837; m. (i) Elizabeth Jones, of Cefn Coch, and (2) Anne 
Eliza Henniker; ob. 1855. 

William H. Heaton, / Bryn Issa. Crest. 

4-th 8. of the above John Heaton, of Plas Heaton (by his 
2nd wife, Anne Eliza, d. of 3rd Lord Henniker) ; b. 1835 ; m. 
(1860) Henrietta Anderson. 


G. E. H.[enfrey.] Modern Pict. 

Eminent engineer ; died at Tregeyb, Llandilo, 1916. (See 
Welsh Outlook, September, 1916.) 

38 Welsh Book-Plates 


Herbert Earl of Pembroke / and Montgomery, Baron 
Herbert. Jac. Arm. 

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl, K.G., Lord President of the 
Council ; Lord High Admiral of England and Ireland ; ob. 

Donum Honoratissimi Dni. / Thomae Com. de Pem- 
broke et / Montgomery &c. &c. Classis / Britan. 
et Hibern : Summi Praefecti &c. &c. Jac. Arm. 
Signed "S. Gribelin." (Simon Gribelin of Blois, 
1661-1733.) Not mentioned by Fincham. (Re- 
produced with note in Ex Libris Journal^ xv., 

P . 6 S .) 

A gift plate of the above. 

The Rt. Honble. Mary / Countess of Pembroke. Jac. 
Arm. Imp. Howe. 

Mary Howe, sister of Scrope, Viscount Howe, 3rd wife 
and widow of Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke. 

Herbert Marquess of Powis / Viscount Montgomery 
&c. Jac. Arm. 

S. and h. of William Herbert, ist Marquis of Powis, who 
died in exile at St Germains, 1696. The 2nd Marquis was 
restored to his father's forfeited dignities in 1722 ; ob. 1745 ; 
his son William succeeded as 3rd and last Marquis of Powis. 

Edward / Earl of Powis. Arm. c. 1 800, with Herbert 
on an esc. of pre. 

Edward Clive, 2nd Lord Clive and ist Earl Powis; b. 
1754; m. Lady Henrietta Antonia Herbert, sister and h. of 
last Earl of Powis; ob. 1839. 

Edward Herbert / Earl of Powis. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Graham. 

2nd Earl of Powis, of the new creation ; s. of the above ; b. 
1785 ; m. (1818) Lady Lucy Graham, 3rd d. of 3rd Duke of 
Montrose ; ob. 1 848. 

Edward Herbert / Earl of Powis. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Two shields, that of Herbert surrounded by the 
Garter, and the other Herbert imp. Graham. 
The same, now K.G. 

Welsh Book-Plates 39 

HERBERT continued. 

H. A. Powis. Label with Earl's coronet. 

Henrietta Antonia Herbert, widow of Edward Clive, ist 
Earl of Powis, and sister of last Earl of Powis (Herbert). 

Wm. Herbert. Chip. Arm. 

Possibly the Hon. William Herbert, Major- General in the 
army, 5th s. of Thomas, 8th Earl of Pembroke ; m. Catherine 
Elizabeth Tewes ; father of ist Earl of Carnarvon ; ob. 1756. 

Wm. Herbert. Chip. Arm. The same plate. 
"Comte de Pembroke" added in writing. The 
coat, crest and motto are those of Herbert, Earl 
of Pembroke. 

[Herbert.] Chip. Arm. and Pict. (Reproduced 
in Ex Libris Journal.} 

James Herbert Esqr. / of Tythorpe / in the county of 
Oxford. Chip. Arm. 

Eldest s. of James Herbert, of Tythorpe, Oxon, and 
Kingsey, Bucks ; gt,-gds. of Hon. James Herbert, 6th s. of 
Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke; ob. 1749. (G. T. Clark, 
Genealogies of Glamorgan, p. 285.) 

Joseph Herbert. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 

Samuel Herbert. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Arms of 
Herbert within a bordure comparing erm. and ermines ; 
on a canton or a saltire gu. 

Herbert. Spade Arm. c. 1800, with two crests and 
Welsh motto. Probably a Herbert of Muckross 
or Cahirnane. 

Captn. Thos. Herbert / Royal Navy. Crest with 
Welsh motto. 

Admiral Sir Thomas Herbert, K.C.B., 2nd s. of Richard 
Townsend Herbert, of Cahirnane, co. Kerry (by Jane Stoughton, 
his 2nd wife) ; b. 1793 ; Lord of the Admiralty, 1852 ; M.P. 
for Dartmouth ; H. Sheriff co. Kerry, 1829. 

Captain Herbert / Royal Navy. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
with Welsh motto. A later plate of the same 

40 Welsh Book-Plates 

HERBERT continued. 

Sir Thomas Herbert. XlXth Cent. Arm. with two 
crests, Welsh motto and Order of the Bath. A 
later plate of the same owner. 

Sidney Herbert. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

The celebrated Secretary of State for War during the 
Crimean War. Half-brother to Robert Henry, 1 2th Earl of 
Pembroke, and father of I3th Earl. B. 1810; cr. Baron 
Herbert of Lea ; ob. 1861. 

Henry Arthur Herbert. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Welsh motto. 

Of Muckross Abbey, co. Kerry; eldest s. of Rt. Hon. 
Henry Herbert of Muckross, M.P. ; b. 1810 ; m. Emily, d. of 
2nd Baron Keane ; M.P. for co. Kerry, 1866-1868. 

William G. Herbert. Crest. 

Constance Herbert. Cipher. Mod. Floral. Signed 
C. W. Sherborne, R. E." 

Beatrix [Herbert] Pembroke. Mod. Pict. in umber 
tints. Signed "W. Charning"? 

D. of Earl of Durham; m. i4th Earl of Pembroke, 1877. 

Beatrix [Herbert] Pembroke. Cherub with earl's 
coronet, etc. Signed "W." 

Robert George Wyndham Herbert, Ickleton. Modern 
gothic Arm. 

Sir R. G. W. Herbert, of Ickleton ; only s. of Hon. 
Algernon Herbert, and gds. of ist Earl of Carnarvon; 
G.C.B. ; Under-Sec, of State for Colonies, etc. ; b. 1831. 

Joannes Herbert /De Llanarth. Modern Arm. Jac. 
design on scarlet ground. Welsh motto. 

John Arthur Edward Herbert, eldest s. of John Jones, of 
Llanarth, co. Monmouth ; m. (1846) Augusta C. E., d. and 
h. of ist Baron Llanover (ext.) ; H. Sheriff, 1858; assumed 
by royal sign-manual the name of Herbert, 1848 ; ob. 1895. 

John Herbert of Llanarth. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. 
on scarlet ground. 
The same owner. 

Welsh Book-Plates 41 

HERBERT continued. 

[Herbert] Llanarth. Modern Seal Arm., with Welsh 

The same owner. 

Victoria Alexandrina Mary Cecil Herbert. Modern 
Pict., signed "K. G." By Kate Greenaway, a 
characteristic example of her art. 
3rd d. of 4th Earl of Carnarvon. 


Robert Hesketh / Gwrych. Spade Arm. c. 1800, 
with Lloyd on an esc. of pre. 

Robert Bamford Hesketh, of Upton, Cheshire; m. (1785) 
Frances Lloyd, h. of Gwrych Castle, co. Denbigh ; H. 
Sheriff, 1797; ob. 1816. 

Lloyd Hesketh / Bamford Hesketh / Gwrych Castle. 
XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. Lygon. 

Son of the above, b. 1788 ; m. Lady Emily Lygon, d. of 
Earl Beauchamp ; H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 1828. 


J. H.pll.] Festoon Crest. 

John Hill, eldest s. of 3rd Bart, of Hawkstone, who died 
vivo patrc, 1814; m. (1795) Eliz. R.Cornish. 

J. H.[ill.] Festoon Arm., a lozenge. 

Apparently the plate of Mrs John Hill, born Elizabeth 
Rhodes, d. of Philip Cornish. She married (1795) John Hill, 
eldest s. of Sir John Hill, and was mother of Sir Rowland Hill, 
4th Bart, and 2nd Viscount Hill. 

[Hill.] Arm., a lozenge, Hill imp. Cornish. 

Another plate of Mrs John Hill. 

[Hill.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with C/egg on an 
esc. of pre. 

Sir Rowland Hill, of Hawkstone, Salop, b. 1 800 ; succ. his 
gdfather as 4th Bart., 1824, and his uncle as 2nd Viscount Hill, 
1842 ; m. (1831) Anne, d. and h. of Joseph Clegg, of Peplow 
Hall, Salop. 

42 Welsh Book-Plates 

HILL continued. 

Sir Rowland Hill, Bart. / Hawkstone. XlXth Cent. 
Arm. with Ctegg on an esc. of pre. Signed 
"C. Vaughan, 32 Strand." 
The same owner. 


John Holcombe / New Cross, 1799. Festoon Arm. 



John Homfray / 1768. Arm. Dated. Imp. Parr, 
with thirty-two coats. Note the punning French 

John Homfray, of All Saints', Derby ; 2nd son of Francis 
Homfray; b. 1723 ; m. Sarah, d. of John Parr and widow of 
Thomas Dally; ob. 1804. (See also Franks Coll. Catalogue, 
vol. ii., p. 71.) 


Edward Howell. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Langford. 

James Howell. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Jellicoe. 

Walter Howell. Crest. 

Walter J. Howell. XlXth Cent. Arm. 


Edwd. M. D. Ho worth Esqr. / Landovery, Carmarthen- 
shire. Chip. Arm. A scarce plate. Not in Franks. 
Edward Mainwaring Davies Howorth. 

E. M. D. Howorth Esqr. / of Maeslough, Radnorshire. 
Chip. Arm. A different plate of the same person. 
A scarce plate. Not in Franks. 

The same Edward Mainwaring Davies Howorth ; b. 1744 ; 
s. of Rev. Chamberlain Davies (by his wife Anne, d. of Sir 
Humphrey Howorth, M.P., of Maesllwch Castle, co. Radnor) ; 
assumed the maternal surname. (See "The Story of the 
Ancient Churches of Llandovery, ' Trans, of Hon. Soc. of 
Cymmrodorion, 1911-1912.) 

Welsh Book-Plates 43 

HOWORTH continued. 

E. M. D. Howorth Esqr. / of Maeslough, Radnorshire. 
A modern reprint of the above. 


John Hughes /of Queinton, Gloucestershire. Jac. 

Son of John Hughes, of Queinton. 

1st and 4th quarters Collivyn ap Tagno ; 2nd Ratter, and 
3rd Freeman. (See note in Franks Coll. Catalogue, vol. ii., p. 

Ob. Hughes /of London. Jac. Arm. The coat az. 
a lion ramp, or is that of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, 
prince of Powys. It is borne by Hughes (baronet) 
of East Bergholt, Suffolk, formerly of London. 

Rev. Obadiah Hughes, s. of George Hughes (of Canter- 
bury) ; b. 1695 ; Presbyterian minister of Maid Lane Chapel, 

Southwark ; secretary to the Presbyterian Board ; m. Fryer, 

sister of Sir John Fryer, Lord Mayor of London; ob. 1751. 

Robt Hughes. Chip. Arm. signed " L. Bourn sculpt." 
Coat of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, with mark of cadency 
of a second son. 

William Hughes, / Watchmaker / London. Chip. Arm. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 117.) 

Hu. Hughes, Esqr. Festoon Arm. 

James Hughes / 1776. Festoon Arm. Dated. (Re- 
produced in Hamilton, p. 102.) 

S. of Daniel Hughes, of Carmarthen ; m. Elizabeth 
Williams, h. of Corngafr ; father of John William Hughes of 
Tregeyb, who was H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1796. 

John Hughes of Brecon. Chip. Arm. signed and 
dated "Skinr. sculpt. 1745." J. Skinner, engraver 
of Bath, almost invariably signs and dates his 
book-plate designs. 

3rd s. of Richard Hughes, of Brecon (by Mary Philpott, his 
wife), who died 1739, and is buried with a monument in Brecon 
Priory Church. (See T. Jones's History of Brecknockshire, 
1890 edition, p. 200.) 

44 Welsh Book-Plates 

HUGHES continued. 

W. L. Hughes. Spade Arm. c. 1 800. 

[Hughes] Lord Dinorben. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Grey. Welsh motto. 

William Lewis Hughes, cr. Baron Dinorben, 1831 ; b. 
1767 ; s. of the Rev. Edward Hughes of Kinmel Park ; ro. (i) 
Charlotte Margaret Grey, and (2) Gertrude Smyth. 

Hugh Robert Hughes. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 

2nd s. of Rev. Edward Hughes of Kinmel Park, co. 
Denbigh, and younger brother of ist Lord Dinorben (ext.) ; b. 
1774; m. (i) Barbara Sparrow, of Red Hill, Anglesey ; and 
(2) Anne Lance, of Wavertree, Lanes. 

Hugh Robert Hughes. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

The same owner. 

Hugh Robert Hughes of Einmel and Dinorben, co. 
Denbigh, Esq. Large XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Liddell. Two Welsh mottoes. 

S. and h. of the above H. R. Hughes; b. 1827 ; H. Sheriff, 
Anglesey, 1854; succ. (1852) to the estates of his cousin, 
W. L. Hughes, 2nd and last Lord Dinorben; m. (1853) 
Florentia, d. of Earl of Ravensworth. 

Hughes Einmel Park. XlXth Cent. Arm., Hughes 
imp. Liddell, with two Welsh mottoes. 

The library plate of the above H. R. Hughes of Kinmel. 

Michael Hughes. Early XlXth Cent, with Campbell 
on an esc. of pre. 

Of Sherdley Hall, Lanes ; youngest s. of Hugh Hughes, 
of Lliniog, Anglesey; b. 1810; m. Elinor Mary, d. and h. 
of Admiral Campbell, of Ardpatrick, Argyle. 

William Hughes. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Worthington. Welsh motto. 

S. and h. of William Hughes, of Penyclawdd ; b. 1801 ; 
m. Eliza Anne Worthington, of Sandiway Bank, Cheshire. 
"Twenty-eighth in descent from his great progenitor Rhodri 
Mawr, King of Wales." (See Burke' s Landed Gentry, 1849 
edition, p. 611.) 

Welsh Book-Plates 45 

HUGHES continued. 

Sig. Johannis Hughes Gwerclas et Kymmer. XIX th 
Cent. Seal Arm. Imp. coats of Ednyfed Vychan 
and de Syward. Welsh motto. 

3rd s. of William Hughes, of Penyclawdd ; b. 1805; m. 
Dorothea Lloyd, of Plymog, co. Denbigh, and Gwerclas, co. 

Hughes. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Of Ystrad, co. Denbigh. Thomas Hughes, only s. of John 
Hughes, of Llainwen ; b. 1 799 ; m. (1827) Margaret Williams, 
of Pentremawr, co. Denbigh ; H. Sheriff co. Flint, 1851. 

Thomas Hughes. XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 
Signed "J. Warwick, 145 Strand." 
The same owner. 

William Hughes Hughes Junr. /Inner Temple. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Oldham. 

S. of William Hughes Hughes, M.P., F.S.A. ; b. 1817; 
m. Ellen Oldham of Stamford Hall, Middlesex. 

William Bulkeley Hughes Esq. / Plas Coch, Anglesey. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. with Nettleship on an esc. of 

Eldest s. of Sir William Bulkeley Hughes, Kt., of Plas 
Coch and Brynddu ; b. 1797; m. (1825) Elizabeth, widow 
of Harry Wormald, and d. and h. of Jonathan Nettleship, of 
Mattersey Abbey, Notts; H. Sheriff, Anglesey, 1861 ; M.P. 
for Carnarvon, 1837-1874. 

Samuel Hughes Esq. / Corranbrook, co. Carmarthen. 
Col. E.I.C.S. & C.B. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Gordon on an esc. of pre. 

Col. S. Hughes, C.B., was of an Irish family claiming Welsh 
descent; m. (1831) Eliza Luther, d. of John T. Gordon, 
M.D. (See Burke's drmoury.) 

John Hughes. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

James Claudius Hughes. XlXth Cent. Arm. on 
tinted paper. 

William Hughes. Modern Arm. An elaborate plate, 
but unsigned. 

46 Welsh Book-Plates 


Humphreys. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 

The coat bears the Ulster Hand of a Baronet, but no 
baronetcy was extant about this period. (See Burke's Extinct 
and Dormant Baronetage, etc. ) 

Ozias Humphry Esqr. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
(Impossible heraldry.) 

? The portrait painter, friend of Blake, etc. (See D.N.B.) 

Charles Octavius Humphreys. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Salusbury Morin Humphreys. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Probably a son of Admiral Sir Salusbury Pryce Humphreys, 
C.B. and K.C.H., of Weedon, Bucks; gds. of the Rev. 
Salusbury Pryce, vicar of Meifod. (See T. R. Roberts' 
Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen,^. 198.) 

F. H. Pict., with cipher on shield, c. 1770. ? Signed 
" I. Jones." The bust is apparently that of Inigo 
Jones, the architect. An interesting little plate. 

Not mentioned by Fincham. 

HEREFORD, VISCOUNT, see Devereux. 
HOWDEN, BARON, see Caradoc. 


Sir Henry Mather Jackson Baronet /of Llantilio 
Crosseny in the / county of Monmouth / 1892. 
Modern Jac. Arm., dated, with Somerset on an 
esc. of pre. 

jrd Bart., b. 1855 Barrister of Lincoln's Inn; m. (1886) 
Ada, d. and co-h. of General E. A. Somerset, C.B. 


Joseph James. Festoon Arm. 

? S. of John James, arm., of London ; matric. University 
College, Oxford, 1788; B.A. 1791. 

Harry Arthur James / Ei Llyfr. Modern Pict., 
signed "U. T. W.," 1894. Large size, printed in 
red. Welsh motto. 

Welsh Book-Plates 47 

JAMES continued. 

Harry Arthur James / Ei Llyfr. The same, smaller 
size, printed in black. 


[Jeffery.] Late Jac. Seal Arm. in writing " George 
Jeffery." " Of London." (See Burke's Armoury.} 


Geo. Jefferys. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

John Jefferys. XlXth Cent. Arm. Coat of 
Jefferys of Acton, co. Denbigh. 


Walter Powell Jeffreys. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Welsh motto. 

Walter Powell Jeffreys married Anne Price ; father of Walter 
Powell Jeffreys (b. 1843), H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1889; 
of Cynghordy, Llandovery. 

John Gwyn Jeffreys. Crest. 

Eldest s. of John Jeffreys, of Fynone, co. Glamorgan ; b. 
1 809 ; m. Anne Nevill, of Llanelly ; Recorder of Swansea ; 
eminent conchologist ; ob. 1885. 

N. N. Jeffreys. Crest. (Crest of Jefferys of Acton.) 
" Bennett sc." 


Richd. Jenkins Esqr. Jac. Arm. signed <c R. W." 

Possibly that of Richard Jenkins (1621-1697), who married 
(1668) Mary, d. and co-h. of Richard Bagot, of Hargrave, 

Richd. Jenkins Esqr. The same, another state. 
[Jenkins.] Jac. Arm. The same coat, no name. 

Possibly the plate of Thomas Jenkins of the Abbey Foregate, 
Shrewsbury, s. and h. of the above Richard Jenkins; m. (1708) 
Gertrude Wingfield, of Preston Brockholes, Salop ; H. Sheriff, 
Salop, 1729; ob. 1730. 

48 Welsh Book-Plates 

JEN KINS continued. 

Richd. Jenkins Esqr. Salop. Chip. Pict. and Arm. 

Eldest s. of Thomas Jenkins of Abbey Foregate, Shrews- 
bury ; b. 1709; m. (i) Letitia Mucklestone, of Bicton, Salop ; 
and (2) Emma, d. of Sir Francis Charlton and widow of John 
Lloyd, of Aston, Salop. 

Henry Jenkins. Chip. Arm. 

Of the same family. 

Wm. Jenkins. Festoon Arm., the same coat and 
crest. The name has been stuck on, and is 
evidently not that of the original owner. 

Jenkins. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Hawkins. 

The same coat. 

Richard Jenkins. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 

Sir John Jones Jenkins, The Grange, Swansea. 

Modern Seal Arm. 

S. of Jenkin Jenkins, of Morriston, Glam. ; b. 1835 ; M.P. 
for Carmarthen Boroughs; knighted 1882; cr. ist Baron 
Glantawe, 1906. 

Edward Jenkins /of the Grove in the /county of 
Radnor Esq. 1892. Modern Arm., dated, with 
Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of E. Jenkins, M.D. ; b. 1823; m. Margarette 
Anne, d. of Rev. John Jenkins, of Knill; H. Sheriff co. 
Radnor, 1870. 

John William Jenkins, 1901. Modern Arm. Dated. 
Signed H. J. B." 

Henry Lloyd Jenkins, R.N.R. Modern Pict., signed 
"Alf. G. Downey fecit, London, 1914." 
The open chart shows a map of Cardigan Bay. 

Helen Mary Jenkins. Mod. Seal Arm. Signed 
"C. Helard, 1906." 

Welsh Book-Plates 49 

JENKINS continued. 

Mrs Jenkins / Crosswood. Label. 

Elizabeth, 3rd d. of Rev. Edward Jones, of Berriew, and 
niece of Edward Heyward, of Crosswood, co. Montgomery ; 
m. Rev. John Jenkins, vicar of Kerry (eldest s. of Griffith 
Jenkins, of Cilbronnau, co. Cardigan). 

[Jenkins.] Crest within a garter. Welsh motto. 

Richard David Jenkins, of Cilbronnau, co. Cardigan, and of 
Panthirion, co. Pembroke; Mayor of Cardigan; ob. 1885. 
Father of Rt. Hon. Sir Laurence H. Jenkins, K.C.I. E. 

Catherine Jenkins. / Dec. 8, 1830. Dated Label 

Of Dyffryn-bern, Penbryn, co. Cardigan ; d. of Rev. Henry 
Jenkins, rector of St James's, Montego, Jamaica ; aunt of Rev. 
D. H. Davies, antiquary and vicar of Cenarth ; died unm. 1903. 


Jennings. Chip Arm. Imp. Beckwith. 

John Jennings / 1768. Chip Arm., dated, qting 

Jennings. Chip Arm. with Welsh mottoes. 
[Jennings.] Festoon Arm. 

Early state of this plate. 

David Jennings / London. Festoon Arm. with Welsh 
mottoes. The same plate with inscription added. 


Thomas Johnes Esqr. Chip. Arm. Imp. Knight. 

S. and h. of Thomas Johnes, of Dolaucothi and Llanfair- 
Clydogau ; M.P. for co. Radnor ; m. Elizabeth, d. and h. of 
Richard Knight of Croft Castle, co. Hereford ; father of the 
celebrated Colonel Thomas Johnes of Hafod ; ob. 1780. 


Margaret Alison Helen Johnson, her Book. Modern 
Pict. with Welsh motto. Signed " M. G. L. 1907." 


50 Welsh Book-Plates 


Richard Jones Esqr. 1707. Jac. Arm., dated, with 
? Giffarde on an esc. of pre. (See Franks Coll. 
Catalogue, vol ii., p. 121.) 

Same coat (but not same crest) as Jones of Llanarth. 
Mark of cadency of a second son. 

Capt. Wm. Jones. Jac. Arm. 

Essex D. Jones. Chip Arm. Welsh motto. (Not 
in Franks.) 

[Jones.] Jac. Arm. (Reproduced in Ex Libris 

No name, but coat of Jones of Headfort and Bealanmore, 
Ireland, founded by Bryan Jones, temp. James I., " descended 
from an ancient family in Wales." 

Admiral Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Theophilus Jones, 2nd s. of Rt. Hon. Theophilus Jones, of 
Headfort, co. Leitrim; b. 1760; Vice- Admiral of the Red; 
died unm. 1 8 . 

Samuel Jones. Late Jac. Arm. Imp. Lake. 

Of Monmouth ; m. , d. of Sir Bibye Lake, 2nd Bart., 

c. 1720. 

Henry Robert Jones. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 
Thomas Jones. Chip. Arm. coat of Tudor Trevor. 
Edward Jones. Chip. Arm. Same coat. 

Revd. J. Jones. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Coat of 
Tudor Trevor 'within a bordure engr. or, and qting. 
? Frank/in. 

Valentine Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. The 
same coat imp. Graeme. 

S. of Edward Jones, armiger, of Northop, co. Flint ; 

matric. Jesus Coll., Oxford, 1802 ; m. Graeme; Lieut.- 

Colonel of 1 8th Hussars ; ob. at Oldbury Court, Bristol, 1 846. 

Henry D. Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. The 
same coat. 

Welsh Book-Plates 51 

JONES continued. 

Revd. W. Henry Jones. Modern Arm. The same 
coat (varied). 

? William Henry Jones, 3rd s. of Rev. John Jones, of 
Liverpool; matric. Brasenose College, Oxford, 1839; rector of 
Godington, Oxon, 1878. 

Henry Jones Esq. Chip. Arm. 

E. Jones, Fellow of /Kings Coll. Camb. Chip. Arm. 
Signed "W. H." Unknown to Fincham. 

Edward Jones, B.A., King's College, Cambridge, 1764, 
M.A. 1767. 

[Jones.] Large Chip. Arm. with Welsh mottoes. 
No name, but "Valentine Jones" in writing. 
Coat and crest of Wythen Jones, of Trewythen, 

Possibly " Valentine Jones, arm., of St Michaels, Isle of 

Jones of Trewythen. XlXth Cent. Arm. Mutilated, 
mounted and coloured. The inscription stuck on. 

Harvey Bowen Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Welsh mottoes. 

2nd s. of Rev. Evan Jones, of Trewythen, co. Montgomery 
(by Charlotte Combe, his wife) ; m. Sophia Pike, of Enfield. 

Theophilus Jones Esqr.* Chip Arm. Arg. 3 boars 
heads in pale proper. No such coat is assigned to 
any family of "Jones by Burke or Pap worth, but it 
is evidently of Welsh origin settled in Ireland. 

John Jones Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

John Jones. Chip. Arm. Imp. Peers. 

The Revd. G. Lewis Jones. Chip. Arm. 

George Lewis Jones, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge ; 
B.A. 1747: S.T.P. 1772. 

* Not to be confused with the county historian of Brecknockshire, whose 
arms were qtly. i and 4, gu. a lion ramp. regt. arg. ; 2 and 3, arg. a che<vr. 
bet. 3 boars' heads couped sa. The historian's book-plate is in both volumes of 
his County History in the library of St David's College, Lampeter. 

52 Welsh Book-Plates 

JONES continued. 

G. L. [Jones.] Bishop of Kilmore. / 1774. Festoon 
Arm. Dated. An interesting plate, reproduced 
both in Hamilton, pt. ii., and in Griggs' Armorial 
Book-Plates, 2nd series. 

The same owner. 

The heraldic charges are incorrect. A bishop, being " a 
corporation sole," cannot introduce his wife's arms into his 
official coat. Here we have Jones imp. (right) the arms of the 
see of Kilmore, and (left) Aylmer, no doubt the family coat 
of his wife. 

Dr Jones was afterwards translated to Kildare. (See 
Hamilton, Introduction to Dated Book-Plates, p. 1 9 ; also J. L. 
Warren's Guide to Book-Plates, p. 168.) There is another 
book-plate of this Irish bishop, dated 1 790, as of Kildare. 

Thos. Jones. Wreath and Ribbon. Same coat. 
P. E. Jones. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Printed in red. 

John Jones Esqr. Spade Arm. c. 1800, with Wilson 
on an esc. of pre. 

John Jones, of Cefn Coch, co. Denbigh ; m. Elizabeth, 
d. and h. of Edward Wilson, of Liverpool. 

Sir William Jones, Bart. Festoon Arm. with Jones 
qting ? Gijfarde on an esc. of pre. 

William Langham, of Cottesbrooke, Northants (see Burke's 
Baronetage)', m. (1767) Elizabeth, d. and co-h. of William 
Jones of Ramsbury Manor, Wilts. He assumed the surname 
of Jones, and was created a baronet under that name, 1774. 
Ob. s.p. 1791, when the title became extinct. 

John Chambres Jones / Brynsteddfod. Festoon Arm. 
imp. Chambres, and with Edwards on an esc. of 
pre. Welsh mottoes. 

M. Sarah, d. of Rev. Howell Holland Edwards, of 
Caerhun, co. Carnarvon. H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 1819. 

Hugh Chambres Jones, A.M. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
with on an esc. of pre. 

S. of John Jones, arm., of Liverpool (by his wife, Jane 
Jones, of Cefn Coch, co. Denbigh) ; matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 
1801 ; Archdeacon of Essex, 1823; ob. 1861. 

Welsh Book- Plates 53 

JONES continued. 

Rd. Maurice Jones. Festoon Arm. 

[Jones.] Ranelagh. Festoon Arm. with coronet. 
Signed " Swan sc." 

Thomas Heron Jones, yth Viscount Ranelagh; b. 1812; 
succ. 1820 (title extinct). For early Welsh pedigree of this 
family see G. T. Clark, Genealogies of Glamorgan. 

[? Jones.] Cranborne. Arm. with coronet. 

Coat-of-arms of Jones, Earl of Ranelagh. 

[Jones.] Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Inscribed 
"J. Jones." 

[Jones.] XIX th Cent. Arm. Same coat. 

John Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. The same coat, 
signed " Aliens lith." Engraved by J. W. Allen, 
of Dublin, c. 1830. 

Philip Jones Esq. XlXth Cent. Arm. Same plate, 
signed " Aliens lith." 

William Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. A different 
plate, signed "Aliens lith. 16 Trinity Street." 

Thomas Jones /of the Middle Temple / Barrister at 
Law / Llanerchrugog Hall. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
with twenty-one coats and three crests. 

2nd s. of Thomas Jones of Llanerchrugog Hall, co. 
Denbigh ; b. 1829 ; m. (1864) Charlotte Raikes of Llwynegryn 
Hall, co. Flint. 

[Jones.] XlXth Cent. Arm. The same owner, and 
a somewhat similar plate. 

James Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm., qting 
Scrope, Eure and Johnson. 

Probably an early plate of Col. J. J. Jones. 

Lt. Colonel James Jones, K.H., K.C.S. XIX th Cent. 
Arm. with three Orders and wreath. 

4th s. of Michael Jones (by Mary Smith, his wife), of Caton, 
Lanes ; Knight of the Guelphic Order of Hanover, and of the 
Order of Charles III. of Spain. 

54 Welsh Book-Plates 

JONES continued. 

Colonel James Jones, E.H., E.G. 8. The same plate, 
the " Lt." omitted. 

Michael Jones. Arm. and Allegorical, St Michael 
slaying the dragon. Signed " M. H. Shaw sculpt. 
July 1834." 

2nd s. of Michael Jones, of Caton, Lanes ; barr.-at-law. 
(Reproduced in Ex Libris Journal, v., p. 175.) 

Michael Jones. Arm. and Allegorical, a gothic 
design. Unsigned. 
The same owner. 

Charles C. Jones, Jr. Crest. 

Apparently 2nd s. of Capt. Charles Jones, of Caton, Lanes ; 
and nephew of Col. J. J. Jones and Michael Jones. 

Daniel Jones. Festoon Arm. 

Richard Philipps Jones. / Surgeon. Spade Arm. 
c. 1800. 

Thomas Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Thomas Tyrwhitt, b. 1765; M.P. for Denbigh; assumed 
name of Jones under the will of his maternal cousin, Sir Thomas 
Jones, Kt., of Stanley Hall, Salop; cr. Baronet 1808; m. 
(1791) Harriet Rebecca, d. of Edward Williams, of Eaton, 
Salop ; ob. 1 8 1 1 . 

E Libris Sir Thomas Jones, Bart. / of Stanley Hall, 
Com. Salop. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Another plate of the same owner. 

William Jones /V.D.M. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Same arms and crest. 

Thomas Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 
motto. Same arms and crest. 

Charles Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. Impossible 
marshalling of heraldic chargings. 

Welsh Book- Plates 55 

JONES continued. 

Revd. J. Jones. Revd. W. Wilds. Allegorical design 
with wreath. Probably the book-plate of some 
missionary society or lending library. 

Revd. Ellis Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
? Dove. Welsh motto. Signed "Warwick sc. 
145 Strand." 

? S. of Roger Jones, of Llanrhydd, co. Denbigh ; matric. 
Jesus College, Oxford, 1780; perp. curate of Lymington, 
Hants ; ob. 1830. 

Maurice Jones. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. Coat of 
Marchudd ap Cynan, founder of the VIII th Noble 
Tribe of Wales. 

Jones of Ystrad / co. Carmarthen. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Welsh mottoes. 

John Jones, of Ystrad and Capel Dewi, co. Carmarthen ; 
b. 1777 ; 2nd s. of Thomas Jones, of Ystrad (by Anna Maria 
Jones, of Crynfryn, co. Cardigan, his wife) ; M.P. for Borough 
and County of Carmarthen ; ob. 1842. 

[Jones.] Modern Arm., with mitre, imp. Archibald. 

Rt. Rev. Llewelyn Jones, consecrated 4th Bishop of 
Newfoundland and Bermuda, 1878 ; m. Elizabeth Alice, d. 
of Sir A. G. Archibald, K.C.M.G. 

E. A. Goddard Jones. Modern Arm. 

J. Jones. Crest. Signed " Gretton fecit." Un- 
known to Fincham. C. 1770. 

R. H. Jones. Wreath and Ribbon, Label. Signed 
"Eddowes, Printers" (of Shrewsbury). Not 
mentioned by Fincham. 

R. D. G. Jones. Pict. Chip. 

W. Jones. Landscape. Signed "Duchesne ft. 

The only specimen given of this engraver (Fincham, p. 26). 
C. 1810. 

56 Welsh Book-Plates 

JONES continued. 

John Jones. Label, floral design, XlXth Cent. C. 

John Dalston Jones /P.L.S. XlXth Cent. Pict. 
Welsh motto. 

A Fellow of the Literary Society. 

Rosalie Gardiner Jones. Mod. Arm., Pict. and 
Allegorical. Signed "C. W. S. R.E. 1908." 
Arms of Tudor Trevor in lozenge. 

Theatre Bills, / collected by / John Jones / 1839. 
Label with date. 

David Francis Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Topping on an esc. of pre. 

Otherwise Atcherley ^ s. of David Francis Jones, of Cymman, 
co. Flint (by Jane Atcherley, his wife) ; b. 1783 ; serjeant-at- 
law ; m. (1817) Anne Topping; assumed name of Atcherley 
on inheriting the Marton Estate, 1834; ob. 1845. 

[? Jones.] XlXth Cent. Arm. with "Jno. Jones" 
in writing. Name of original owner erased. 

Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Thomas Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Martin Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

W. Parry Jones / Whitchurch. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

[Jones.] XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. Campbell. In 
writing, " D. Jones of Pantglas." 

David Jones, of Pantglas, M.P. for co. Carmarthen, 1857- 
1 868 ; s. of John Jones ; m. ( 1 845 ) Margaret Charlotte, eldest 
d. of Sir George Campbell, Bart.; ob. 1869. 

John Jones. Crest. Welsh motto. 

3rd s. of John Jones, of Blaenos and Pantglas, co. 
Carmarthen; .1812; H. Sheriff, 1854; M.P. for Carmarthen 
County, 1868-1874; m. Anne Thomas, of Wellfield, co. 

Welsh Book-Plates 57 

JONES continued. 

Walter J. H. Jones / Esquire. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Edward Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. \Hanmer. 

B. Jones-Bateman / Pentre Mawr. XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Imp. yennens. 

Rev. John Burlton Jones-Bateman, M. A. (Cantab.) ; b. 
1825 ; eldest s. of John Jones, of Pentre Mawr, Abergele, 
co. Denbigh, who assumed (1834) the additional name of 
Bateman, and died 1849 ; m. Mary Jennens ; rector of Sheldon. 

Liber E. Bibliotheca Domestica Joseph Jones. 
Modern gothic Arm. printed in red and black. 

? Joseph Jones, J.P., of Abberley Hall, co. Worcester 
(H. Sheriff, 1873). 

T. Gilbert Jones. Modern. Pict., signed "Ad. J. 

Rev. Wm. Jones. Crest. 

John Jones. Label with date "May 20, 1845 "in 
writing. Welsh motto. 

Robert R. Mansel Jones. Crest. 

William Jones. Crest. 

Ebenezer John Jones. Crest. 

Philip Jones. Crest. 

Joseph Jones / Dolobran. Crest. 

Ivan Charles Jones. Crest. 

D. Lloyd Jones. Crest. 

Elizabeth / Jones / 1816. Leather Label dated. 

Evan. D. Jones. Ornamental monogram printed in 

Sir Evan Davies Jones, Bart., of Pentower, Fishguard, 
Pembrokeshire, and of 6 Addison Road, London, W. Eldest 
8. of Thomas Daniel Jones, of Pentower; b. 1859; H. Sheriff 
co. Pembroke, 1911; cr. a Baronet 1917; M.P. for co. 
Pembroke, 1918. 

58 Welsh Book-Plates 

JONES continued. 

Evan Davies Jones. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. 

Evan Davies Jones. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. 
Renaissance design. 

Sir Evan Davies Jones, Baronet /D.L., J.P., of 
Pentower, co. Pemb. Arm. and Pict. Welsh 
motto. Signed "J. Vinycomb, M.R.I. A., 1919." 

Sir Evan Davies Jones, Baronet /D.L., J.P., of 
Pentower, co. Pemb. Arm. and Pict. Signed 
J. Vinycomb, M.R.I. A., 1919." 

The same plate. 


Jos. Joseph, F.S.A. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Joseph Joseph, b. 1825; s. of John Joseph, of Pantygwin, 
Llanddeusant, co. Carmarthen ; m. Elizabeth Hughes, of 
Cilposte, co. Carmarthen ; elected Fellow of the Society of 
Antiquaries, 1854. (See Nicholas, i., pp. 116-117.) 


Lent by Mrs Kaye / to the / George Reading Room, 
Laugharne / July, 1862. Dated Label. 


C. I. Kemeys-Tynte. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Swinnerton on an esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

Charles-John Kemeys-Tynte, M.P., of Cefn Mably, co. 
Glamorgan, and of Halswell Park, co. Somerset; b. 1800; 
only s. of Col. C. K. Kemeys-Tynte; m. (i) Elizabeth, d. and 
co-h. of Thomas Swinnerton; (2) Vincentia Brabazon. 

[Kemeys-Tynte.] Modern Arm. with Frome on an 
esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

Col. Charles Kemeys-Tynte, eldest s. of Charles Kemeys- 
Tynte, M.P. ; b. 1822; m. Mary Frome; ob. 1891. 

[Kemeys-Tynte.] Modern Arm. with Frome on an 
esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 
Another plate of the same owner. 

Welsh Book-Plates 59 

KEMEYS-TYNTE continued. 

[Kemeys-Tynte.] Modern Arm. Imp. Walsh. Welsh 

Halswell Milbourne Kemeys-Tynte, of Cefn Mably, co. 
Glamorgan, and of Halswell Park, co. Somerset; b. 1852; 
m. (1875) Rosabelle Clare Walsh, of Tyrrelstown, co. Kildare ; 
ob. 1899. 

Dorothy Kemeys-Tynte. Modern Pict. 

5th d. of Sir Arthur Ellis, G.C.V.O. ; m. Charles T. H. 
Kemeys-Tynte, eldest s. of H. M. Kemeys-Tynte ; afterwards 
Baron Wharton, of Cefn Mably and Halswell. 


Henry Kemmis. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Welsh 

and s. of Thomas Kemmis, of Shaen Castle, Queen's 
County ; b. 1776 ; M.P. for Tralee, 1800 ; m. Maria Dawson ; 
ob. 1857. 

** This family claims descent from the ancient family of 
Kemeys, of Keven Mabley." 


John Kennion Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 127.) 

E Libris Georgii Wyndham Eennion Bathonensis et 
Wellensis Episcopi. Seal Arm., a vesica. Arms 
of see of Bath and Wells imp. Kennion. 

Rt Rev. G. W. Kennion, Bishop of Bath and Wells (1894) ; 
s. of George Kennion, M.D., of Harrogate; b. 1845; m - 
Henrietta, d. of Sir C. D. Fergusson, Bart. 


Jarvis Kenrick/ A.M. Early Chip. Arm. with 

? A.M. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 1763. 

Matthew Kenrick / of Ye Middle Temple Esqr. Early 
Chip. Arm. (the same plate with a different 

5th s. of John Kenrick, of London; admitted Middle 
Temple, 1715; Bencher 1750; Treasurer 1763; ob. 1782. 

60 Welsh Book-Plates 

KENRICK continued. 

Matthew Kenrick, L.L.B. Chip. Arm. 
The same owner, a later plate. 

Kenrick / Nantclwyd. Chip. Arm. 

Andrew Kenrick, of Woore, Salop ; m. Martha, d. and h. 
of Eubule Thelwall, of Nantclwyd, co. Denbigh. 

John Kenrick. Chip. Arm. 

? S. of Rev. John Kenrick, of Llangerniew, co. Denbigh ; 
matric. Brasenose College, Oxford, 1750; M.A. 1761. 

Wm. Kenrick. Chip. Arm. 

The plate of " Matthew Kenrick, LL.B.," altered. ? Dr 
William Kenrick. (See Nichol's Literary Anecdotes^ vol. ii., 
p. 331, etc.) 

The Revd. Jervis Kenrick / Blechingley. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. 

? A.B. Trinity College, Cambridge, 1827 ; A.M. 1832. 

The Revd. Jervis Kenrick / Blechingley. 

The same, smaller size. 

Richard Kyffin Kenrick. XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
sixteen coats. Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of Richard Harry Kenrick, of Nantclwyd (by his 
wife Ermine, d. and h. of Sir Thomas Kyffin, of Maenan and 

Watkin Charles Kenrick. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 


Honble. T. Kenyon / Pradoe / Salop. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. with diapered background. Impaling 

3rd s. of ist Baron Kenyon; b. 1780; m. Louisa, d. of 
Rev. J. R. Lloyd of Aston Hall, Salop; ob. 1851. 

Lloyd Kenyon. Modern Arm. with coronet, books, 
and mottoes in Welsh, Greek and Latin. Signed 
"Inv. W.P.B. 1900." 

Sir Lloyd Kenyon, Baronet and 4th Baron Kenyon ; b. 

Welsh Book- Plates 61 

KENYON continued. 

Lloyd Lord Kenyon. / Baron of Gredington. Modern 
Arm. Signed " C. W. Sherborne." A fine 
specimen of this artistic engraver's work. 
The same owner. 


Rd. Basset King Esq. / Royal Artillery. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. The coat is Basset. 

Major-Genl. R. B. King, R.A. ; 2nd son of William 
King, who married Catherine, only d. of Col. Henry Basset, of 
Beaupr, Glam. 


Walter Knight. Jac. Arm. qting B/agrave. 
A doubtful book-plate. 

Henry Knight Esqr. / Tythegston / Glamorganshire. 
Spade Arm. c. 1800. 

S. of Henry Knight (by Catherine Lynch, his wife) ; 
H. Sheriff co. Glamorgan, 1794; ob. s.p. 1828. 


Thomas Kymer Esqr. Arm. shield borne on a 


Natt. Kynaston / Oswestry. Chip. Label. 


Thomas Lawrence. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting Tanner. 
Welsh motto. 

? Admitted Lincoln's Inn, 1827. 


Edward Laws, his Book / Brython Place, Tenhy. 
Modern Landscape. 

Eldest 8. of Rear- Admiral J. M. Laws; b. 1837; m. 
Georgiana Nantes; H. Sheriff co. Pembroke, 1899 ; F.S.A. ; 
eminent antiquary and author of Little England beyond Wales. 
and other valuable works ; ob. 1913. 

62 Welsh Book-Plates 


John Lewis. Chip. Arm. (A Glamorganshire coat.) 

Miss Lewis. Arm., a lozenge, c. 1780. Coat not 
given in Burke or Papworth. 

William Lewis. Arm. c. 1790. 

Arms of Lewis of Stoke, Dorset. 
Matthew Lewis Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

S. of William Lewis, arm., of Jamaica ; matrlc. Ch. Ch., 
Oxford, 1765; M.A. 1772; Diplomatic Secretary of War 
Dept. ; father of Matthew Gregory Lewis, M.P., author of 
The Monk. A scarce plate. 

Willm. Lewis Junr. Festoon Arm. 

Elder brother of above; matric. Trinity College, Oxford, 
1765; Fellow of the Linnean Society ; ob. 1823. 

George Lewis. XIX th Cent. Arm. Same coat and 

Percival Lewis. Spade Arm. c. 1790. Printed in 

Barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1780. 

Percival Lewis. Spade Arm. with Craye on an esc. 
of pre. 

Of Lymington, Hants. (See Franks Coll. Catalogue, 
vol. ii., p. 173.) 

Edmd. Burke Lewis. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

S. of James Lewis, arm., of Littlehampton, Sussex ; matric. 
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1809; rector of Toddington, Beds, 1816; 
ob. 1846. 

James Lewis. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Arthur Lewis. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Colclough. 

George Cornwall Lewis. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

The eminent statesman and historian ; s. and h. of Sir 
Thomas Frankland Lewis, ist Bart, of Harpton Court, co. 
Radnor ; b. 1 806 ; m. Lady Maria Theresa, d. of 4th Earl 
of Clarendon ; ob. 1863. 

Welsh Book-Plates 6 3 

LEWIS continued. 

James Henry Frederic Lewis. / 24 Essex St., Strand. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. 

B. Lewis. XlXth. Cent. Arm. 

James Lewis. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Lynch- 
Blosse. Welsh motto. 

James Lewis, M.D., m. Charlotte Diana, d. of Sir Robert 
Lynch-Blosse, 8th Bart. 

Edward Lewis. Gothic Arm. Imp. Howard. Signed 
" Cleghorn." Welsh motto. 

(Coat-of-arms of Lewis of Bodior, Anglesey.) 

Nichs. Win. Lewis. Festoon Arm. 

(A variation of the coat-of-arms of Lewis of The Van, 
Glamorgan. ) 

Samuel Cleghorn Lewis. Crest. Welsh motto. 
T. L.[ewis.] Crest and Wreath c. 1790. 

Thomas Lewis, of Clynfiew, co. Pembroke. ; m. Elizabeth 
Lewis, of Llwyngrawys, near Cardigan; ob. 1845; father of 
Wm. H. Lewis, of Clynfiew, H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 

John Henry Lewis. Crest. 
B. L. Lewis. Crest. 

Richard Lewis Esq. / Inner Temple. Crest with 
Welsh motto. 


Joseph Lord / Pembroke. Label. 

" An Irishman settled at Pembroke " ; m. Corbetta Owen, of 
Orielton, co. Pembroke ; ob. 1801. His s. and h., John Lord, 
under the will of Sir Hugh Owen, 6th Bart., succ. to the estate 
of Orielton, and assumed the name of Owen, being created a 
baronet, 1813. 

6 4 Welsh Book-Plates 


Edward Loveden Loveden Esq. / Buscot Park, Berks. 
Spade Arm. 

S. of Thomas Loveden, of Cirencester; matric. Trinity 
College, Oxford, 1767; M.P. for Abingdon and Shaftesbury, 
1783-1812; m. (i) Margaret, d. and sole h. of Lewis Pryse, 
of Gogerddan (ob. 1784); (2) Elizabeth Darker; (3) - 
Linthall ; ob. 1822. Father of Pryse Pryse, M.P. of Buscot 
and Gogerddan. 

(Reproduced in Ex Libris Society's Journal, iv., p. 20.) 

Edward Loveden Loveden Esq. Ribbon Arm. with 
Pryse on an esc. of pre. 
The same owner. 


Revd. Mr Lowder. / Cardiff. Festoon Arm. 

Samuel Molyneux Lowder, s. of Thomas Lowder, of 
Bristol; matric. St John's College, Oxford, 1755; B.D. 1768 ; 
vicar of Cardiff, 1777. 


Alfred Edward Lawson Lowe. Modern Arm. 

Eldest s. of Edward Joseph Lowe, F.R.S., of Highfield 
House, Notts ; b. 1 849. 

Major Alfred Edward Lawson Lowe, F.S.A. / Shire- 
newt on Hall, Monmouthshire. Modern Arm. Imp. 
The same owner. 


J. Loxdale, Salop. Festoon Arm. 

Joseph Loxdale, 2nd s. of Thomas Loxdale (by Hannah 
Skitt, his wife); b. 1759; Mayor of Shrewsbury, 1797; m. 
Anne Maria Wood, of Bagston, Salop. 


William Llewellin. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
? Lloyd. Signed "Jarrett, London." 


Fanny Llewelyn. Arm., a lozenge, c. 1800. Qting 
Givynne with ? Clutton on an esc. of pre. 

Welsh Book-Plates 65 

LLEWELYN continued. 

Robert William Llewellyn. Modern Seal Arm. Imp. 
Elandy. Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of William Llewellyn of Court Colman, co. 
Glamorgan ; b. 1 848 ; m. Harriet Blandy, of Baglan Hall, 
Briton Ferry. 

Katharine Minna Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. 1893. 
Modern Arm. with Venables on an esc. of pre. 

Eldest d. and co-h. of Rev. Richard Lister Venables, of 
Llysdinam, co. Brecknock; m. (1893) Charles, 2nd s. of Sir 
J. T. Dillwyn-Llewelyn, 1st Bart, of Penllergaer, co. Glamorgan. 


Will. Lloyd. Episcopus Vigorn. 1717. Jac. Seal Arm., 
dated, the arms of the see of Worcester imp. 
Lloyd (coat of Llywarch ab Bran). 

William Lloyd, b. 1627 ; s. of the Rev. Richard Lloyd, 
of Henblas, Anglesey ; successively bishop of St Asaph ( 1 680), 
Lichfield and Coventry, and Worcester ; one of the Seven 
Bishops committed to the Tower in 1688; m. Anne Jones, 
1 668 ; ob. 3Oth August 1717, the same year as this book-plate 
was issued. 

lo. Lloyd. Aedis Xti. Alumnus, 1730. Jac. Arm. 

The Rev. John Lloyd, s. of the Rev. William Lloyd, 
rector of Fladbury, co. Worcester, and of Hartlebury ; matric. 
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1725; M.A. 1732; gds. of Bishop William 
Lloyd, of Worcester. 

John Lloyd, A.M. 17 . Late Jac. Pict. with date 
and Welsh motto. 

Apparently a later plate of the same owner. 

The Reverend / John Lloyd, A.M. / 173 . Late 
Jac. Arm. Pict., signed "Bickham Junr. fecit, 
1730." The same plate with different inscription 
and a Latin motto. (Reproduced in Castle, p. 77.) 

66 Welsh Book-Plates 

LLOYD continued. 

The Reverend / John Lloyd, A.M. 1734, the last 
figure added in writing. 

Another state of the same plate. 

Thomas Lloyd / Lincolns Inn. Chip. Arm., the same 

Evan Lloyd. Landscape Arm. c. 1780. Probably 
designed and engraved by W. Sherwin. (See 
Fincham, plate of Wm. Bentham, p. 96.) 

Willm. Lloyd. Jac. Arm. The coat is that of 
Cadifor ap Dyfnwal, of Castell Hywel, Llandyssul, 
co. Cardigan. 

Thos. Lloyd. Chip. Arm. 

Wm. Lloyd. / Queens Coll. Cam. Chip. Arm. The 
same plate as the above with the inscription altered. 

Probably a son of the above Thomas Lloyd. A.B. Queen's 
College, Cambridge, 1758; A.M. 1761. 

Griffith Lloyd. Chip. Arm. A large, handsome 

Sir Herbert Lloyd, Bart. Chip. Arm., without 
tinctures and incorrectly marshalled. (Reproduced 
with note in G. Eyre Evans' Lampeter, p. 207.) 

Of Peterwell, co. Cardigan; b. 1720; M.P. for Cardigan 
Borough, 1761-1768; cr. a Baronet, 1763; m. Anna Beatrix 
Powell, of Nanteos ; ob. s.p. 1769. 

David Lloyd. Chip. Arm. with mantle. 

Of Alltyrodyn, co. Cardigan ; H. Sheriff, 1 742 ; m. Justina 
Price, of Blaendyffryn. ( Reproduced in Old West Wales Book- 
Plates^ op. cit.) 

[Lloyd.] Chip. Arm., the same plate without any 

Probably David Lloyd, junr., of Alltyrodyn, s. of the above ; 
H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1781 ; m. Elizabeth Evans, of 

Welsh Book-Plates 67 

LLOYD continued. 

John Lloyd / Clerk / Coll. Jesu, Oxon. Festoon 
Arm. with Watkins on an esc. of pre. Signed 
"F. Protheroe sculp.," the only signed plate of 
this engraver. (See Griggs, Armorial Book-Plates, 
2nd series, p. 102.) 

? ? Rev. John Lloyd, 2nd son of David Lloyd, of Alltyrodyn, 
co. Cardigan (by Jane Lloyd, his wife) ; poet and man of 
letters; vicar of Llanarth ; ob. 1771. (See Theakstone and 
Davies, Lloyd Family Records, 1913.) 

William Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

John Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Sbinglehurst. 

H. R. Lloyd, A.M. Dni. C. T. Archiep. Cantuar. A 
Sac. Dom. XIX th Cent. Seal Arm., a vesica. 
Welsh motto. Impaling Grey. 

The Rev. Henry Robert Lloyd, of Danyrallt, co. 
Carmarthen ; b. 1 809 ; m. ( 1 843 ) Harriet, d. of Hon. Edward 
Grey, bishop of Hereford. 

E Libris Daniel Lewis Lloyd, S.T.P., Episcopus 
Bangoriensis A. 8. 1890. Modern Seal Arm., 
a vesica. Arms of see of Bangor imp. Lloyd. 

Rt. Rev. Daniel Lewis Lloyd, b. 1844; s. of John Lloyd, 
of Penywern, co. Cardigan; m. (1874) Elizabeth Lewis; 
consecrated bishop of Bangor, 1890; ob. 1899. 

George Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm., signed "Billinge 

George Lloyd, s. of Gamaliel Lloyd, of Manchester, F.R.S.; 
m. (i) Eleanor Wright; and (2) Susannah Horton ; ob. 1783. 
The family claims descent from Lloyd of Llanynys, co. Denbigh. 

George Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm., signed "Billinge 
sculp." The same plate with heraldic differences. 

George Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm. Another state of 
the same plate. 

68 Welsh Book-Plates 

LLOYD continued. 

Gamaliel Lloyd. Chip. Arm., signed "Billinge 
sculp." The same plate with the son's name and 
a crescent for difference introduced. 

2nd s. of the above George Lloyd, by his 2nd marriage ; 
Mayor of Leeds, 1779; m. Elizabeth Attwood ; ob. 1817. 

Gamaliel Lloyd. Chip. Arm. A different plate, 

Gamaliel Lloyd. Chip. Arm. The same plate as 
the above with the field or instead of argent. 

Gamaliel Lloyd. Festoon Arm. Apparently a later 
plate (c. 1 790) of the same owner. 

Edwd. Jerh. Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm., signed 
"Billinge sculp." Being George Lloyd's original 
plate with his grandson's name inserted below. 

2nd s. of George Lloyd and younger brother of Gamaliel 
Lloyd; b. 1790; of Oldfield Hall, Cheshire; m. Elizabeth 

Edwd. Jerh. Lloyd Esq. Ribbon label. Being the 
actual book label of the above E. J. Lloyd. 

Thomas Lloyd Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Signed "J. W. B." 

3rd s. of George Lloyd, by his 2nd wife, Susannah Horton ; 
merchant of Leeds ; m. Anne Wade ; ob. 1828. 

Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Another member 
of this family, but no Christian name to identify. 

George Lloyd Esqre. Crest with Welsh motto. 

Possibly George Lloyd, of Coatham, Yorks, son of Thomas 
Lloyd, of Leeds; b. 1786; m. (1820) Marian Maclean. 

Philip Lloyd. Jac. Arm. A doubtful book-plate. 

Welsh Book-Plates 69 

LLOYD continued. 

Lady Lloyd. Jac. Arm. Imp. Leigbton. A most 
elegant little plate. 

Jane, d. of Sir Edward Leighton, of Watlesboro', Salop, 
and widow of Thomas Jones, of Shrewsbury ; widow of Sir 
Charles Lloyd, 2nd and last Bart., of Garth, co. Montgomery ; 
ob. 1734. (Reproduced in Ex Libris Society's Journal, vi., 

p. 121.) 

Phil. Lloyd. Pict Arm. A fine plate in the style 
of Bartolozzi, but unsigned. 

S. of Philip Lloyd, gent., of Greenwich ; matric. Ch. Ch., 
Oxford, 1 746 ; rector of Piddelton, Dorset ; dean of Norwich, 

1765; m. Joyce ; ob. 1790; monument in Norwich 


E. S. & H. Lloyd. Wreath Arm., a lozenge. 
Lloyd / Christs College. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Revd. John Griffiths Lloyd, matnc. 1819, Christ's College, 
Cambridge; B.A. 1825; ordained 1828; of Trowscoed 
Lodge, Cheltenham; ob. 1843. {Biographical Register of 
Christ's College, Cambridge, vol. ii., p. 394.) 

Lloyd of Trowscoed. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Probably the same owner. 

John Duplan Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Revd. M. J. Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Imp. ? Carvell. 

? Rev. Marten John Lloyd, B.A., St John's College, 
Cambridge, 1829; M.A. 1834. 

Charles Lloyd. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Qting Farmer, 
of Ratcliffe, co. Leicester. 

Charles Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
sixteen coats. 

Francis Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm., signed "T. 
Radclyffe set." Large fine plate with twenty 
coats, nearly all Welsh. C. 1810. 

T. & E. Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
George Lloyd. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 

70 Welsh Book-Plates 

LLOYD continued. 

William Reynolds Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Revd. John Lloyd, A.M. Jac. Arm. Gu., a lion ramp, 
regard, or. Coat borne by Lloyd of Ferney Hall, 

? S. of John Lloyd, gent., of St Mildred's, Poultry, 
London; matric. St John's College, Oxford, 1731; M.A. 
1738; B.D. 1745; vicar of Heyford, Northants ; ob. 1788. 

John Bullock Lloyd Esq. / Brecon. Chip. Arm. Coat 
of Bullock with Lloyd on an esc. of pre. 

John Bullock, of co. Derby ; m. Sarah, d. and h. of Thomas 
Lloyd, of Caerau, co. Brecknock, and assumed the name and 
arms of Lloyd ; H. Sheriff, 1760. 

Lloyd. Festoon Arm. 

Mr Thomas Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Arthur Frederick Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

John Grozier Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Thos. Lloyd of Aston, Com. Salop Esqr. Jac. Arm. 

2nd s. of Foulk Lloyd, of Foxhall, co. Denbigh (by 
Elizabeth Lloyd, of Aston, his wife) ; succ. his brother John 
Lloyd, of Aston, 1741 ; ob. unm. 1754- 

R. T. Lloyd / Aston. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Richard Thomas Lloyd, only s. of William Lloyd, of 
Aston, Salop, b. 1820; m. Lady Frances Hay, 3rd d. of loth 
Earl of Kinnoul; H. Sheriff, 1873. 

William Lloyd Esq. Wreath and Ribband Arm. 

Thomas Henricus Lloyd / Coll. Regal Cantab. Spade 

A.B. Queen's College, Cambridge, 1807. 

Revd. W. N. Lloyd. Above, "Lloyd of Marrington 
and Hafodwen." Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Charles A. Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Welsh Book- Plates 71 

LLOYD continued. 

Arma Arturi Philippi Lloyd / Leaton Knolls. XlXth 
Cent. Seal Arm. Imp. Bridgman. 

Eldest s. of Rev. H. J. Lloyd, of Selattyn ; b. 1833; m. 
Katherine Selina Bridgman, d. of Admiral the Hon. C. O. 

Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Llewelyn Lloyd. XIX th Cent. Arm. Same coat 
imp. . Welsh motto. 

Evan Lloyd. XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Lloyd of Clochfaen, co. Montgomery / and Flas Madoc, 
co. Denbigh. XlXth Cent. Arm. with sixteen 
coats. Welsh motto. 

Jacob Youde William Lloyd; b. 1816; eldest s. of Jacob 
William Hinde ; assumed name and arms of Lloyd, by royal 
licence, 1868 ; Knight of the Papal Order of Gregory the 
Great, 1870. 

Lloyd. Chip. Arm. 

Richard Borradaile Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

Richd. M. Lloyd. Crest within elegant Chip, bordure, 
c. 1760. 

William Lloyd / of / Maes-Annod in the Vale of 
Clwyd / Denbighshire / North Wales. 1764. Label, 
signed "Printed by J. Ross, Carmarthen." Ap- 
parently the only signed book-plate executed by 
this celebrated printer. (See Mr John Davies, 
Rhestr o Lyfrau, etc., gan John Ross, Caerfyrddin, 

John Lloyd. Jac. Arm. 

72 Welsh Book-Plates 

LLOYD continued. 

[Lloyd.] Jac. Arm. with Welsh motto and dates 
1287 and 1313. Imp. Lumley. 

Rev. Robert Lloyd, D.D., rector of St Paul's, Covent 
Garden, who claimed the Barony of Lumley, 1723. (Repro- 
duced in Ex Libris Journal, vi., p. 20. See also Ibidem, note 
vi., p. 38.) 

The Rev. Dr Lloyd was only son of Henry Lloyd, of 
Streatham, Surrey, and claimed this peerage as being fourth in 
direct male descent from the famous antiquary and historian, 
Humphrey Lloyd, or Llwyd, of Denbigh (ob. 1568), who had 
married Barbara, sister of yth Baron Lumley. (See Burke's 
Extinct Peerage, p. 338.) 

Mountagu Lloyd, A.M. / Fellow of Trinity College / in 
Cambridge, 1706. Fragment of the Early Jac. 
Arm. dated plate of the Rev. Montagu Lloyd. 

A.B. 1702; A.M. 1706; S.T.B. 1713; S.T.P. Corn. 
Reg. 1717. 

Revd. T. Lloyd, A.M. / Revd. William Lloyd, A.M. 
Festoon Arm. with Welsh motto. 

William Lloyd. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. with Welsh 

John Augustus Lloyd. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

John Augustus Lloyd, M.D., of Bath ; father of Rev. John 
Augustus Lloyd, vicar of Broadhinton, Wilts, 1877. 

Thomas Lloyd. Crest with Welsh motto. 

William Lloyd. Crest, the same plate with " William 
Lloyd " in writing. 

Richard Myddleton Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
qting Salusbury. 

2nd s. of R. M. M. Lloyd, of Brynestyn and Plas Madoc, 
co. Denbigh; b. 1794; m. (i) Charlotte Smith; (2) Sarah 
Price; H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 1824. Younger brother of 
Sir William Lloyd. 

Welsh Book-Plates 73 

LLOYD continued. 

[Lloyd.] XlXth Cent. Arm. with Welsh motto. 

Sir William Lloyd, Kt., of Brynestyn, co. Denbigh ; b. 1 782 ; 
eldest s. of Richard Myddleton M. Lloyd, of Brynestyn ; served 
under the East India Company with distinguished conduct ; 
H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 1829. 

[Lloyd.] XlXth Cent. Arm., the same coat with 
honourable augmentation and " Seetabuldee." A 
knight's helmet. (See Burke's Armoury.'] 
The same owner. 

Charles Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. qting 
? Cawarden of Chester. 

Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. with six coats. 

Of Dolobran, later of Birmingham George Braithwaite 
Lloyd, banker, of Birmingham ; b. 1794; m. Mary Dearman. 

Lewis Loyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Irby. 

Of Monks' Orchard, Surrey ; b. 1 8 1 1 ; eldest s. of Edward 
Lloyd, of Manchester ; m. (1845) F fan ces Harriet Irby. 

William Jones Loyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Of Langlebury, Herts ; b. 1821 ; 3rd s. of Edward Lloyd, 
banker, of Manchester ; m. ( 1848) Caroline Vivian, sister of ist 
Lord Swansea. 

Revd. F. B. Lloyd, M.D. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. Same coat and crest. 
Thomas Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Pennefather. 

Colonel Thomas Lloyd, of Rockville, co. Roscommon ; 
m. Catherine Pennefather, of New Park, co. Tipperary. 

Robert Jones Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting Lyster. 
Painted by hand. 

Rev. R. J. Lloyd, 5th s. of Robert Jones Lloyd, of 
Ardnagowan, co. Roscommon; b. 1800; m. (1837) Lucy 
Lyster of Lysterfield, and was father of Robert Jones Sanderson 

74 Welsh Book-Plates 

LLOTD continued. 

Sir Marteine Owen Mowbray Lloyd, Bart. Bronwydd. 
Modern Seal Arm. Welsh motto. 

Only s. of Sir Thomas Davies Lloyd, M.P., ist Bart., of 
Bronwydd, co. Cardigan, and of Newport Castle, co. Pembroke ; 
b. 1851; m. Katherine H. Dennistoun ; H. Sheriff co. 
Cardigan, 1881 ; Lord Marcher of the Barony of Kemeys. 

Owen William Lloyd. Crest. 

4th s. of Thomas Lloyd, of Bronwydd, and younger brother 
of Sir T. D. Lloyd, ist Bart. ; m. (1863) Anne Mitchell. 

Richard Lloyd /Ynir o Yale/A.D. 1887. Modern 
Arm. with date. Printed in red on tinted paper. 

Walter E. Lloyd. Mod. Pict., a female reading. 
Signed " R. A. Bell, '94." In three sizes. 

D. C. Lloyd-Owen. Modern Pict. and Arm. Imp. 
Green. Welsh motto. A fine specimen of modern 
engraving, but unsigned. 

D. C. Lloyd-Owen, F.R.C.8.I. Crest with Welsh 
motto. The same owner. 

J. W. Lloyd / Kington / Herefordshire. Modern 
Pict., signed " J. W. L." Apparently designed 
by the owner. 

Anne Lloyd. Crest, c. 1780. 

John Lloyd / Carmarthen / 1796. Crest with date. 

Mountifort S. H. Lloyd. Crest. 

Arthur F. Lloyd. Crest. 

Augustus John Lloyd. Crest. 

J. B. Lloyd. Crest. 

Eyre Lloyd Esqr. Crest. 

? 3rd s. of Eyre Lloyd; b. 1831 ; B.A. Magdalen College, 
Cambridge ; author of various legal works. (Foster, Men-at-the- 
Bar, p. 282.) 

R. P. & C. Lloyd. Crest. 

Welsh Book-Plates 75 

LLOYD continued. 
Lloyd. Crest. 

Revd. Mr Lloyd / Smith Hill. 

John Lloyd. Crest. 

John Lloyd. Crest. 

Herbert C. Lloyd. Crest. 

Francis Lloyd. Crest. 

Anne Lloyd. Crest. 

George Lloyd. Crest. 

E. Lloyd. Leather-gilt Label. 
LISBURNE, Earl of, see Vaughan. 
LLANDAFF, Earl of, see Matthew. 
LLANDAFF, Bishop of, see Ollivant. 
LLANGATTOCK, Lord, see Rolls. 


Herbert Mackworth. Chip. Arm., qting Evans of 

B. 1687 ; M.P. for Cardiff, 1739; m - ( Z 73) Hon - Juliana 
Digby ; father of Sir Herbert Mackworth, i st Bart., of Gnoll 
Castle, Neath; ob. 1765. 

Ex Bibliothecae Elisae Annae Mackworth. Ribbon 
Arm., a lozenge. 

Youngest d. of Sir Herbert Mackworth, ist Bart., of 
Gnoll (ob. 1791); b. 1774; m. (1795) Francis Drake. 

Digby Mackworth. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 
motto, with de Richepance on an esc. of pre. 

4th Bart., of Gnoll ; b. 1 789 ; m. ( i ) Marie de Richepance. 

Sir Digby Mackworth, Bart. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
with Welsh motto. Two shields addorsed, 
Mackworth, and Mackworth imp. Mann. 

The same owner. 

4th Bart.; b. 1789; Knight of the Guelphic Order of 
Hanover; m, (2) Sophia Noel Mann, of Linton, Kent; ob. 

76 Welsh Book-Plates 

MACKWORTH continued. 

Robert H. Mackworth-Praed / of Mickleham Downs / 
Surrey. Mod. Arm. with twenty coats (many of 
them Welsh) and Welsh motto. Signed and 
dated by Eve. 

Of Rotherwas, co. Hereford; eldest s. of Winthrop 
Mackworth-Praed ; b. 1 866 ; m. Mary Jolliffe. 


William A. Madocks. Spade Arm. c. 1800, qting 

William Alexander Madocks, 3rd s. of John Madocks, 
of Vron Iw, co. Denbigh (by Frances Whitechurch, his wife). 

John Madocks Esqr. / Fron-iw / 1811. Early XIX th 
Cent, dated Arm., signed "Bowley, Salop" 
(William Bowley, a Shrewsbury engraver). 

Apparently John Edward Madocks, of Vron Iw and 
Glanywern, co. Denbigh ; M.P. for Denbigh Borough ; m. 
(1817) Sidney Robarts, of London ; ob. 1837. 

John Madocks / Vron Iw. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

John Edward Madocks, of Glanywern, co. Denbigh ; b. 
1820; H. Sheriff, 1856; s. of the above. 

John Madocks. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
The same owner. 


Sir Henry Mainwaring, Bart. Festoon Arm. 

Posthumous s. of Henry Mainwaring; b. 1726; of Over 
Peover, Cheshire; sttcc. as 3rd and last Baronet, 1726; ob. 
unm. 1797. 

T. F. 0. Mainwaring. Early XlXth Cent. Arm., 
signed " Oblin sculp, a Paris." 


[Mainwaring.] The same plate, but no inscription. 

Martha Susanna Mainwaring. Label with orna- 
mental border. 

Welsh Book-Plates 77 

MAINWARING continued. 

Cecilia Mainwaring. XlXth Cent. Arm., a lozenge. 
Imp. ? Ledred. 

Charles Salusbury Mainwaring / of Galltfaenan, co. 
Denbigh. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

S. of Townshend Mainwaring, M.P., of Galltfaenan (by 
Anna Maria Salusbury, his wife); b. 1845; m - ( I 9 I ) 
Gertrude Loverock ; M.A. Ch. Ch., Oxford. 


Sir Willm. Mansel, Bart. Chip. Arm. (Reproduced 
in Old West Wales Book-Plat es.) 

7th Bart, of the Iscoed line ; m. Mary Phillips, of Coedgain ; 
H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1781 ; ob. 1804. 


Presented by the Executors of the Late T. J. 
Margrave Esq / of Llangennech and Nice. April, 
15th, 1882. 

Dated Label of Margrave Bequest to Swansea Library. 


Helen Faucit / Lady Martin. Modern Portrait and 
Pict., signed "Ernest Cousins." 

The eminent actress who m. (1851) Sir Theodore Martin, 
of Bryntisilio, Llangollen; ob. 1898. 


Edward Taylor Massy / Cottesmore. XIX th Cent. 
Chip. Arm. Imp. Peel. 

Gds. of 2nd Lord Massy; b. 1807; m. Helen, only d. 
of J. H. Peel, of Cottesmore, Haverfordwest, co. Pembroke ; 
B.A. Brasenose College, Oxford, 1830; ob. 1882. 

Edward Taylor Massy / Cottesmore. XlXth Cent. 

Same owner. 

78 ff^elsh Book-Plates 


Mathew. Llandaff. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Francis-James Mathew, K.P., 2nd and last Earl of Llandaff; 
m. (1797) Gertrude Latouche, of Harristown, co. Kildare ; 
ob. s.p. 1833. 

I. Mee Mathew. Pict. and Arm. with Welsh motto. 
C. 1 8 lo. A fine piece of engraving, but unsigned. 
Coat and crest of Mathew, Earls of Llandaff. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 152.) 

I. M. Mathew. XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 
Same owner. 

Danl. Mathewes, A.M. Chip. Arm. Imp. Bentley. 

William Mathew Esq. Chip. Arm., qting Van 
Leemput and imp. Brograve. 

Eldest s. of Gen. William Mathew, governor of the Lee- 
ward Islands ; m. Catherine, d. of Sir B. Brograve, of Norfolk. 
(See Ex Libris Journal, xviii., p. 85.) 

Family of Mathew of Pennytenny, co. Glamorgan. 

Charles Mathews. Festoon Arm. 

? ? The eminent actor (1776-1837.) 

Joseph Matthews. Spade Arm. within a medallion. 
Welsh motto. C. 1785. 

? S. of Joseph Matthews, of Woodend, Glos., arm. ; matric. 
University College, Oxford, 1772. 

Murray Mathew. Crest, with Welsh motto. 

The Rev. Murray Alexander Mathew, eldest s. of Murray 
William Mathew, arm., of Finchley ; matric. University College, 
Oxford, 1855 ; vicar of Bishop's Lydiard, Somerset. 

James Charles Mathew. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Sir J. C. Mathew; eldest s. of 
C. Mathew, Lehena House, co. Cork; b. 1830; m. Elizabeth 
Biron ; Justice of King's Bench, 1881. 

Welsh Book-Plates 79 


William Meare. Jac. Arm. A scarce plate. 

? S. of George Meare, or Meares, of Jestynton, co. Pem- 
broke ; m. Elizabeth Hawkwell, of Llawhaden, co. Pembroke. 


Henry Meredyth Esq. Chip. Arm. 

Robert Meredith. Spade Arm. c. 1800. (Impossible 
marshalling of coats.) 

John Meredith. XlXth Cent. Arm. Nine coats. 

William George Meredith. Crest on blue-tinted 

F. Delamere Meredyth. Crest. 
George Frederick Meredith. Crest. 


John Meyrick. Pict. and Arm. c. 1780. 

? John Meyrick, of Gt George St., Westminster, and Peter- 
borough House, Fulham ; m. Hannah Rush, of Ford House, 
Herts ; father of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, the eminent 
antiquary and historian of Cardiganshire ; ob. 1 805. 

[Meyrick.] Arm., with Rush on an esc. of pre. 
The same owner. 

Samuel Rush Meyrick. Arm. qting Rush. 

Sir S. R. Meyrick, K.H., the eminent antiquary and 
historian of Cardiganshire ; s. of John Meyrick (by Hannah 
Rush, his wife) ; b. 1783 ; B.A. of Queen's College, Oxford ? 
Knight of the Hanoverian Order, 1832 ; m. (1803) Mary, 
d. and co-h. of James Parry, of Llwynhywel, co. Cardigan ; 
ob. 1848. 

[Meyrick.] Modern Chip. Arm. Imp. Vane. 

Lieut.-Col. Augustus William Henry Meyrick, of Goderich 
Court, co. Hereford ; b. 1827 ; m. Laura Vane, 4th d. of 
i st Duke of Cleveland ; ob. 1865. 

8o Welsh Book-Plates 


Michael John Michael / Swansea. Crest. 

? Youngest s. of William Henry Michael ; LL.B. of 
St John's College, Cambridge, 1880; member of the South 
Wales Circuit. (Foster, Mcn-at-thc-Bar, p. 315.) 


Frank Johnstone Mitchell. / Llanfrechfa Grange. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Rolls. 

Eldest s. of Francis Henry Mitchell, of London ; b. 1824 ; 
m. (1860) Elizabeth Harcourt Rolls, of The Hendre, co. 
Monmouth; H. Sheriff, 1868. 

E Libris Bibl. Frank Johnstone Mitchell, F.8.A. & 
Elizabeth Harcourt his wife, Llanfrechfa Grange, 
Monmouth. Modern Seal. Arm. 

The same owner. 


Du Chevalier Guillaume Morgan de Trede / gar, 
Seigneur Lieutenant de la Province de Mon / 
mouth, et Chevalier du Tres / Honorable Ordre 
du / Bain, installe le 17me Jour de Juin, 
MDCCXXV. A doubtful book-plate. 

Sir William Morgan, K.B., of Tredegar ; b. 1701; m. 
Rachel, d. of 2nd Duke of Devonshire ; ob. 1731. 

Charles Morgan. Chip. Arm. Welsh motto. 

2nd s. of Thomas Morgan, of Tredegar; b. 1736 ; m. Mary 
Parry; ob. s.p. 1787. 

Morgan. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Morgan qting 
Gould, and with Morgan on an esc. of pre. 

Dr Charles Gould; m. (1758) Jane, d. and co-h. of 
Thomas Morgan, of Tredegar and Ruperra, co. Monmouth ; 
cr. a Baronet, 1792 ; assumed name of Morgan ; grandfather of 
1st Lord Tredegar; ob. 1806. 

Godfrey Charles Morgan / Baron Tredegar. XlXth 
Cent. Arm. 

2nd Baron (afterwards ist Viscount) Tredegar; b. 1830; 
Lord- Lieutenant of co. Monmouth; ob. vnm. 1913. 

Isaac & Rebecca Morgan. Festoon Arm. 

Welsh Book-Plates 81 

MORGAN continued. 

James & Maria Morgan. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
" Aerial " and Arm. Imp. ? Holland. 

William Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting 
Drinkwater and imp. ? Langton. 

Captain Richard Morgan / Royal Navy. Early 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Same coat and crest as the 
preceding. Medal for San Domingo. 

James Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Gerard Noel Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Jonathan Stewart Morgan. Early XIX th Cent. 
Arm. with date " 1822 " in writing. 

Revd. Henry T. Morgan, M.A. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

? Henry Thornhill Morgan, eldest 8. of David Thomas 
Morgan, of Leytonstone, arm. ; matric. Trinity College, 
Oxford, 1859; vicar of Crowthorne, Berks, 1884. 

[Morgan.] Festoon Arm. Imp. Wharton. 

Unidentified, but probably the book-plate of a certain General 
James Morgan, who resided in the latter part of the eighteenth 
century at Dol-llan, near Llandyssul. 

The same coat-of-arms appears on a service of Oriental 

H. K. Grogan Morgan Esq. Early XlXth Cent. 

Of Johnstone Castle, co. Wexford ; an Irish branch of 
Morgans of Gwent. 

Hamilton Knox Grogan assumed the name of Morgan on 
inheriting the estates of his kinsman, Samuel Morgan, of Water- 
ford ; ob. 1854. 

George Blacker Morgan. Modern Arm., large size. 

Of Brook St., Grosvenor Square, London ; author of 
Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the Morgan Family, etc. 
(privately printed, London, 1891). 

Of the Llantarnam branch. 

82 Welsh Book-Plates 

MORGAN continued. 

Thomas Carolus Morgan, M.D. / Coll. Reg. Med. 
Lond. Socius. Crest. 

S. of John Morgan, of London; b. 1783; surgeon, philo- 
sophical writer and Liberal politician ; resided chiefly at Dublin ; 
ob. 1843. M. Sydney Owenson, the authoress (Lady Morgan). 

Sir T. Charles Morgan, M.D. / Fellow of the Coll. of 
Physicians / London. Crest. 

The same owner. 

Henry Edward Morgan. Modern Pict. with crest 
and various emblematic devices. Signed " T. R. W. 

Thomas Morgan / Tredegar Lodge. Label. 

James Morgan. Crest. 

John Junius Morgan. Crest. 

Geo. Morgan Esq. Spade Arm. c. 1 790. 

Of Abercothi, co. Carmarthen, and of Biddlesdon Park, 
co. Bucks; s. of James Morgan, of Lincoln's Inn; m. (1792) 
Frances Mabbott, of Bulmarsh, Reading ; H. Sheriff co. 
Carmarthen, 1 792 ; father of George Morgan, H. Sheriff, 
1824; ob. 1819. 

Frank Stanley Morgan. Modern Pict. and Arm. 
Signed " A. Batchelor sc." 

The same coat borne quarterly. 

Of Llanwenog, co. Cardigan ; s. of Frank Arthur Morgan, 
Commissioner in China. 

Edward Morgan / Golden Grove. Early XlXth 
Cent, with Griffith on an esc. of pre. Date 
" 1 8 1 6 " in writing. 

S. and h. of Peter Morgan, of Golden Grove, co. Flint ; 
b. 1759; H. Sheriff, 1792; m. Louisa, d. and co-h. of 
Thomas Griffith, of Rhual. 

[Morgan.] Golden Grove. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Griffith. 
The same owner. 

Book-Plates 83 

MORGAN continued. 

John Morgan. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. with Welsh 
motto. Signed "J. Warwick, 145 Strand." 

William Ashburner Morgan. Early XIX th Cent. 
Arm. Welsh motto. Imp. 

Arthur Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto 
(same coat, crest and motto). 

Francis Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Nathaniel Morgan. XIX th Cent. Arm. On tinted 

John Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

George M. Morgan. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Wm. Morgan, / Landeilo. Early Label. 

Probably printed at Carmarthen. 

Horace Morgan. Crest on diapered field. Welsh 

John Morgan. Modern Pict. and Architectural. 
Signed "B. S. sc." 

Designed and executed by Charles Ricketts, 1899. (Re- 
produced in Ex Libris Society's Journal, p. 148.) 

Jane Norton Morgan. Modern Pict. with Crest. 
Signed "Will. Foster, del. et scul. 1899." 

A beautiful specimen of fine modern engraving. 

Jane Norton Morgan. Proof. 

Mildred Morgan. Landscape Pict. Signed " S. K. P. 


Mildred Morgan. Landscape Pict. A different 

8 4 Welsh Book-Plates 

Redmond Morres, A.B. Jac. Arm. 
Welsh coat-of-arms. 

? A. B. Dublin University, 1 733. (Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, 
p. 161.) 

James Morris. Chip. Arm. and Pict. 

Eldest s. of Roger Morris (by Mary Jackson, his wife) ; 
H. Sheriff co. Surrey, 1764; m. (i) Sarah Pratt; and (2) 
Mary M. Mathew. 

Morris. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. (" Revd. Francis 
Orpen " added at a much later date in writing.) 

Probably Roger Morris, 3rd s. of the above James Morris ; 
m. Mary Philipse, of New York (see a long account in 
Burke's Landed Gentry, edition of 1849, vol. ii., pp. 887-888) ; 
ob. 1794. 

Lodge Evans Morres. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Apparently the same plate, but the name spelt 
differently. Signed "Darly, 39 Strand." 

(See Note, Franks Coll. Catalogue, ii., p. 272.) 

Morris. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Welsh motto. 

Apparently another and later plate of the above Roger 
Morris, who died 1794. 

Lieut. H. Gage Morris. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 

Rear-Admiral Henry Gage Morris, R.N., son of the above 
Roger Morris and his wife, Mary Philipse; b. 1770; m. Rebecca 
N. M. Orpen, of Dublin ; settled at Beverley, Yorks ; hence 
the term " Morris of York " for this family ; ob. 1852. 

Revd. F. Orpen Morris. / Nunburnholme Rectory, 
co. York. XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of Admiral Henry Gage Morris (by Rebecca Orpen, 
his wife); b. 1810; B.A.Worcester College, Oxford; m. 
Anne Saunders, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire ; celebrated 
ornithologist and author of A History of British Birds and other 

Val. Morris. Chip. Arm. with Mordaunt on an esc. 
of pre. 

Valentine Morris, of Piercefield, co. Monmouth ; m. Mary, 
d. and co-h. of Hon. and Rev. George Mordaunt, 5th son of 
i st Viscount Mordaunt, of Avalon. 

Book- Plates 85 

Samuel Morris. Jac. Seal Arm. 
William Morice Esqr. Jac. Arm. 

? S. of Thomas Morice ; m. (i) Mary, d. of Bishop Atter- 
bury, of Rochester ; and (2) Anne Philpot. (See Morice, of 
Springfield, co. Clare; Burke's Landed Gentry, ed. of 1871, 
vol. ii. p. 247.) 

Mrs Maria Margaretta Maurice. Chip. Arm., a 

Wm. Morres Esqr. Chip. Arm. 
Revd. Jos. Morris. Festoon Arm. 

? S. of Joseph Morris, gent., of Claverley, co. Stafford ; 
matric. Wadham College, Oxford, 1772; rector of Tasley, 
Salop ; ob. 1837. 

Lodge Evans Morres. Medallion Arm. c. 1790. 
[Morris] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. qting ? Reade. 

Thomas Henry Morice. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Sir Benjamin Morris / Waterford. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Late Captain 25th Foot, " one of the Sheriffs of Waterford " ; 
knighted by Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, loth August 1836. 

E. M. [orris.] XIX th Cent. Arm. with on an 

esc. of pre. 

Morris. XIX th Cent. Arm. In writing, " Fred. 
Sidney Morris. Minister nr. Stockport." 

Same coat. 

Claude J. Morris. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Same coat. 

William Morris. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

John Morris, 18 . Landscape. Dated Label. 

Wm. Morice. Crest. 

86 Welsh Book-Plates 

Thomas Morris. Crest. 

Eldest s. of David Morris, of Llanstephan, founder of 
Morris's Bank at Carmarthen (1784); b. 1768; m. Maria 
Thornton; H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1834; ob. 1839. 

Edward Morris. Crest. 

3rd s. of the above Thomas Morris ; b. 1 8 1 8 ; Captain in 
94th Regt., and later in Holy Orders ; m. ( i ) Fanny Foley ; 
(2) Lucy Vernon; ob. 1854. 

James Morris / 1747. Chip. Dated Label. Signed 
" Bickham sculp." 
A. A. V. Morris / Wernoleu. Label. 


[Moss.] Book-Pile Arm. Imp. Powell. Welsh 

Joseph William Moss, of Dudley ; b. 1 803 ; matric. 
Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1820; classical bibliographer; ob. 

J. W. Moss, Dudley. Book-Pile Arm. Imp. Powell. 
Welsh and Latin mottoes. 

Another state of the same plate. Cut. 

J. W. Moss /Hill Grove /Wells. 

Same plate with name and address. Cut. 

Bichard Mostyn / of Penbedw, Denbighshire. Jac. 
Arm. on a mantle, with Digby on an esc. of pre. 

3rd s. of Sir Roger Mostyn, ist Bart, of Mostyn (by his 
2nd wife, Mary Bulkeley) ; M.A. Ch. Ch., Oxford; m. 
Charlotte T. Digby, gd-d. of Sir Kenelm Digby. 

Eliz. Mostyn. Chip. Arm., a lozenge. 

? Elizabeth Mostyn, youngest d. of Sir Roger Mostyn, 
M.P., 3rd Bart, of Mostyn ; ob. untn. 

Constantia Mostyn. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Widow of Sir Edward Mostyn, 7th Bart, of Talacre, co. 
Flint ; and 3rd d. of Henry Slaughter, of Furze Hall, Essex ; 
ob. 1872. 

Welsh Book-Plates 87 

MOST7N continued. 

[Mostyn] Pengwern. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Mostyn on an esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd, Bart., b. 1768; m. Elizabeth 
Mostyn, co-h. of Sir Thomas Mostyn, Bart., of Mostyn ; cr. 
Baron Mostyn, 1831 ; ob. 1854. 

His s. and h. assumed the name of Mostyn^ 1831. 

[Mostyn] Pengwern. 

Same plate, tinted paper. 


John Myddelton Esqr. / of Chirk Castle / Denbighshire. 
Jac. Arm. 

2nd s. of Richard Myddleton, of Llysrasi ; b. 1678; m. 
Mary Liddell ; M.P. co. Denbigh, 1733-1742; ob. 1747. 

(See Pedigree of Middleton of Chirk y by G. M. G. Cullum, 
pp. 2O-2I.) 

Richard Myddelton / of Chirk Castle. Jac. Arm. 
Imp. ? Rushout. 

Only s. of John Myddleton of Chirk Castle; b. 1726; Knight 
of the Holy Roman Empire ; Lord. -Lieut, of co. Denbigh ; 
thrice married ; ob. 1795. 

John Myddelton Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

? Eldest s. of William Myddleton, arm., of Denbigh ; matric. 
Oriel College, Oxford, 1742. 

Robert Myddelton A.M. / Rector of Denbigh. Chip. 
Arm. Signed "Hunter St." 

Apparently a younger brother of the above ; matric. Oriel 
College, Oxford, 1748; B.A. 1752; of Gwaynynog, co. 
Denbigh ; m. Mary Ogilvie ; father of Rev. Robert Myddleton, 
M.A., b. 1795. 

Richard Myddleton-Biddulph / Chirk Castle. Modern 
Jac. Arm. qting Biddulph and imp. Howard. 

Eldest s. of Colonel R. Myddleton-Biddulph, M.P. ; b. 
1837 ; m. Catherine E. G. Howard ; H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 

MILFORD, see Philipps. 

88 Welsh Book-Plates 


Tim. Neve, A.M. Late Jac. Arm. with Greek motto. 

S. of Archdeacon Timothy Neve ; matric. Corpus Christi 
College, Oxford, 1737; D.D. 1758; rector of Geddington, 
Oxon, 1763; prebendary of Worcester; ob. 1798. (See 
Nichol's Literary Anecdotes^ vol. vi., pp. 99-134.) 

Tim. Neve, D.D. The same plate, with slight altera- 

The same owner. 

[Neve.] Arm and Pict. with cupids, globes, books, 
etc., a charming little design in the manner of 
Bartolozzi, but unsigned. 


The R. H. George Nevill / LD. Abergavenny. / 1750. 
Chip. Arm. Dated. 

George, 1 5th Baron ; m. Henrietta Pelham ; cr. Viscount 
Nevill and Earl of Abergavenny, 1784; ob. 1785. 

[Nevill.] XIX th Cent. Arm. with Earl's coronet and 
cross of St Andrew, qting Nevill of Bulmer. 

Henry Nevill, K.T.; b. 1755 ; 1 6th Baron and 2nd Earl ; 
m. Mary Robinson; ob. 1843. 

[Nevill.] XlXth Cent. Arm. with Marquis's coronet. 

Sir William Nevill, K.G. ; 5th Earl and ist Marquis of 
Abergavenny; b. 1826; m. Caroline Johnstone. 

[Nevill.] Coronet of Marquis, Order of Garter and 
two Nevill badges. 
The same owner. 

Arthur Jones Nevill Esqr. Jac. Arm. Welsh motto. 
jfones qting Nevill. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 165.) 

Cathe. Nevill. Chip. Arm., a lozenge. 

(Reproduced in N. Labouchere's Ladies' Book-Plates, 
P- 305.) 

Ne-vile. Crest. 


Sir John Nicholl, Knt. Ribband Arm. Imp. Birt. 

Welsh Book-Plates 8 9 

NICHOLL continued. 

Rt. Honble. Sir John Nicholl, Kt. Same plate slightly 

2nd s. of John Nicholl, of Llanmaes, co. Glamorgan ; b. 
1759; of Merthyr Mawr, co. Glamorgan; M.P. for co. 
Glamorgan ; Dean of Arches and Judge of the Prerogative 
Court; m. (1787) Judy, d. of Peter Birt, of Wenvoe Castle, 
co. Glamorgan; ob. 1838. (His only son, Rt. Hon. Sir John 
Nicholl, M.P., D.C.L. (1797-1853), was also of Merthyr 
Mawr. ) 

John Cole Nicholl / Merthyr Mawr / Glamorganshire. 
Modern Seal Arm., printed in three colours. 

Eldest s. of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Nicholl, M.P.; b. 1823 ; 
m. (1860) Mary de la Beche Dillwyn ; H. Sheriff co. 
Glamorgan, 1884; ob. 1894. 

John Cole Nicholl. / Merthyr Mawr. Modern Crest. 
Printed in red and black. 
The same owner. 

Edward Powell Nicholl. Modern Seal Arm. 

3rd s. of Rt. Hon. Sir John Nicholl, M.P. ; matric. Brase- 
nose College, Oxford, 1850; vicar of Ascott-under-Wychwood, 
Oxon, 1883. 


Alfred Ollivant Trin. Coll. Camb. Signed " Pye sc." 
C. 1790. 

A charming little plate. ? Uncle of Bishop Ollivant, of 

Alfred Ollivant, S.T.P.R. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

S. of William Ollivant, of Manchester ; .1798; m. (1828) 
Alicia Olivia Spencer ; of Trinity College, Cambridge ; Regius 
Professor of Divinity at Cambridge ; consecrated Bishop of 
Llandaff, 1849 ; ob. 1883. 

Alfred Ollivant, D.D. XIX th Cent. Arm. Arms of 
see of Llandaff imp. Ollivant . On crimson paper. 
The same owner. 

90 Welsh Book-Plates 


Anna Maria Owen. Jac. Arm., a lozenge. (Repro- 
duced in Old West Wales Book-Plates?) Coat of 
Owen of Henllys, Lord Marcher of Kernes. 

? Anne, d. of John Mathias, of Llangwarren, co. Pembroke ; 
and widow of William Owen, of Henllys (ob. 1721). (See 
Pedigree of Sir T. D. Lloyd, Bart., of Bronwydd, in the 
Baronia de Kemeys, published by the Arch. Cam. Association. 

Robt. Godolphin Owen / of Porkington in Com. Salop. 
Chip. Arm. 

Eldest s. of William Owen, of Porkington; b. 1733; H. 
Sheriff for co. Merioneth, 1768, and for co. Carnarvon, 1769; 
matric. Oriel College, Oxford, 1757; ob. unm. 1792. 

John Owen Esqr. /of/ Penrhos in Montgomeryshire. 
Chip. Arm. qting Lister. 

Arthur Owen Esqr. Arm. borne on a mantle. Imp. 

Lt.-Col. Arthur Owen (3rd Foot Guards) m. Anna, d. of 
John Harvey, who assumed the name and arms of Thursby. (See 
Note, Franks Coll. Catalogue, ii., p. 323. No Owen- Thursby 
marriage is recorded in the Thursby pedigree.) 

Mr. James Owen. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Same coat. 

Charles Owen. Chip. Arm. Signed "W.S." 

? Charles Owen, D.D., Presbyterian minister, of Warrington, 
Lanes; political Whig writer ; ob. 1746. (See D.N.B.) 

Josiah Owen. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Jacob Owen. XlXth Cent. (?) Arm. 

This strange coat is not recorded by Burke or Papworth. 

James H. Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

The same coat, crest and motto. 

Welsh Book-Plates 91 

OWEN continued. 

Pryce Owen, M.D. Chip. Arm. Mutilated and 

S. of Lingaine Owen, of Bettws, co. Montgomery ; doctor 
at Shrewsbury ; m. Bridget, d. and h. of John Whitfield, of 
Shrewsbury; ob. 1786. 

Hugh Owen. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Imp. Jeffreys. 

S. of the above Pryce Owen, M.D., of Bettws; b. 1761 ; 
the historian of Shrewsbury ; M. A. of St John's College, 
Cambridge ; incumbent of St Julian's, Shrewsbury, and Arch- 
deacon of Salop ; m. Harriet Jeffreys, of Shrewsbury ; ob. 

E. Pryce Owen, M.A, Chip. Arm. 

Edward, b. 1788 ; only s. of the above Archdeacon Hugh 
Owen ; M.A. St John's College, Cambridge, 1816 ; an artist 
of considerable eminence ; m. Mary Darby ; resided at Bettws 
Hall; ob. 1863. 

(This book-plate is evidently copied from that of his grand- 
father, Pryce Owen, M.D.) 

T. M. B. Bulkeley-Owen / Tedsmore, co. Salop. Large 
Modern Arm. by Sherborne, and signed " C. W. S., 
1893." Welsh mottoes. Ormsby-Gore on an 
esc. of pre. 

The Rev. Thomas Mainwaring Bulkeley Owen ; b. 1826 ; 
m. (1880) Hon. Fanny M. K. Ormsby-Gore, only child of 
ist Lord Harlech and widow of Hon. L. Kenyon. 

W. Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Samuel Owen / Grays Inn. XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. 
? Tindall. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 173.) 

Josiah Owen. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Owen Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

S. of Owen Owen ; ? of Plas Rhenad, co Carnarvon ; m. 
(1869) Georgina Augusta Davies-Griffith. 

Edw. Humy. Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

92 Welsh Book-Plates 

OWEN continued. 

Edw. Humy. Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Edward Humphrey Owen, F.S.A. ; b. 1850; only s. of 
John Owen, of Ty Coch, co. Carnarvon ; J.P. for co. 

Robert Owen. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Revd. Octavius Frere Owen, M.A., F.S.A. /Ex Aedis 
Christi, Oxon. XlXth Cent. Arm. on lilac paper. 
Imp. Montagu. 

5th s. of Dr Henry Butts Owen, of St Pancras ; matric. 
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1835 ; chaplain at Woolwich Arsenal, 1869 ; 
ob. 1873. 

A. E. Brisco Owen /M. A., F.R.A.S. / Clerk in Holy 
Orders. Modern Arm. Signed "A. Batchelor F., 
London, W." 

Arthur Edwin Brisco Owen, eldest s. of Rev. Brisco 
Owen, of Remenham, Berks ; matric. Oriel College, Oxford, 
1877 ; chaplain at Constantinople, 1885. 

Hugh Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. A doubtful book- 
plate. Citing? Higham. 

Herbert Owen. Crest and Mantling. 

W. Owen. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Coat of Owen of Bettws, co. Montgomery. 

David Charles Lloyd Owen. Modern Gothic Arm. 
Signed " G. Bailey." Printed in puce. 

Eldest, s. of Rev. David Owen, of Breewood, co. Stafford ; 
b. 1843 ; m. Anna Greene, of Frondeg, Meifod, co. 

E Libris Henrici Owen, B.C.L., E Coll. Corp. Xti. 
Oxon. Modern Seal Arm. Welsh motto. 

Henry Owen, D.C.L. ; b. 1844; youngest s. of William 
Owen, of Withybush and Poyston, co. Pembroke ; H. Sheriff 
co. Pembroke, 1902 ; historical author and first Honorary 
Treasurer of the National Library of Wales ; ob. 1919. 

Welsh Book- Plates 93 

OWEN continued. 

[Owen.] Poyston Library. Crest, or device. 

Another book-plate of Henry Owen of Poyston. 

E. Owen's / Circulating Library / Wine Street 
Swansea. . . . Printed by E. Owen. / 1792. 
Dated Library Label. An interesting specimen. 

John Owen / Springfield. Label. 

Perhaps Springfield, Prendergast, near Haverfordwest. 

This Book belongs to (John Owen Junr.). Label 
with verses. The owner's name is added in 

Ex Libris Hugh Owen, F.S.A. Modern Portrait. 
"Alice B. Woodward pinx. Meisenbach phot. 
1894. John Bellows, Gloucester typ." 

B. 1808 ; elected F.S.A., 1842 ; author of Two Centuries 
of Ceramic Art in Bristol (1873) ; ob. 1897. 

Hugh Owen, F.S.A. / October 1894. Modern Portrait 
Plate. Dated. 
The same owner. 


Charles Henry Alexander Paget / VI. Marquess of 
Anglesey. Modern Arm. Signed "Inv. W.P.B., 

B. 1885 ; succ. his cousin as 6th Marquess, 1905. 

[Paget] Marchioness of Anglesey. Fanciful Land- 
scape. Signed "Inv. W.P.B. 1900." 

Lilian F. M., d. of Sir George Chetwynd, Bart., m. (1898) 
5th Marquis of Anglesey. 


Paul Panton Esqr. / Bagillt, Flintshire. Chip. Arm. 

?.5. 1731 ; Welsh antiquary and collector of Welsh MSS. 
(see Sir J. Morris Jones's Ta/iesin, published (1918) by the 
Hon. Soc. of Cymmrodorion) ; H. Sheriff co. Anglesey, 
1771 ; ob. 1797. 

94 Welsh Book-Plates 

PANTON continued. 

Paul Panton Esqr. Chip. Arm. with Acton on an 
esc. of pre. The same owner. 

Of Plas Gwyn, Anglesey ; his son, Paul Panton, junr., 
inherited his father's collection of Welsh MSS. at Plas Gwyn, 
and lent them to the editors of The Myvyrian Archeology of 


Gulielmus Parry, B.D. / Coll. Jesu. Oxon. Socius, 
1724. Jac. Arm. Dated. 

B. 1687 ; s. of Devereux Parry, pleb. of Hereford ; matric. 
Jesus College, Oxford, 1706; B.D. 1719; Fellow of Jesus 
College; vicar of Shipton-on-Stour, 1739. 

Guiliel. Parry / S.T.B. / Coll. Jesu. Oxon. Socius / 1725. 
Jac. Arm. Dated. " Hulett scul." 

The same owner. 

John Parry. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Coat of Parry of Rhydolion within a bordure. ("Of 

Jones Parry. Early XIX Cent. Arm. with twelve 
coats. Welsh motto. 

Probably an early plate of Sir J. D. L. Jones-Parry, Bart., 
of Madryn Castle (vide infra). 

Arma Thomae Love Duncombe Jones-Parry. XIX 
Cent. Seal Arm. with sixteen coats, four crests 
and three Welsh mottoes. 

Eldest s. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Love P. Jones-Parry, K.H., 
of Madryn, Rhydolion, Penarth, etc., co. Carnarvon ; b. 1832 ; 
H. Sheriff, 1854; M.P. for Carnarvon county and borough, 
1868-1886; cr. a Baronet; ob. s.J>. 1891. 

Love Jones-Parry /of /Madryn. Modern Arm. 
Welsh motto. 
The same owner. 

Welsh Book-Plates 95 

FAERY continued. 

Caleb Hillier Parry, M.D. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 
Curious motto, " Sitric Try." 

B. 1756; eldest s. of Joshua Parry, dissenting minister, of 
Llangan, co. Pembroke ; physician of note at Bath ; monu- 
ment in Bath Abbey; m. Rigby ; ob. 1822. (His 

father, Joshua Parry, of Llangan, was a scholar and author of 
some eminence, and friend of Dr Johnson. See Memoir of Parry, 
by Sir J. E. Eardley-Wilmot, London, 1872.) 

William Edward Parry /R.N. Early XlXth Cent. 

Rear-Admiral Sir William Edward Parry, D.C.L.; 
younger s. of Dr Caleb H. Parry, of Bath; b. 1790; Arctic 
explorer ; m. Isabella, d. of Lord Stanley of Alderley ; ob. 

Charles Henry Parry. Crest. 

Eldest s. of Dr Caleb H. Parry ; b. 1779 5 M - D - of Edin - 
burgh ; F.R.S. ; friend of S. T. Coleridge, the poet; author 
of a Memoir of Rev. Joshua Parry, and other works ; ob. 

0. Parry. Chip. Arm. Welsh motto. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 177.) 

Richardus Parry. S.T.P. Chip. Arm. 

Probably Rev. Richard Parry, s. of Hugh Parry, gent., of 
Westminster; matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1740; D.D. 1757; 
rector of Wickhampton, Dorset ; ob. 1780. 

Thomas Parry. XlXth Cent. Arm. Signed " Suffield 

Thomas Parry. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. A vesica. 
Parry / Denbighshire. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

[Webley-Parry]. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Parry 
qting Webley. Welsh motto. 

Rear- Admiral William Henry Webley; b. 1764; assumed 
the name of Parry on succeeding to the estate of Neuadd- 
Trefawr, Cardiganshire, from his kinswoman, Mrs Frances 
Gwynne (ob. 1815) ; C.B. and Grand Cross of the Sword 
of Sweden; m. Maria Washington White; ob. 1837. (See 
Memoir of W. H. Webley-Parry, Esq., Carmarthen, 1847.) 

96 Welsh Book-Plates 

PARRY continued. 

Ex Libris / Arthur J. Parry. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

G. Fred Parry / Lincoln's Inn. Crest. 

George Frederick Parry, s. of George Parry, arm. ; matric. 
Wadham College, Oxford, 1813 ; Barr.-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn, 


Willm. Parys. Festoon Arm. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 176.) 


Tho. Payne / Bookseller in Wrexham / Sells Books, 
etc. Tradesman's book-plate, c. 1800. 


E. L. Pegge. Label, middle of XlXth Cent., with 
Welsh verse which may be roughly rendered into 
English : 

" Take my book, and welcome, Friend ! 

All joy I wish to thee ; 
But after reading please return 
Both soon and sound to me." 

An interesting and unique plate. 


Pembroke Society. Chip. Pict. Signed " Fougeron 
sculp." C. 1760. Only one other book-plate known 
by this engraver viz. "William Holcombe," of 
Pembroke. The rare and interesting plate of the 
Pembroke Book Society. (See Note in "Journal 
of the Welsh Bibliographical Society, June, 1913, 
vol. i., p. 152.) 

(Reproduced in Old West Wales Book- Plates.) 

Chas. Pembroke. Chip. Arm. on mantle. A scarce 

LL.B. of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1816. 

Welsh Book-Plates 97 


Penarth Free Library. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. 

E Libris Thomae Pennant. Chip Arm. Welsh 

B. 1726; s. of David Pennant, of Downing, co. Flint; 
traveller and zoologist ; author of The British Zoology m. 
Elizabeth Falconer, of Chester; H. Sheriff co. Flint, 1761 ; 
ol>. 1798. 

[Pennant.] Crest, helmet and Welsh motto. Very 
fine specimen of engraving. 

Apparently another book-plate of Thomas Pennant, the 

G. H. D. Pennant. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

George Hay Dawkins Pennant, of Penrhyn Castle, co. 
Carnarvon ; h. to Richard Pennant, Lord Penrhyn, and father 
of Juliana I. M. Pennant, who married (1833) Hon. E. Douglas 
Pennant, ist Lord Penrhyn of the second creation ; ob. 1840. 

Philip Pennant Pennant of Nantlys, 1893. Modern 
Arm. Dated. Imp. Bankes. 

4th s. of Rev. G. Pearson; b. 1834; assumed name of 
Pennant, 1860; of Nantlys and Brynbella, St Asaph, Flint- 
shire ; m. Mary Bankes, of Soughton Hall, co. Flint. 


Edward Penrhyn. Crest. 

Cosby Phillips. Jac. Arm. 

S. of General Richard Phillips, or Philipps, of Nova Scotia 

(by his wife, Elizabeth Cosby) ; m. Teresa ; ob. 1736 at 

Port Mahon. Ancestor of ist Lord St Davids. 

A doubtful book-plate. 

Sir Jno. Phillips, Bart. Chip. Arm. 

6th Bart., of Picton Castle, co. Pembroke; ob. 1764. 

John Philipps Laugharne / Inner Temple. Chip. Arm. 

S. of Rowland Philipps, of Orlandon, co. Pembroke ; m. 
(1783) Elizabeth Allen; H. Sheriff, 1788; father of Sir 
Rowland Henry Philipps, 8th Bart., of Picton Castle. 



William Philipps. Chip. Arm. 

A very frequent plate, in three states. 

Probably William Philipps, of Sandyhaven and Haythog ; 
H. Sheriff of co. Pembroke, 1736 ; eldest s. of Charles Philipps, 
of Sandyhaven (H. Sheriff, 1687) ; m. Albinia Laugharne. (See 
Allen's Sheriffs of Pembrokeshire, pp. 38, 39, 48.) 

William Philipps. Chip. Arm. Same plate with 
crest altered. 

William Philipps. Chip. Arm. Another state of 
same plate. 

Charles Philipps / Monmouth. Festoon Arm. qting 

Edward Philipps / Melksham. Festoon Arm. Signed 
"Ezekiel Exon. soil." By Ezekiel, of Fore 
Street, Exeter (1757-1806). 

Thomas Phillips. Medallion Arm. 

[Philipps.] Early XIX th Cent. Arm. signed 
" Burnell sc." 

Revd. Sir James E. Philipps, Bart. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. Signed " Burnell sc." 

The Rev. Sir James Evans Philipps, 2nd 8. of William 
Hollingworth Philipps ; b. 1793; m. Mary Anne Bickley, of 
Bristol; succ. his kinsman as nth Bart., 1857 ; ob. 1873. 

Edward Phillips. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Edward Phillips, Junr. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 

William Thomas Philipps. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Signed " Burnell sc." In writing, " B.D., Fellow 
of Magdalen Coll. Oxon." 

Eldest s. of William Hollingworth Philipps ; b. 1787 ; rector 
of Fittleton, Wilts ; elder brother of Rev. Sir J. E. Philipps, 
nth Bart.; ob. 1854. 

Welsh Book-Plates 99 


[Philipps.] Betty St. Davids. Library Interior, 
with shields of Philipps and Hastings. Signed 
"A. Batchelor f." 

2nd d. of Major P. F. C. Rawdon-Hastings (brother of Earl 
of Loudoun) ; m. (1917), as 2nd wife, Sir Wynford Philipps, 
ist Baron St Davids, of Roch Castle. 

John Phillips / Culham, Oxon. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Imp. Shawe. 

Of Culham House, Oxon; m. Philippa Shawe; father of 
John Shawe Phillips, of Culham House, H. Sheriff of co. 
Oxford, 1842. 

Thos. Phillipps. / Newport House. Early XIX th 
Cent. Arm. Imp. Treby. 

Thomas Phillipps, of Landue, Cornwall ; m. Caroline, 2nd d. 
of Paul Treby, of Plympton, Devon (she died 1831). 
(Coat of Philipps of Picton.) 

Thos. John Phillipps / Landue. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Same plate with altered inscription. 

George Phillips. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

John Pavin Phillips. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

S. of George Phillips, of Haverfordwest ; b. 1817 ; physician 
and astronomer ; ob. unm. 1870. 

Thos. Phillipps. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

? Thomas Philipps, of Aberglasney,H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 
1813 ; ob. s.p. 

J. S. Phillipps. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Mary Dorothea Phillips. XIX th Cent. Arm., a 
lozenge. Imp. de Rutzen. 

Sister and h. of Nathaniel Phillips, of Slebech (H. Sheriff 
co. Pembroke, 1820) ; m. Charles Frederick, Baron de Rutzen ; 
mother of Baron Frederick Leopold de Rutzen, of Slebech 
(H. Sheriff, 1871) ; ob. 1860. 

ioo W^elsh Book- Plates 


[Philipps.] Milford. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. Imp. 
Gordon. " Drawn and engraved by G. Barclay." 

Sir Richard Bulkeley Philipps Grant Philipps; b. 1801 ; 
cr. a Baronet, 1828; and Lord Milford, 1847; succ. to the 
estates of his kinsman ist Lord Milford; m. Eliza Gordon, of 
Hanwell ; ob. s.p. 1857. 

John Ledyard Phillips. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Signed "Huntly sc." 

J. P. A. Lloyd Philipps, Esq. / Dale Castle, co. Pem- 
broke. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting Lloyd and Allen. 
Welsh motto. 

John Philipps Allen Philipps, eldest s. of Col. John Allen 
Lloyd, of Dale Castle; b. 1802; m. (i) Charlotte Bartlett ; 
(2) Elizabeth A. B. Stevenson; assumed the additional name 
of Philipps under the will of James Philipps, of Penty Park ; 
H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1844; ob. 1879. 

Robert Phillipps of / Long-worth co. Herefd. / Esquire. 
Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Biddulph. 

3rd s. of Thomas Phillipps, of Eaton Bishop ; b. 1 749 ; 
purchased the estate of Long worth from his nephew, Major 
Walwyn (q.v.) ; M.P. for Hereford, 1784; Recorder of 
Hereford, 1800; m. Mary Anne Biddulph; ob. 1822. 

M. John Phillips. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
J. H. A. Philipps. Crest. 

Rev. James Henry Alexander Philipps, of Picton Castle, 
co. Pembroke ; s. of Rev. Henry Gwyther (by his wife, Maria 
Philippa Artemisia Child, mother of Lord Milford) ; b. 1815 ; 
assumed name of Philipps by royal licence, 1857. 

Edward Berkeley Philipps. Crest. 
N. Philips. Crest. 

Nathaniel Philips, 2nd s. of John Philips, of The Heath 
House, co. Stafford; b. 1786; m. Margaret Hibbert. 

Caroline Philips. Arm., a lozenge. 

? Caroline Mary, d. of Rev. Kenrick Prescott, m. (1856) 
Francis Philips, s. of F. A. Philips, of Bank Hall, Lanes, and 
Abbey Cwm Hir, co. Radnor. 

Welsh Book-Plates 101 


Thomas Phillipps. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart., bibliophile, of Middle Hill ; 
b. 1792; only s. of Thomas Phillipps, of Middle Hill; m. 
(i) Harriet Molyneux ; (2) Elizabeth H. A. Mansell ; 
H. Sheriff co. Worcester, 1825. (Possibly the plate of Thomas 
Phillipps, senior, of Middle Hill; ob. 1818.) 

Thomas Phillipps / Middle Hill, Worcestershire. 
Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

The same owner. M. A. University College, Oxford, 1 820 ; 
great collector of rare books and MSS., including Welsh manu- 
scripts ; his library at one time contained the Book of Aneur'tn^ 
purchased for Cardiff Library in 1896 ; ob. 1872. 

George Philips. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

S. of Thomas Philips, of Sedgeley, Lanes; b. 1766; m. 
Sarah Anne Phillips; cr. a Baronet, 1828; ob. 1847; father 
of Sir George R. Philips, 2nd Bart. 

Collegio / Sancti Davidis / Apud Llanbedr in Gomitatu 
Ceretico / D.D.D. Thomas Phillips, / de Brunswick 
Square Apud Londinenses, Armiger / 1837. Dated 
Presentation plate. 

The donor was Thomas Phillips, surgeon, of London, 
b. 1760 ; Inspector of Hospitals in New South Wales ; a great 
purchaser of books and a generous benefactor to St David's 
College Library, etc. ; ob. 1851. 
A similar plate, dated 1846. 

Athrofa Gymreig / Llanymddyfri / a Sefydlwyd Gan / 
Thomas Phillips Yswain / Anrheg y Sefydlydd / Ar 
Ei Hagoriad / Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant / 1848. Dated 
Presentation Label for Llandovery School Library. 
Welsh motto. The same donor. 

John Philips / His Book. Label, c. 1820. 

Thomas Jones Phillips / Solicitor / Newport / Mon- 
mouthshire. Label with crest. 

102 Welsh Book-Plates 


Ex Libris Domini Ambrosii Phillipps de Lisle Domini 
de Garendon & Gracia Dei. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
with Clifford on an esc. of pre. 

Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps de Lisle, of Garendon and 
Grace Dieu, co. Leicester ; b. 1 809 ; m. Laura M. Clifford ; 
H. Sheriff co. Leicester, 1868. 

Guy Phillips. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Turbeville. 
Henry Cranmer M. Phillipps. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

William Page Thomas Phillips. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Browning. Welsh motto. 

Of Hasketon and Burgh, Suffolk ; only s. of Benjamin 
Phillips, F.R.S. ; b. 1833; m. Clara M. Browning; M.A. 
Exeter College, Oxford, 1858. 

Edmund Philips. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Benjamin Phillips, F.R.S. Crest. Welsh motto. 

Of Hasketon, Suffolk; m. Elizabeth, d. and co-h. of William 
Woods Page, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, father of W. P. T. 
Phillips (vide supra). 


Johannis Platt / Clifton Lodge / Llandudno. Arm. and 
Pict. Signed J. D. B.[atten] Xmas 1892." 
? 5th s. of John Platt, of Bryn-y-Neuadd, co. Carnarvon. 


[Pleydell-Bouverie] Earl of Radnor. Chip. Arm. 
Signed " Franker sculpt." Unknown to Fincham. 

William Pleydell-Bouverie (1725-1776), 2nd Viscount 
Folkestone; cr. Earl of Radnor, 1765. 

Helen Matilda [Pleydell-Bouverie], Countess of 
Radnor. Modern Arm. Imp. Chap/in. 

D. of Rev. Henry Chaplin and sister of Rt. Hon. Henry 
Chaplin; m. (1866) William, 5th Earl of Radnor. 

Welsh Book-Plates 103 


J. Potter's Circulating Library / Haverfordwest. 

Lending Library Label with rules, fees, etc. C. 

An interesting label. 


Henry Potts Esquire / High Sheriff of Denbighshire. 
Modern Arm. Imp. Martin. 

Eldest s. of Henry Potts, of Chester ; b. 1810; m. Cecilia 
Anne Martin (1844); High Sheriff co. Flint, 1852; M.A. 
Magdalen College, Cambridge. 

(There seems some error in the word " Denbighshire." See 
Nicholas, County Families of Wales, vol. ii., p. 454.) 


William Powell Esq. / of the Middle Temple. Chip. 

2nd s. of Rees Powell, of Llanharran, co. Glamorgan, and 
younger brother of Rev. Gervas Powell, L.L.B., rector of 
Llanharran (ob. 1795), whose book-plate is the same as the 
above, in another state. 

(See Catalogue of Julian Marshall Ex Libris Sale, p. 167.) 

Thos. Harcourt Powell. Chip. Arm. 

S. of John Powell, of Titenham, Glos, arm. ; matric. Oriel 
College, Oxford, 1771; Bencher of the Inner Temple; of 
Peter stone Court, co. Brecknock; ob. 1822. 

William Gabriel Powell. Modern Arm. A reprint. 
? Brother of the above T. H. Powell. 

John Powell Esqr. Chip. Arm. 
James Powell. Festoon Arm. 

John Eynaston Powell Esq. / Hardwick. Early 
XlXth Cent. Arm. on diapered field. Imp. Corbett. 
Signed " Bowley feet." 

Sir John Kynaston, Bart., s. of Roger Kynaston, of 
Shrewsbury; matric. Pembroke College, Oxford, 1770; assumed 
additional name of Powell, 1797 ; cr, a Bart., 1818 : M.P. for 
Salop from 1784 till his death, 1822. 

104 Welsh Book- Plates 

POWELL continued. 

Edwd. Powell. Chip. Arm. on mantle. 

Geo. Powell, Esq. Festoon Arm. Imp. . 

Edwd. Powell. Festoon Arm. 

J. Powell Powell Esq. Early XlXth Cent. Arm., a 
medallion, c. 1820. 

Samuel Powell Esq. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Of Brandlesome Hall, Bury, Lanes; b. 1760; m. Frances 
Richmond, of Bath; ob. 1834; s. of Richard Powell (by 
Elizabeth Cottrell, his wife). 

John Allan Powell. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Thomas Folliott Powell. Modern Arm. Signed 
"T. P." 

Caleb Powell. Chip. Arm. 

Caleb Powell, of Clonshavoy, co. Limerick; b. 1730; 
m. (i) Frances Bowen ; (2) Sarah Westropp ; H. Sheriff 
co. Limerick, 1773; ob. 1797. 

" The Powells of Limerick traditionally derive from the 
Powells of Park, near Oswestry . . . descended from levan 
Fechan, of Abertanat." 

Henry Powell. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Frederick Glyn Montagu Powell / M. A., R.N. / Rector 
of Stroxton, Lines. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. 

Walter Powell. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

? ? Walter Powell, youngest s. of Thomas Powell, of The 
Gaer, co. Monmouth ; of Dantesey House, Wilts ; b. 1 842 ; 
M.P. for Malmesbury, 1868; drowned at sea from a balloon, 
1888. (His sister Mary, widow of Alexander Jenkins, married 
M. L. Vaughan Davies, M.P., of Tanybwlch, co. Cardigan.) 

W. T. R. Powell. XIX th Cent. Arm. with Cherry 
on an esc. of pre. 

Col. William Thomas Rowland Powell, of Nanteos, Car- 
diganshire ; b. 1815; M.P. for co. Cardigan, 1859-1865; m. 
Rosa Edwyna Cherry, of Buckland, co. Hereford ; father of 
George Ernest J. Powell, benefactor to the University College 
of Wales at Aberystwyth. 

ff^elsk Book- Plates 105 

POWELL continued. 

Thomas Powell. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 
motto. Signed "Stern a Paris." 

(Coat of Powell of Castle Madoc, co. Brecknock.) 

John Har court Powell. Crest. 

Son of Harcourt Powell, of St James's, London ; matric. 
University College, Oxford, 1777 ; vicar of Eccleshall, co. 
Stafford; ob. 1822. 

John Harcourt Powell. Crest. 

Of Drinkstone Park, Suffolk, and of Hook, co. Pembroke ; 
H. Sheriff, 1851 ; m. Mary Waddington ; ob. 1855. 

J. Cottrell Powell. Crest. 

B. 1798; B.A. Jesus College, Cambridge, 1820, and of 
Lincoln's Inn ; eldest s. of Samuel Powell, of Hammerton 
Hall, Yorks ; ob. unm. 1834. 

Gulielmus Powell. Crest. 

3rd s. of John Folliott Powell, of Sandy Brook, co. Derby ; 

b. 1805; m, Eliza Miller, of Leicester; of Tickford Manor, 

Edward Arnett Powell. Crest. 

B.A. Christ's College, Cambridge, 1830; 4th s. of John 
Folliott Powell, of Sandy Brook, co. Derby (by Frances Arnett, 
his wife). 

J. Rogers Powell. Crest. 
William Powell. Modern Seal. 

Ex Libris Bibliothecae Domini J. B. Powis. Arm. 

c. 1790. Imp. . 

A Continental book-plate. Possibly some member of the 
Powis or Poivys family living abroad, but the coat is not that 
of Poivys of Salop. 

Benjn. Powis. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
John Powys Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

S. of John Powys, of Shrewsbury and Berwick, Salop (by 
Bridget Baldwyn, his wife) ; m. Jane Lister, of Rowton. 

106 Welsh Book- Plates 

POWIS. POWYS continued. 

Thos. Jelf Powys. Festoon Arm. 

Of Berwick, Salop; H. Sheriff, 1776; succ. his kinsman, 
Thomas Powys, of Berwick, 1774. 

Reginald C. L. Powys-Lybbe. Modern Seal Arm. 

Only s. of William Reginald Lybbe Powys, of Hardwick 
House, co. Oxford ; b. 1 88 1 . 


The Honble. Robert Price Esqr. one / of the Barons 
of her Maties / Court of Exchequer, 1703. Early 
Jac. Arm. Dated. With nine coats. 

Of Cerrig-y-Druidion, co. Denbigh; b. 1655; M.P. 
for Weobley, 1688-1702 ; m. Lucy Rodd, of Foxley, co. 
Hereford ; known as " the patriot of his native country " ; a 
Justice of the Court of Common Pleas ; ob. 1733. 

John Price Esqr. / of Sunbury Middlesex. Jac. Arm. 

Thomas Pryse Esqr. Chip Arm. with Pugh on an 
esc. of pre. A very rare and fine plate, measuring 
nearly five inches tall within the watermark. (Re- 
produced in Old West Wales Book-Plates.') 

Succ. to the estates of his kinsman, Lewis Pryse, of Gogerddan, 
1 720 ; M.P. for Cardigan borough, 1 741-1 745 ; m. Maria Pugh, 
h. of Mathafarn, co. Montgomery; ob. 1745. 

[Pryce.] Jac. Arm. 

Sir John Pryce, 5th Bart., of Newtown, co. Montgomery ; 
m. ( I ) Elizabeth Powell ; (2) Mary Morris ; (3) Mrs Eleanor 
Jones, of Buckland, co. Brecknock; ob. 1748. 

Richard Pryce / Surgeon. Early Chip. Arm. Signed 

Of Shrewsbury; ob. 1794. (Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, 
p. 189.) 

Liscombe Price. Festoon Arm. 
Pryce. Festoon Arm. 

Josiah Pryce. Wreath and Ribbon; two shields 
accoles, Pryce and Pearson. 

Welsh Book-Plates 107 

PRICE. PRYCE. PRYSE continued. 

Revd. D. F. Pryce. Spade Arm. c. 1800. 

David Fitzpatrick Pryce, A.B., St John's College, Cam- 
bridge, 1798; A.M. 1801 ; S.T.P. 1813. 

Price. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Dundas. 

Of Foxley Court, co. Hereford. 

George Price. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Gruflydd Price. Chip. Arm. with on an esc. 

of pre. 

? S. of Thomas Price, of Llangyfeleach, arm., co. Gla- 
morgan; matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1735. 

[Pryce.] Dyffryn. Arm. c. 1820, with Austin on 
an esc. of pre. Sixteen coats. 

S. of John Knight, of Llanblethian, co. Glamorgan ; b. 1 784 ; 
assumed names of Bruce and Pryce; m. (1807) Sarah Austin, 
of Barbados ; father of ist Lord Aberdare. 

John Bruce Pryce / Dyffryn. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Welsh motto. 
The same owner. 

John Wyndham Bruce Pryce. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of the above John Knight Bruce Pryce; elder 
brother of ist Lord Aberdare; m. (1834) Mary Anne 

Bulkeley Price. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 
motto. On tinted paper. 

3rd s. of John Price, of Plas Cadnant, Anglesey; b. 1784; 
ob. 1843. 

[Price.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. ? Gtffarde on an 
esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 
The same owner. Name cut off. 

J. T. Price. Crest. Welsh motto. (The same 
crest and motto.) 

Probably a son of the above Bulkeley Price. 

io8 Welsh Book-Plates 

PRICE. PRYCE. PBYSE continued. 

Mansfield Price, L.L.D. Chip. Arm. Signed 
"W.S." [tephens]. 

Of St John's College, Cambridge; A.B. 1731; A.M. 
1735; LL.D. 1751; bibliophile. (See Nichols, Literary 
Anecdotes, vol. iii., p. 630.) 

Richard Price. Chip. Arm. 

Same coat. 

David Tannatt Pryce. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Edmund Price. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Eldest s. of Ralph Charles Price, of Carshalton, Surrey ; 
b. 1836; m. his cousin, Eliza A., d. of Sir Charles Price, 
Bart.; ob. 1868. 

Charles Rugge Price. XlXth Cent. Arm. Printed 
in gold. 

6th Bart., of Spring Grove, Surrey. Descended from 
North Wales stock. 

Leonard Charles Price. / 1901. / Ewell, Surrey. 
Modern Arm. Dated. 

5th son of Ralph Charles Price, of Carshalton, and younger 
brother of Edmund Price (vide supra}', b. 1855. 

Frederick George Hilton Price. Modern Arm., signed 
"C. W. S., 1 894," by Sherborn. 

Thomas Phillips Price / Marks Hall. Modern Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

Only s. of Canon W. Price, of LlandafF; b. 1844 ; m. (i) 
Frances Rowlatt ; (2) Florence Konstam ; H. Sheriff co. 
Monmouth, 1882; M.P. for N. Monmouth, 1885-1895. 

John Lloyd Price Esq. / Glangwilly, co. Carmarthen. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. 

S. of Jeremiah Price (by his wife, Jane Lloyd, of Laques, 
Llanstephan) ; b. 1803 ; m. Sarah Anne Phelps, of Withybush, 
co. Pembroke; H. Sheriff, 1840; ob. 1862. 

Rees Price. Modern Pict. with crest. Signed 
E. H. N." 

W^elsh Book-Plates 109 


E.P. Crest, with Welsh motto, c. 1770. Probably 
Price, or Pryce. 


W. H. Mackreth Pritchard. Crest. 

Will. T. Pritchard. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

[Richard Pritchett, A.M.] Chip. Arm. Name cut 
off. A scarce plate. 

S. of Richard Pritchett, pleb. of Narberth, co. Pembroke ; 
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1727 ; rector of Richard's 
Castle, Salop; ob. 1772. 

( ? An elder brother of the Rev. Delabere Pritchett, vicar of 
Carew. ) 


A. P. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. 

? Propert. 

John Lumsden Propert. Modern Pict. By Aubrey 
Beardsley, with the artist's device and date 1893. 
The only book-plate designed by this artist. 

Dr J. L. Propert, of London, and Blaenpistyll, co. Cardigan ; 
physician and author of History of Miniature Painting ; s. of 
John Propert, of Blaenpistyll, H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1857 ; 
b. 1834; m. Mary Jessica Hughes. 


[G. W. Prosser.] XlXth Cent. Arm. The owner's 
name in writing. 


Maurice Pugh / E Coll. Bal. Jac. Arm., printed in 

S. of Maurice Pugh, gent., of Bishop's Castle, Salop ; 
matric. Balliol College, Oxford, 1724; M.A. 1731. 

Benjamin Pugh / M.D. Chip. Arm. The same coat 
and crest. Imp. Wollaston. 

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour , p. 189.) 

no Welsh Book- Plates 

PUGH continued. 

Edwd. Pughe/of Tu Gwyn Esqr. Chip. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

? H. Sheriff co. Merioneth, 1 766. 

John Pugh. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Same coat. 

John Pugh. Festoon, with crest and cipher on shield. 
Signed " W. et W. sculp." 

Lewis Pugh Pugh. Crests. Welsh Motto. 

2nd s. of John Evans, of Lovesgrove, co. Cardigan ; b. 1837 ; 
M.P. co. Cardigan, 1880-1885; assumed name of Pugh', 
m. Veronica Hills ; of Abermaed, Aberystwyth. 

John Robertson Pughe / Major General. XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Welsh Motto. 

B. 1822; m, (i) Francis; (2) Madeline Alcock ; 

served in Indian Mutiny and other Eastern campaigns ; of 
St Margaret's Mansions, Victoria Street, London (1893). 


[Pulestone.] Jac. Arm. with angelic figures and 

Philip Puleston Esqr. / of Esclusham / Denbighshire. 
Chip. Pict. Arm. Signed "E. Evans sculpt." 
Unknown to Fincham. Probably engraved 

? S. of Richard Puleston, arm., of Chester ; matric. Brase- 
nose College, Oxford, 1759. (The coat varies from that of 
Puleston of Emral sa t 3 mullets arg. and the crest is wholly 

PEMBROKE, Earl of, see Herbert. 
PENGWERN, see Mostyn. 
POMFRET, Countess of, see Fermor. 
POWIS, Earl and Marquess of, see Herbert. 

Welsh Book-Plates \ 1 1 


Edward Ravenscroft. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Imp. 

Of Upper Harley Street, London; m. (1793) Emma 
Boycott, of Rudge Hall, Salop ; a descendant of the ancient 
family of Ravenscroft of Bretton, co Flint. (See Dwnn's 
Visitations, ii., pp. 315-316.) 


S[arah] R[awlinson.] Leather gilt Label. 

D. and co.-h. of Thomas Rawlinson, of Grantham; m. 
(1798) Revd. (afterwards Archdeacon) Benjamin Millingchamp, 
of Plas Llangoedmore, co. Cardigan; ob. 1869, aged 95. 


W. H. Reece. Crest, an antique galley. 


William Edward Rees. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Imp. 
? Moyser or Morser. 

John. Rees. Landscape c. 1800. In the style of 

[Rees.] Killy-Maen-Llwyd Library. Label. 

John Hughes Rees, s. of John Rees, R.N. ; b. 1806; m. 
Isabella Rutson; of Cilymaenllwyd, co. Carmarthen ; ob. 1871. 


Henry Reveley. Chip. Arm. Signed " F. Kirk sc." 
C. 1760. 

? S. of George Reveley, of a Yorkshire family; b. 1737; 
m. (1771) Jane de Crespigny; settled in Wales; father of 
Hugh Reveley, of Bryn-y-gwin, co. Merioneth. Henry 
Reveley was author of Notices illustrative of Drawings, etc., of 
Masters, and himself an artist. (See Nicholas, ii., p. 707.) Ob. 


Francis Reynolds Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

? Of co. Wilts ; m. Mary Provis, of Shepton Mallet. 

I 12 

Welsh Book-Plates 

REYNOLDS continued. 

James J. Reynolds. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
"Mathews sc. Oxford." 

Rev. James Jones Reynolds, s. of James Jones Reynolds, 
arm., of Kentish Town, Middlesex ; matr'tc. St John's College, 
Oxford, 1837 ; rector of South Hykeham, Lines, 1867. 

Reynolds. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 
John Reynolds. Crest. 

Llyfrgell Syr John Rhys. Celtic design in colours 
for the Welsh library of Sir John Rhys, Principal 
of Jesus College, Oxford. Designed by J. Kelt 
Edwards, 1917. 


Westley Richards. XlXth Cent. Arm. Very small 

B, 1814; s. of Westley Richards, of Birmingham (ob. 1865) ; 
TO. Emma Fane ; H. Sheriff co. Rutland, 1880. 

Harry Lord Richards. Crest, embossed. 

Rev. T. Richards / Llangynyw / 1843. Dated Label. 

3rd s. of Rev. David Richards, vicar of Llansilin ; curate 
at Berriew, also schoolmaster ; incumbent of Llangynyw, 1826 ; 
ob. 1856. "Chiefly identified with the Welsh Press, as a 
warm advocate of the claims of 'Y Gwyliedydd.' " (See 
T. R. Roberts, Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen, p. 459.) 

John Richards Junr. F.S.A. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. May. 

Elected F.S.A., 1843. 


Thos. Richardson. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Rev. Thomas Richardson, s. of Rev. Peter Richardson, of 
St Dogwells, co. Pembroke ; vicar of Rhyl, and canon of 
St Asaph; ob. 1897. 

Father of C. E. D. Morgan- Richardson, of Cardigan, and 
of Morgenau, co. Pembroke. 

Welsh Book-Plates 113 

RICHARDSON continued. 

John Crow Richardson / Swansea / Glamorganshire. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Of Pantygwydir, co. Glamorgan ; father of John Crow 
Richardson, jun., of Glanbrydan Park, co. Carmarthen ; ob, 

Ernald Richardson. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Surges. 

Eldest s. of John Crow Richardson, of Glanbrydan Park, 
co. Carmarthen; b. 1869; m. Irene C. Burges ; ob. 19 . 

F. H. Richardson / 1818. Dated leather Label. 


Robert Rickards / of the Priory of Usk in the / county 
of Monmouth, Esq. / 1904. Modern Jac. Arm. 
with Richards on an esc. of pre. 

3rd s. of H. R. Rickards, of Llantrissant, Glam. ; b. 1839 ; 
m. (1865) Isabella, d. of Rev. E. Windham Richards, rector 
of St Andrews, Glam. 


The Revd. Thomas Roberts, M. A. / Llanruth, Den- 
bighshire. Chip. Arm. 

Of St John's College, Cambridge ; MA. 1759. 

Roberts / Kinmell. Festoon Arm. 

Revd. Edwd. Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

Coat of Roberts of Llwyndderw, co. Brecknock. 

Revd. Thos. Roberts, A.M. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

? S. of Thomas Roberts, gent., of Denbigh ; matric. Jesus 
College, Oxford, 1782 ; exhibitioner of Exeter College, 1783 ; 
MA. 1789. 

Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

John Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Signed 
"Johnson set." 

Jocular Latin motto. 

William Lewis Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 


H4 Welsh Book-Plates 

ROBERTS continued. 

G. J. Roberts, M.D. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. Signed 
" Riddell delt." 

Jane Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm., a lozenge. 
James Roberts. Label. 

Thomas Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Signed 
"Warwick sc. 145 Strand." 

Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Revd. John Roberts. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 

? Of Yspytty, co Denbigh. 

Herbert Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Same 
coat and crest. 

? 2nd s. of Rev. John Roberts, of Yspytty, co. Denbigh ; 
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1858; vicar of East Lulworth, 

John D. Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

R. Lawton Roberts, M.D. / Ruabon / N. Wales. XlXth 

Cent. Seal Arm. 

Richard Lawton, only s. of R. C. Roberts, F.R.C.S., of 
Ruabon ; b. 1 846 ; m. Christiana Hughes. 

Ellis William Roberts. Mod. Arm. and Pict. Signed 
"R. A. B." 


John Rogers M.A. / Vicar of Carmarthen. Festoon 

Arm. Imp. A very rare plate, much 

mutilated. (Not in Franks Collection.) 

S. of John Rogers, pleb. of Cilymaenllwyd, co. Carmarthen ; 
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1746 ; vicar of Carmarthen and 
Abergwili, 1752 ; ob. 1796. 

John Rogers. Chip. Arm. 

Rogers. Chip. Arm. 

Adam Rogers. Chip. Arm. with military accessories. 

Welsh Book-Plates 115 

ROGERS continued. 

Revd. Robert Ker Rogers. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting 
? Rome. 

Revd. John Rogers, M.A. Festoon Arm. 

S. of Rev. Edward Rogers, of Wentnor, Salop ; matric. 
Balliol College, Oxford, 1760; M.A. 1768. 

? Brother of Rev. Edward Rogers and uncle of Charles 
Rogers, of Stanage (vide infra]. 

Rogers / Stanage, Radnorshire. Early XlXth Cent. 

Charles Rogers, 5th s. of Rev. Edward Rogers, of The 
Home, Salop ; purchased Stanage ; m. Harriet Heptinstall ; 
H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 1806; ob. 1830. 

0. C. Rogers / Stanage, Radnorshire. XlXth Cent. 
Chip. Arm. 

Charles Coltman Rogers, s. of Rev. John Rogers, ot The 
Home and Stanage Park; b. 1854; m. Muriel A. Chapman, 
of Stonehouse Court, Glos. ; H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 1882; 
M.P. Radnor Borough, 1884-1885. 

The annulet is omitted in a later state of this plate. 

Muriel A. G. Rogers / Stanage Park, Radnorshire. 

Modern Landscape. Signed " Will Foster, 1899." 

Wife of the above C. C. Rogers ; m. 1888. 

The same, printed in red. 

Muriel A. G. Rogers. / Stanage Park. Circular plate 
with a group of daffodils. 

William Rogers / Lincoln's Inn. Crest. 


[Rolls.] Llangattock. Modern Arm. 

John Allan Rolls, cr. Baron Llangattock, 1892; eldest s. 
of J. E. W. Rolls, of The Hendre, co. Monmouth; b. 1837 ; 
m. Georgiana M. Maclean; M.P. for Monmouthshire, 1880- 
1885; ob. 1912. (Title extinct.) 

1 1 6 Welsh Book-Plates 


Danl. Rowland. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

2nd s. of Rev. John Rowland, rector of Llangeitho, co. 
Cardigan (by Mary Gorsuch, his wife); b. 1778; F.S.A. ; 
barr.-at-law ; H. Sheriff of Sussex, 1824; m. Katherine 
Maitland ; biographer of the Nevill family; ob. 1859. 

George Tempest Rowland. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

? A brother of the above. 

A. W. Rowland. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Same coat-of-arms. 

David Rowlands, M.D., F. A. 8. /Surgeon H.M. Dock 
Yard, Chatham. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Son of Rowlands, of Cardigan; b. 1778 ; of Wimpole 
Street, London ; m. ( i ) Hassall, of Tygwyn, co. Pembroke ; 
(2) Mary Griffith, of Llwynduris, co. Cardigan; (3) Dorothy 
Bowen, of Burry Hill, Newport, Pern. ; ob. 1846. Tablet in 
St Mary's, Cardigan. 

David Rowlands, M.D., F.A.S. / F.G.S. Early XlXth 
Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Bowen. Signed " W. West 

Same owner. 


Barthw. Rudd Esqr. LL.B / Barrister at Law. Spade 

Arm. Imp. Robinson. 

Rumsey. Chip, or Festoon Arm. qting ? Astley or 

? John Rumsey, of Trellech, co. Monmouth ; m. Frances, 
d. of Thomas Evans, of Llangattock, co. Brecknock. 

RADNOR, see under Pleydell. 

RHUAL, see under Edwards and Griffith. 


St. David's College Library. Modern Arm. Vesica. 

Welsh motto. 

St. David's College / Welsh Library. Modern Arm. 
Vesica. Welsh motto. 

Lampeter College plates. 


]Vf ofit, in die C ountyuf Rm 

^f/l //tS 

Welsh Book-Plates nj 


Salisbury, Rug. Spade Arm., printed in green. 

Col. Edward Williams Vaughan, 2nd s. of Sir Robert 
Howel Vaughan, Bart., of Nannau ; assumed name of Salisbury 
under the will of Mrs Charlotte Pryce, of Rug, co. Merioneth ; 
Col. E. W. V. Salisbury, who commanded the 1st Regt. of 
Foot, ob. unm, 1807. 

Salisbury, Rug. 

A similar plate, printed in black, with a crescent for cadency. 


Thomas Salwey, LL.D. / of Richards Castle / Salop. 
Late Jac. Arm. 

S. of Rev. John Salwey, of Salop ; matric. Pembroke 
College, Oxford, 1729; rector of Richards Castle, 1742; m. 
Constance, d. of Francis Biddulph, of Amroth Castle, co. 
Pembroke; ob. 1759. 

Thomas Salwey, LL.D. / of Richards Castle / Salop. 
Chip. Arm., with Biddulph on an esc. of pre. 

The same owner. 


6. F. Scott, Penmaenucha / Dolgelley, Merioneth. 

Modern Arm. with Taylor on an esc. of pre. 

Col. George Frederick Scott, s. of J. G. Scott, of Prest- 
wick, Lanes. ; b. 1854; m. Beatrice M. Taylor, of Penmaenucha 
and Arthog Hall, co. Merioneth. 


Wm. Scourfield Esqr. / of New Moat in the county 
of Pembroke / and of Brecon in the county of 
Brecknock. Chip. Arm. and Pict. signed " Darling 
ft." with Phillips (being the coat of Brychari) on 
an esc. of pre. A scarce plate. 

S. and h. of William Scourfield, of New Moat, who was 
H. Sheriff of co. Pembroke, 1699; m. Anne, d. and h. of 
William Phillips, Recorder of Brecon. (See Jones's History of 
Brecknockshire, Appendix, p. 29. ) 

n8 Welsh Book- Plates 


John Cheesment Severn, Esq. / Penybont Hall, Go. 
Radnor. XlXth Cent. Arm. with Price on an 
esc. of pre. 

S. of John Cheesment, of Marylebone, arm. ; matnc. Ch. 
Ch., Oxford, 1800; assumed name of Severn; barr.-at-law, 
Lincoln's Inn; M.P. for Wootton Bassett, 1807; m. Mary- 
Anne Price, only child of John Price, of Devanner Park, co. 
Radnor; H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 1811 ; ob. 1875. 


J. Shipley. Mitre within an oval. 

Jonathan Shipley (s. of Jonathan Shipley and Martha 
Davies, his wife); b. 1714; m. Anna-Maria Mordaunt ; 
bishop of Llandaff, 176-; translated to St Asaph, 1769; ob. 

W. D. Shipley. Chip. Arm. qting Mordaunt. 

William Davies Shipley, Dean of St Asaph, and only s. of 
Bishop Jonathan Shipley, of St Asaph ; m. Penelope Yonge, of 
Acton Hall, co. Denbigh. 


The Rt. Honble Lord Charles Somerset / second son 
to ye late Marquess of Worcester / 1703. Early 
Jac. Arm. Dated. A very scarce plate. 

Younger brother of Henry 2nd Duke of Beaufort; b. 
1689; "died on his travels in Italy, 1710." This member 
of the House of Somerset is omitted in the modern Peerages, 
but is mentioned in the early Peerage of England, 1714 (vol. 
i., P- 78). 

[Somerset.] The most noble Henry / Duke of 
Beaufort, 1705. Dated Jac. Arm. 

2nd Duke of Beaufort; b. 1684; succ. his grandfather, 
1699 ; ob. 1714. 

The Rt. Honble. the Lord / Charles Noel Somerset. / 
1725. Late Jac. Arm. Dated. Signed " Hulett 

2nd s. of 2nd Duke of Beaufort (by his second marriage) ; 
succ. his elder brother as 4th Duke of Beaufort, 1745 ; m. 
Elizabeth Berkeley ; ob. 1756. 

Book-Plates 119 

SOMERSET continued. 

Beaufort. Late Jac. Arm. 

Henry Somerset, 3rd Duke of Beaufort ; who succ. 1714; 
m. Frances Scudamore, of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford ; ob. s.p. 

Beaufort. Late Jac. Arm. 

Another plate of the same owner. 

[Somerset.] Arm. surrounded by the Garter, with 
a duke's coronet. 

Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort, K.G. ; b. 1744; 
succ. 1756; m. Elizabeth Boscawen ; obtained confirmation of 
the barony of Bottetourt ; ob. 1803. 

[Somerset.] Chip. Arm. (mutilated). Imp. Berkeley. 

4th Duke of Beaufort (vide supra'), who m. (1740) Elizabeth 
Berkeley, of Stoke GifFord, co. Gloucester. 

Beaufort. Coronet and Badge (portcullis) borne on 
a mantle. 

Probably a plate of Charles Noel Somerset, 4th Duke. 

[Beaufort.] Arm. with coronet and Garter. 

Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort, K.G. ; If. 
1766 ; m. Lady Charlotte Leveson-Gower ; ob. 1835. 

Elizabeth Duchess of Beaufort. Arm. Imp. Boscawen. 

Elizabeth, d. of Admiral Hon. Edward Boscawen, 2nd s. 
of ist Viscount Falmouth ; m. (1766) Henry Somerset, K.G., 
5th Duke of Beaufort; ob. 1828. (Reproduced in Ex Libris 
Society's Journal, vi., p. 131.) 

[Somerset.] Arm. with label of three points. 

Eldest s. of Duke of Beaufort ; perhaps the plate of 6th 
Duke before succeeding. 

Henry Somerset / 9th Duke of Beaufort / 1900. 
Modern Arm. Dated. 

S. and h. of 8th Duke ; b. 1847 ; succ. 1899 ; m. Louise E. 
Harford, widow of Baron de Tuyll. 

Henry Somerset. Second state. (Note alteration in 
visor of helmet.) 

120 Welsh Book-Plates 

SOMERSET continued. 

Lord Granville Somerset. XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. 

Rt. Hon. Lord Granville Charles Henry Somerset, M.P. ; 
2nd s. of 6th Duke of Beaufort; b. 1792 ; m. Hon. Emily 
Smith, d. of ist Lord Carrington ; ob. 1848. 

Alfred Plantagenet Somerset. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Eldest son of Lord John H. T. Somerset and gds. of 5th 
Duke of Beaufort; b. 1829; m. Adelaide H. Pechell ; of 
Enfield Court, Middlesex. 

Raglan Somerset De Raglan / in Comitatu Monume- 
thensi / et de Hospitio Graii, Arm. / Jurisconsultus. 
/ 1912. Modern Jac. Arm. Dated. Signed 
" Harry Soane, London W." 

Only s. of Raglan T. H. Somerset, s. of Rev. William 
Somerset ; b. 1885. 

Isabel Somerset / Reigate Priory. Label with wreath. 

Elder d. and co.-h. of Charles 3rd Earl Somers ; b. 1851 ; 
m. (1872) Rt. Hon. Lord Henry R. C. Somerset, 2nd s. of 
8th Duke of Beaufort ; of Eastnor Castle and Reigate Priory. 


William Wynne Sparrow. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

S. of John Sparrow, arm., of Chester ; matric. Brasenose 
College, Oxford, 1812 ; of Red Hill and Bodychan, Anglesey ; 
H. Sheriff, 1822 ; m. Emma F. Bodychan Sparrow ; ob. 1858. 


Joseph Spurrell. Chip. Arm. 

Of Barking, Essex; b. 1723; s. of Capt. George Spurrell, 
of Stepney and Barking; m. (1753) Elizabeth Brooks, of 
Plaistow; ob. 1779. 

George Spurrell. Spade Arm. c. \ 800, qting ? de 

Of Barking, Essex. Sir George Spurrell, s. of the above 
Joseph Spurrell ; b. c. 1755; served in the East India Company's 

i b 61jaleJSamut e 

Welsh Book-Plates 



Georgius Stepney. Early Jac. Arm. 

Poet, diplomatist and a member of the Council of Trade ; 
b. 1663 ; ob. 1707. 

Commemorated by a fine monument in the south aisle of 
Westminster Abbey. (See D.N.B.) 

George Stepney Esq. / of the Gouncill of Trade. Early 
Jac. Arm. A rare plate. 
The same owner. 

[Stepney.] Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

Sir John, eldest s. of Sir Thomas Stepney, of Llanelly 
House ; succ. as 7th Bart., 1773 ; M.P. for Monmouth Borough ; 
envoy at the courts of Berlin and Vienna ; ob. s.p. at Vienna, 
1811; brother of Sir Thomas Stepney, 8th and last Bart. 
(ob. 1825). 


John [Stewart] Earl of Bute. Chip. Arm., a doubtful 

3rd Earl (1713-1792) ; K.G. ; the favourite minister of the 
Princess of Wales, 1760-1763. (See "John Stuart y Earl of 
Bute" by J. A. Lovat Eraser, 1912.) 

James Stewart / Alltyrodyn. Modern Arm, printed 
in sepia. 

S. of A. Stewart, Cambridge Square, London; b. 1830; m. 
Louisa Butler ; Captain R. A. (Madras) ; purchased Alltyrodyn, 
co. Cardigan; H. Sheriff, 1888; ob. 19 . 


H. Stodart, Deganwy. Wreath Arm. 

? Hugh Stodart, s. of Hugh, of Eglwys Rhos, co. Carnarvon, 
arm. ; matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1765. 


Nicholas Stokes / of the Inner Temple Esq. Wreath 
and Ribbon Arm. 

122 W^elsh Book- Plates 


Thos. Stradling of St. Donats Castle / Esqr. Jac. 
Arm. Welsh motto. 

6th and last Baronet of St Donat's, Glamorganshire ; succ. 
to title 1735 ; ob. unm. at Montpellier, France, 1738. 

W. Stradling. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Arms of Stradling of St Donat's. 

Wm. Stradling. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 
motto. Printed in blue. 

Probably same owner. 

Anthony Langley Swymmer Esqr. / of Mold in the 
county of Flint. Late Jac. Arm. 

M.P. for Southampton; ob. 1760. (See Henry Taylor, 
F.S.A., The Lords of Mold.) 


Johannes Symmons, Arm. Pict. and Arm. Signed 
"F. Sanson del. et sculp." 

A fine plate (reproduced in Hamilton, bk. Hi., p. 17) with 
Barlow on an esc. of pre. Of Paddington House, London, s. 
of John Symmons, of Llanstinan, co. Pembroke (by Maria 
Phiiipps, his wife) ; m. Anne, d. and h. of George Barlow, ot 
Slebech, and widow of Trevanion. 

John Symmons Esqr. Festoon Arm., with Barlow 
on an esc. of pre. 

The same owner. 

SHREWSBURY, Earl of, see Talbot. 

H. S. Tait / Hartford, Cheshire. Modern Arm. 

[Talbot] Shrewsbury. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Dated 1788. 

John Chetwynd Talbot, 3rd Baron Shrewsbury ; cr. Earl 
Talbot, 1784; ob. 1793. 

Welsh Book-Plates 123 


Tardy. Modern Arm. on lilac- tinted paper. 

Mrs Tardy, of Llandefeilog, Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen ; 
widow of Captain Chamberlayne, of Llanelly. 


Edward Tenison, LL.B. / Arch-Deacon of Carmarthen. 
Jac. Arm. (Reproduced in Old West Wales Book- 

Of Clare College, Cambridge ; Archdeacon of Carmarthen, 
1708-1727; m. Anne Searle ; bishop of Ossory, 1731; ob. 


[Thirlwall.] Approved and recommended / by / the 
Lord Bishop of St David's / 1846. Dated label. 

Connop Thirlwall, D.D., the eminent scholar and Greek 
historian; bishop of St David's, 1840-1873. 


Geo. Thomas Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

John Deere Thomas, D.D. Chip Arm. Imp. ? Romondly 
or Dod. 

S. of Evan Thomas, of Clerkenwell, gent. ; matric. Jesus 
College, Oxford, 1754; D.D. 1786; rector of Kirby 
Misperton, Yorks ; ob. 1819. 

Wm. Thomas, Atty. at Law. Festoon Arm. Signed 
" Ross sculpt." 

Coat of William Thomas, Bishop of St David's (1678- 

? A gds. of Bishop Wm. Thomas. 

M. Thomas, A.M. / Christ. Coll. Cant. Chip. Arm. 
Matthew Thomas, A.B. 1766; A.M. 1769. 

Thos. Thomas Junr. Chip. Arm. The same plate 

Wm. Thomas / Chester. Festoon Arm. 

124 Welsh Book- Plates 

THOMAS continued. 

Morgan Thomas. Festoon Arm. Signed "Palmer 

Of Lletty Mawr, co. Glamorgan; b. 1729; m. (1760) 
Frances Goring; ob. 1800. (Reproduced in Ex Libris 
Journal, xviii., p. 92.) 

John Davies Thomas Esqr. / Lletty Mawr. Festoon 
Arm. Imp. Davies. 

John Thomas, of Llwydycoed and Lletty Mawr ; m. Anne 
Davies; ob. 1812. His d. and h., Anna Davies Thomas, 
m. Thomas Lloyd, of Bronwydd, co. Cardigan, father of 
ist Bart. She died 1888. 

Rees Goring Thomas. Spade Arm. qting Goring. 

S. and h. of Morgan Thomas ; m. Sarah Hovell, of Norfolk ; 
ob. 1821. 

Rees Goring Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
qting Goring and Gilbert. 

Eldest s. and h. of Rees Goring Thomas; b. 1801 ; m. 
(1824) Caroline Esdaile ; H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1830. 

Morgan Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

2nd s. of Rees Goring Thomas, of Llannon, co. Carmarthen ; 
b. 1803 ; m. (1835) Louisa Frances Dalrymple, of Mayfield, 

Morgan Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 

The same owner. 

Morgan Thomas. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Apparently a later plate of the same owner. 

Edmond Thomas Esq. Chip. Arm. Signed "F. 
Feninger sc." 

B. 1712; 3rd Bart, of Wenvoe, co. Glamorgan ; m. Abigail 
Webster, of Battle Abbey ; sold Wenvoe Castle to Peter Birt 
(1765); ob. 1767. (Father of Sir Edmund Thomas, 4th 
Bart., who ob. unm. 1789.) 

Sir Edmd. Thomas Bart. Chip. Arm. Signed 
" M. Skinner Exon sculp." 

The same owner, or possibly his successor, the 4th Baronet. 

Welsh Book- Plates 125 

THOMAS continued. 

John Thomas Esqr. Festoon Arm. 

3rd s. of Sir Ed. Thomas, of Wenvoe, co. Glamorgan; 
b. 1749 ; succ. his brother as 5th Bart., 1789 ; m. Mary Parker, 
of Hasfield Court, Glos. ; father of 6th Bart. ; ob. 1828. 

Revd. J. G. Thomas. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

The Rev. Sir John Godfrey Thomas, of Wenvoe, co. 
Glamorgan, Bart.; b. 1784; succ. as 6th Bart., 1828; m. 
(i) Frances Ram; (2) Elizabeth A. Vignoles ; Vicar of 
Bodiam and Watling, Sussex ; ob. 1841. 

John W. Thomas. Modern Arm. 

Coat of Thomas of Wenvoe. 

William Lloyd Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

William Thomas. Landscape, unsigned, but in the 
style of Bewick. 

Le Marchant Thomas. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Vaughan. 

Eldest s. of John Thomas (by Anne le Marchant, of 
Guernsey, his wife) ; b. 1809; m. Margaret, d. of Rt. Hon. 
Sir John Vaughan (by Augusta St John, his wife) ; assumed 
name of Le Marchant by royal licence, 1865. 

Le Marchant Thomas. Proof, without name or 

Le Marchant Thomas. Without name, but with 

L. M. Thomas Le Marchant. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Vaughan (qting St John). 
The same owner. 

D. R. Thomas M.A., F.S. A. /Archdeacon of Mont- 
gomery. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. 

Yen. David Richard Thomas, M.A., F.S.A. ; b. 1833; 
s. of Owen Thomas, of Bodynfoel, co. Montgomery ; m. Louisa 
Goodenough Bayly; Rector of Llandrinio, 1892; author of 
History of St Asafh^ Dailies and Salisbury, etc. ; ob. 191-. 

David Thomas. Crest ; c. 1 790. 

i26 Welsh Book-Plates 

THOMAS continued. 

Rev. J. S. Thomas. House Library. Arm. Label. 

Richard Jas. Frans. Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. with Langford on an esc. of pre. 

Only s. of Richard M. Thomas, of Marylebone, arm. ; 
matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1830; headmaster and chaplain of 
Bancroft's Hospital, Stepney, 1840 ; vicar of Yeovil, 1850 ; ob. 

Edward David Thomas Esq. / Wellfield House, co. 
Radnor. XlXth Cent. Arm. with Gowland on an 
esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

Eldest s. of David Thomas, arm., of Wellfield ; matric. 
Wadham College, Oxford, 1825; H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 
1843 > "* Arabella E. Gowland, co-h. of Cagebrooke House, 
co. Hereford; ob> 1893. 

William Jones Thomas, Clk., M.A. Modern Arm. 
with Jones on an esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

3rd s. of David Thomas, of Wellfield, co. Radnor ; M.A. 
St Peter's College, Cambridge; b. 1811; m. Anne Elizabeth 
Jones, of Hereford ; rector of Llanelwedd, co. Radnor. 

Charles Evan Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. Pearson of Balmadies. 

2nd s. of Evan Thomas, of Llwyn Madoc, co. Brecknock ; 
b. 1817; H. Sheriff co. Brecknock, 1885; m. Caroline 
Pearson; assumed additional name of Evan, 1880; of Gnoll 
House, Neath; ob. 1902. 

James Thomas. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

Coat of Thomas of Clifford's Inn, London, granted 1609. 

David Morgan Thomas. / The Temple, London. XlXth 

Cent. Arm. 

2nd s. of Rev. David Thomas, D.D., of Brixton ; b. 1841 ; 
m. Alice Ruck ; * one of the first projectors of the University 
for Wales, and founded the first Welsh daily paper." (Foster, 
Men-at-thc-Bar y p. 462.) 

Welsh Book-Plates 127 

THOMAS continued. 

Revd. R. H. J. Thomas, B.D. / Corp. Xti. Coll. Cam. / 
Rector of Hodgeston, Pembroke. XIX th Cent. 
Arm. with ten coats. 

Rev. Richard James Harries Thomas, presented to Hodge- 
ston, 1858 ; ob. 1874. 

Also the owner of the book-plate " Rev. R. J. H. 
Thomas, Lecturer of St Peters and Curate of St Ishmaels, co. 
Carmarthen." (See Franks Coll. Catalogue, vol. iii., p. 121.) 

Revd. Jenkin Thomas. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

W. Tnelwall Thomas / his book. Modern Pict. with 
books and skeleton. Signed "K. M. Skeaping, 

Thomas / Llanwarne. Crest. 


Chas. Trebeck / Coed-y-Weeg / Montgomery. Label 

c. 1800. 


The Right Honble Sr. Thomas Trevor Knight Lord / 
Chief Justice of her / Majesties Court of Common 
Pleas / & one of her Majesties most Honble Privy 
Council., 1702. Early dated Jac. Arm. 

2nd s. of Sir John Trevor, of Trevallyn ; cr. Baron Trevor 
ofBromham, 1711 ; Lord Privy Seal, 1726; m, (i) Elizabeth 
Searle; (2) Anne, d. of Robert Weldon, and widow of Sir 
Robert Bernard; ob. 1730. 

The Right Honble. / Thomas Trevor / Lord Trevor. 
Jac. Arm. Imp. Weldon. Engraver's proof. 

The same owner. 

The Right Honourable / Thomas Lord Trevor / 1738. 
Jac. Arm. Dated. 

2nd Baron Trevor, eldest s. and h. of ist Lord ; m. Elizabeth 
Burr ell; ob. 1753. (His only child, Elizabeth Trevor, m. 
Charles, 2nd Duke of Marlborough. ) 

Trevor Baron Trevor of Bromham. Jac. Arm. 

The same owner. 

128 Welsh Book-Plates 

TREVOR continued. 

The Honble / John Trevor. Label. 

? 2nd s. of ist Baron Trevor ; Chief Justice of the Carmarthen 
Circuit, 1724-1753; succ. as 3rd Baron Trevor, 1753; m. 
(1732) Elizabeth, d. of Sir Richard Steele, of Carmarthen, 
the essayist. 

[Trevor.] Brynkinallt Library. Label with coronet 
and crest, on pink-tinted paper. 

Arthur Hill-Trevor, 2nd Viscount Dungannon, of Bryn- 
kinallt, co. Denbigh; m. (1795) Charlotte Fitzroy; ob. 1837. 

[Trevor.] Brynkinallt Library. Label with coronet 
and crest, printed on green-tinted paper. 

Thomas Trevor Trevor. Crest. 

S. of Rev. Evan Humphrey Trevor, of Eastham, Cheshire ; 
LL.B. of St John's College, Cambridge, 1795 > rector of 
West Kirby, Cheshire ; ob. 1827. 

George Trevor. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

? Rev. George Trevor, 6th s. of Charles Trevor, of Bridg- 
water, Somerset; matric. Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1832; 
rector of Beeford, Yorks, 1871 ; ob. 1888. 

[Trevor.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 
In writing, " C. Cecil Trevor, Lincoln's Inn." 

Sir Charles Cecil Trevor, C.B. ; M.A. Cantab ; b. 1830 ; 
eldest s. of Charles Trevor ; barrister-at-law ; one of H.M.'s 
plenipotentiaries at Conference at Hague on fishing regulations 
in North Sea, 1882 ; m. Mary Weston ; knighted 1896. 

Trevor J. Trevor. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
George Alexander Trevor. XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. 

B.A. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 1846 ; rector of 
Rokeby, Yorks, 1858-1861. 

Agatha Royds Trevor. Arm. and Landscape. Signed 
C. W. S., R. E. 1903." 

Agatha Royds Trevor. Arm. and Landscape. Signed 
C. W. S., R. E. 1903." Imp. 

Welsh Book-Plates 129 


William Henry Twyning Esq. / Bryn, co. Pembroke. 
XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. Signed "H. Beck with sc." 
The only plate by this engraver. 

J.P. for co. Pembroke c. 1850 ; of "a family of consider- 
able antiquity." (Burke's Armoury.} There are three states 
of this book-plate. 

? Father of Major Wm. Edward Twyning, " only son of 
Rev. W. H. Twyning, of Bryn, Pembrokeshire, J.P.," of 
Llandrindod. (Kelly's Handbook, 1893.) 


[Vaughan.] Early Jac. Arm., mutilated. Welsh 
motto. The ancient arms of Vaughan of Court- 
field. (The coat used by the late Cardinal Herbert 
Vaughan, of Courtfield, was Per pale gu. and az. 
three lions ramp, arg.) 

[Vaughan.] H. W. Mod. Ecclesiastical Arm. Signed 
"Everard Green, F.S.A. inst. F. A. Walters, 
F.S.A. delt. 1892." 

Roman Catholic see of Westminster imp. coat of H. E. 
Herbert Vaughan, of Courtfield, Cardinal and Archbishop. 

Benjamin Vaughan Junr. Chip. Pict. Arm. Imp. 

Of London, father of Rev. Benjamin Kerr Vaughan. 

Samuel Vaughan Esqr. Chip. Arm. Imp. Bond. 

Father of Benjamin and William Vaughan (vide infra] ; m. 
Sarah Hollowell of Boston, U.S.A. The coat impaled is 
undoubtedly Bond, not Holloivell. ( Reproduced as an American 
plate in Allen, p. 53.) 

Erasmus Vaughan. Chip. Arm. 

? S. of John Vaughan, arm., of Llanfair, co. Pembroke ; 
matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1731. 

Wm. Vaughan Esqr. / Courtfield, Monmouthshire. 
Chip. Arm. Imp. Turner. Welsh motto. A 
scarce plate. 

S. of Richard Vaughan of Courtfield ; b. 1740 ; m. (1768) 
Frances Turner, of Hampstead ; ob. 1796. 

130 Welsh Book- Plates 

VAUG-HAN continued. 

William Vaughan Esqr. / Courtfield. Crest ; c. 1 790. 
Probably the same owner. 

Benjn Kerr Vaughan. Festoon Arm. 

S. of Benjamin Vaughan, of London, arm. ; matric. Trinity 
College, Oxford, 1785 ; rector of Aveton GifFard, Devon, 
1788 ; ob. 1847. 

Benjamin Vaughan. Spade Arm. Imp. Manning. 

Eldest s. of Samuel Vaughan (vide supra) ; b. 1751 ; m. 
Sarah Manning ; Radical politician and political economist ; 
friend of Home Tooke, Price, Priestly, Paine, etc. ; ob. 1835. 
(See Allen, No. 889.) 

William Vaughan. Spade Arm. 

2nd s. of Samuel Vaughan (vide supra] ; b. 1762 ; merchant 
and author of scientific works dealing with commerce, docks, 
etc. ; ob. 1850. (See Allen, American Book-Plates, No. 893.) 

[John Vaughan Esqr.] Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Name cut off. Signed " Clubb sculpt." C. 1820. 

[Vaughan.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. qting Barnes 
and imp. Higgs. 

James Vaughan. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with a 
black border (unusual). Imp. ? Croker. Signed 
"Burnell sc." C. 1820. Not mentioned by 

Revd. Walter Arnold Vaughan, A.M. / Vicar of Chart 
Sutton, Kent. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Only s. of Walter Vaughan, gent., of St Margaret's, 
Rochester ; matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1827 ; servitor 1827- 
1831 ; M.A. 1835 ; rector of Crundale, 1868. 

The same, with the first address cancelled and 
" Rector of Crundale, Kent," added. 

Reginald Clifton Vaughan. Mod. Jac. Arm. 

Welsh Book-Plates 131 

VAUGHAN continued. 

J. Vaughan, M.D. Festoon Arm., roughly cut, with 

on an esc. of pre. Crest of Vaughan of 


An interesting plate. (Not in Franks Coll.) 
? ? James Vaughan, M.D., of Leicester ; m. Hesther 
Smalley, gd.-d. of Sir Richard Halford, last Bart. ; father of 
Henry Vaughan, afterwards Sir Henry Halford, cr. (1809) 
Bart., physician to George III. 

The Right Honourable / Wilmot [Vaughan] Viscount 
Lisburne / in the Kingdom of Ireland. Chip. Arm. 
(Reproduced in Old West Wales Book-Plates.) 
Qting Wilmot. 

S. and h. of Wilmot Vaughan, 3rd Viscount Lisburne ; m. 
(i) Elizabeth Nightingale, of Mamhead, Devon ; (2) Dorothy 
Shafto ; succ. (1766) as 4th Viscount; cr. Earl of Lisburne, 
1776; ob. 1800. (See Nichols, Literary Anecdotes of the 
Eighteenth Century, vol. iii., pp. 190, 756.) 

The Right Honourable / Wilmot Earl of Lisburne / in 
the Kingdom of Ireland. Chip. Arm. 

The same owner. 

The Right Honourable / Wilmot Earl of Lisburne / in 
the Kingdom of Ireland. Chip. Arm. Another 
state of the same plate. 

Wilmot Charles Vaughan, F.S. A. Signed E. E. D." 
Modern gothic Arm. 

Only s. of Capt. George Augustus Vaughan, and g.-gds. of 
3rd Earl of Lisburne; b. 1863 ; captain 2Oth Hussars. 
Designed by Rev. E. E. Darling, F.S. A. 

[Vaughan.] Brynog. Modern Arm. with Davies on 
an esc. of pre. 

Herbert Vaughan; b. 1831 ; 2nd s. of Colonel Edward 
Vaughan, of Brynog and Green Grove, co. Cardigan ; m. Julia 
R. P., only child of Rev. Lewis C. Davies, of Ynyshir, co. 
Cardigan; H. Sheriff, 1862; ob. 1914. 

132 W^elsh Book-Plates 

VAUGHAN continued. 

Herbert Milling-champ Vaughan. Modern Arm. 
(Engraved by Mussett, of London.) 

Eldest s. of John Vaughan, of Llangoedmore, co. Cardigan ; 
b. 1870; F.S.A.; M.A. Keble College, Oxford; H. Sheriff 
co. Cardigan, 1916. 

Herbert Vaughan / of Llangoedmore. Modern 
Festoon Arm. 

The same owner. 

Vaughan. Chip. Arm. with Vaughan of Nannau on 
an inescutcheon. (Coat of Vaughan of Hengwrt.) 

? Hugh Vaughan, 2nd s. of Robert Vaughan, of Hengwrt 
(H. Sheriff co. Merioneth, 1735), and elder brother of Sir 
Robert Howell Vaughan, cr. a Baronet, 1791 ; H. Sheriff, 
1752 ; ob. num. 

R. H. Vaughan Esqr. Pict. and Arm., signed 
"Hunter sc.," with Williams on an esc. of pre. 
Unknown to Fincham. A scarce plate. 

Sir Robert Howell Vaughan, of Nannau and Hengwrt, co. 
Merioneth ; cr. a Baronet, 1791; younger s. of Robert Vaughan, 
of Hengwrt ; m. Anne, d. and h. of Edward Williams, 
Ystymcellwyn, co. Montgomery; ob. 1796. 

R. H. Vaughan Esqr. Pict., a Druid beside an oak, 
an oval. 

The same owner. 

Sir Robt. W. Vaughan, Bart. / Nannau. Label. 

Sir Robert Williams Vaughan, of Nannau and Hengwrt, co. 
Merioneth ; succ. as 3rd Bart. ; gds. of Sir R. H. Vaughan 
(vide supra) ; ob. s.p. 1859. 

Richd. Vaughan Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

Of Shenfield, Essex, and of Golden Grove, co. Carmarthen ; 
8. of John Vaughan, who inherited the Golden Grove estate 
under the will of Anne Duchess of Bolton ; b. 1726; m. (l) 
Elizabeth P. Phillips, of Llanelly ; (2) Susanna Warner, of 
Swansea; ob. 1781. 

(His s. and h., John Vaughan, of Golden Grove, ob. s.p. 
1804, and devised his estates to ist Baron Cawdor.) 

Welsh Book-Plates 133 

VAUGHAN continued. 

[Richard Vaughan.] Another state of the same 

Penelope Vaughan. Festoon Arm., a lozenge. 

(See Franks Coll. Catalogue^ vol. iii., p. 158.) 

R. Chambre Vaughan Esq. / Burlton Hall, co. Salop. 
With Welsh motto, Order and nine coats. 

S. of Thomas Vaughan, of Burlton and Plas Thomas ; b. 
1796; matr'ic. Brasenose College, Oxford, 1815 ;' m. Anne 


Robt. Vaughan. Crest (of Vaughan of Hengwrt). 
Nathaniel Jenner Vaughan. Crest. 
John Vaughan. Crest. 

[Vivian Lord Swansea.] Modern Arm. 

Sir Henry Hussey Vivian ; ist Bart, and ist Baron Swansea 
(1893); of Singleton, co. Glamorgan; M.P. for Swansea, 
1882-1893; b' 1894. 


T. J. Waddingham / Hafod. Modern Arm. Imp. 

Thomas James Waddingham, 2nd s. of J. Waddingham, of 
Guiting Grange, co. Glos. ; b. 1840; m. Sarah Davies, of 
Ffosrhydygaled, co. Cardigan; H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1892. 


His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales. Late 
Chip. Arm., showing the coats of England, 
Scotland, France, Ireland and Hanover, with the 
label mark of the son and heir. 

George, Prince of Wales, Regent and afterwards George IV. 

Carleton House Library. Prince of Wales' plumes 
and motto, with the insignia of the Garter. 

The same owner, then residing at Carlton House, London. 

134 Welsh Book-Plates 

WALES continued. 

University College of North Wales. Modern Seal 
Arm. Welsh motto. 

South Wales Borderers, 2nd Batt. Regimental crest 
and badge. 


S. Richard! Walwyn de Com. Hereford Arm. Chip. 
Arm. and Pict. A fine plate. Welsh motto. 
Supporters. Signed " W. H. Toms sc." 

(Reproduced in Fincham, p. 98.) 

S. of James Walwyn, of Longworth, M.P. co. Hereford ; 
m. Mary Floyer ; ob. v.p. 1750. 

James Longworth Walwyn Esqr / Longworth, 
Herefordshire. Spade Arm. Welsh motto. 

S. of Richard Walwyn (vide supra), of Dorchester, arm. ; 
matric. Magdalen College, Oxford, 1762 ; H. Sheriff co. 
Hereford, 1784; M.P. for Hereford city, 1785-1800; m. 
Sarah Phillipps, of Eaton, co. Hereford ; ob. 1 800. 


[Ward] Bangor. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Edward Ward, 4th Viscount Bangor and representative Peer 
of Ireland; b> 1827 ; ob. unm. 1881. 


Thomas Waters Esq. / Sarnau, co. Carmarthen. 
XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. on green-tinted paper. 

2nd s. of Thomas Waters, of Carmarthen, gent. ; matric. 
Queen's College, Oxford, 1830; J.P. for co. Carmarthen. 

The same on white paper. 

Edward W. Watkin. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Sir Edward William Watkin, Bart. ; s. of Absalom Watkin, 
Northenden ; b. 1819; M.P. and eminent public man; origi- 
nator of the English Channel Tunnel Scheme ; m. ( I ) Mary 
B. Mellor ; (2) Anne Little; ob. 1901. 

Sir Edward W. Watkin. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

The same, with title added ; cr. a Bart. 1880. 

Welsh Book-Plates 135 

WATKIN continued. 

Watkin Library. Modern Seal Arm. Welsh motto. 

Coat-of-arms of North Wales imp. Watkin. 
Gift plate to the University College Library of North Wales 
at Bangor. 

Edward Watkin, M.A. Spade Arm. 

B. 1788 ; s. of Rev. Geo. Watkin, of Northampton ; matric. 
Lincoln College, Oxford, 1807; M.A. 1814; rector of 
Cogenhoe, Northants, 1812 ; m. Anna-Maria Cliffe ; J.P. for 
Northants (living 1870). 


Richard Watkins / of Shotton, Prescott, and / Shrews- 
bury Esqr. Large Chip. Arm. with portraits of 
Blackstone and Samuel Butler introduced. Signed 
" Rd. Watkins del. Hy. Hollingworth sculp." 

S. of John Watkins, of Shotton, Salop (by Elizabeth Bolton, 
his wife) ; b. 1734; m. Anne Williams, of Prescott ; ob. s.p. 

( Burke's Landed Gentry, 8th edition, p. 2151.) 

Anne Watkins. Chip. Arm. printed in green. 

Wife of Richard Watkins, of Shotton, Salop ; d. and h. of 
Williams, of Prescott, Salop; ob. s.p. 1792. 

[Watkin Watkins.] Chip. Arm. The same plate 
with the name in writing. 

S. of William Watkins, and nephew and h. of Richard 
Watkins, of Shotton ; b. 1767 ; m. Anna Eddowes ; succ. his 
uncle, 1792 ; ob. 1849. 

J. B. W[atkins.] Chip. Arm. 

Richard Watkins. Chip. Arm. Imp. ? Stirling or 

Coat of Watkins of Penoyre, co. Brecknock. 

? Rev. Richard Watkins, s. of Charles Watkins, of Aynhoe, 
Northants; matric. Wadham College, 1720; rector of Clifton 
Campville, co. Stafford, 1738-1776. 

John Watkins. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. qting 

Of Llanigon, co. Brecknock, and of Herefordshire. 

136 Welsh Book-Plates 

WATKINS continued. 

Bernard Edward Watkins. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

3rd s. of Robert Watkins, of Arundel, Sussex ; matric. 
Wadham College, Oxford, 1 840 ; rector of Treeton, Yorks, 

John G. Watkins Esq. / Woodfield, Ombersley. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Bayly. 

John Gregory Watkins, s. of John Gregory Watkins, arm., 
of Northampton ; matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1856; barr.-at-law 
Lincoln's Inn; ob. 1869. 

Henry George Watkins. Crest. 

? Rev. Henry George Watkins, eldest s. of Rev. Henry 
George Watkins, vicar of Potter's Bar, Middlesex ; matric. 
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1867 ; M.A. 1874. 


Thomas Edward Watson / St. Mary's Lodge, Newport, 
Mon. Modern Arm. Imp. Harrison. 

Eldest s. of Edward Watson; b. 1851; H. Sheriff co. 
Monmouth, 1911 ; m. Mary Harrison, of Scarborough. 

T. E. Watson / Newport, Mon. Modern Arm. Imp. 
Harrison. Diminutive plate. 

Same owner. 

Thos. Webb / Saddler / & Harness Maker / Brecon. 
Early XlXth Cent. Label. 

A doubtful book-plate. 

Walter Wilkins Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

S. of Walter Wilkins, of Maesllwch, co. Radnor ; matric. 
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1797; m. Hon. Catherine Eliza Devereux, 
4th d. of 1 3th Viscount Hereford; ob. 1830. 

Father of Walter Wilkins, M.P. for co. Radnor, who (1839) 
assumed the name of De Winton. 


Miss E. Wilkinson / Plas Grono. Label, buff-tinted. 
This Book belongs to / Fras. B. Wilkinson Esq ; / Mill 
Bank Lodge / Carmarthen, South Wales. Label. 

Welsh Book-Plates 137 


Sir John Williams, Bodlewyddan. Seal Arm. c. i 800, 
with Williams of Tyfry on an esc. of pre. Signed 
" Hunter sculpt." 

ist Baronet, cr. 1798; m. (1791) Margaret, d. and h. of 
Hugh Williams, of Tyfry, Anglesey; ob. 1830. 

Watkin Williams Esqr. of Penbedw / in the county of 
Denbigh. Ribbon Arm. 

S. of Richard Williams of Penbedw (by his 3rd wife, Anna- 
bella Lloyd), and gds. of Sir William Williams, 2nd Bart, of 
Wynnstay ; M.P. for cos. Denbigh and Merioneth ; Lord- 
Lieut, of cos. Denbigh and Merioneth; ob. 1808 s.p. 

Major Molyneux Williams / Penbedw Hall, Denbigh- 
shire. / Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic 
Order. XlXth Cent. Arm. with Williams on an 
esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

Major Thomas Molyneux (afterwards Lt.-General) ; m. 
Annabella Pulestone- Williams, d. of Rev. Philip Pulestone, of 
Pickhill, co. Denbigh, and niece and senior co-h. of Watkin 
Williams, of Penbedw. She m. ( I ) E. L. Lloyd, of Penylan ; 
and (2) Major T. Molyneux, who assumed the name of 
Williams; H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 1842. 

Lt. Colonel Molyneux Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
with Order and Medal. Welsh motto. Williams 
on an esc. of pre. 

The same owner. 

Major General Molyneux Williams. XlXth Cent. 
Arm. with Order and Medal. Welsh motto. Imp. 
Brads haw (coat of 2nd wife). 

The same owner. 

Lieut. General Molyneux Williams. The same plate 
with alteration of military rank. 

138 Welsh Book- Plates 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Arthur Williams of Meillionydd Esqr. / Carnarvon- 
shire. Early Jac. Arm. (? a reprint), with sixteen 
coats, the i st being that of Ednyfed Vychan. 

S. of Edward Williams; m. (1723) Muriel Williams, of 
Ystym Colwyn, co. Carnarvon. (Tat Croesion MS. Pedigrees. 
See also Burke's Baronetage under Bulkeley -Williams.} 

Arthur Williams of / Meillionydd Esqr. Early Jac. 
Arm. ? A reprint. Smaller size with four coats. 

Sir Hugh Williams, Bart. Chip. Arm. with Bulkeley 
on an esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

8th Bart., of Caerau, Anglesey and Nant, co. Carnarvon ; b. 
1718; m. Emma Viscountess Bulkeley, of Baron Hill, Anglesey. 

John Williams / Treffos. Jac. Arm. and Pict. C. 
1730. Signed (very faintly) "George Bickham 
sc." The design is identical with that of the Rev. 
Lloyd (vide supra). Welsh motto. 

Not mentioned by Fincham. 

? Rev. John Williams, of Treffos ; b. 1738; chaplain to 
H.R.H. Princess Augusta of Wales ; m. Eleanor Vincent, of 
Bangor ; ob. 1826. 

John Robert Williams / of Treffos / in the county of 
Anglesey. Modern Pict. and Arm. Imp. Marston. 
Two Welsh mottoes. 

Eldest s. of Rev. Thomas Norris Williams, of TrefFos, rector 
of Llanddeiniolen and of Aber ; b. 1841 ; m. Emily Marston ; 
ob. 1889. 

John Williams / Treffos. XlXth Cent. Arm. on a 
mantle. Welsh motto. 

S. of Rev. John Williams, of TrefFos (by Eleanor Vincent, 
his wife); b. 1784; m. (1808) Elizabeth Goddard ; barr.- 
at-law, etc. 

Welsh Book-Plates 139 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Thomas Peers Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Bacon. Welsh motto. Signed "Huntly sc., 
74 Bond Strt." 

Colonel T. P. Williams, s. of Thomas Peers Williams, 
arm., of Westminster; matric. Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1813; m. 
Emily Bacon; of Temple House, Berks ; ob. 1875. 

General Owen Williams. Moderm Arm. Imp. 

(1) Caulfield, (2) Sinclair. Welsh motto. By 
C. W. Sherborn, but unsigned. 

General Owen Lewis Cope Williams ; only s. of Col. 
Thomas Peers Williams, M.P., of Temple House, Berks, and 
Craig-y-don, Anglesey; M.P. Great Marlow, 1880-1885; 
Colonel Royal Horse Guards ; m. ( i ) Fanny Caulfield ; 

(2) Nina Sinclair. 

Ifah Williams. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. By 
C. W. Sherborn, unsigned. 

Robert Williams / Jes. Coll. Cant. Chip. Arm. Coat 
of Ednyfed Vychan. 

Name does not appear in Cantab. Graduat'i (1787). 

J. H. B. Williams. Spade Arm. Imp. ? Co/Us. 
Welsh motto. Coat of Ednyfed Vychan. 

Williams. Spade Arm. qting ? Hartshorn. Welsh 

Rd. Palmer Williams. Spade Arm. Welsh motto. 
Same plate with name added. 

Richard Williams Esqr. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. ? Trevor. 

[Williams.] XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Thomas Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Sydney Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. within a 

? S. of Philip Williams, of Aberbaiden, co. Monmouth ; b. 

140 Welsh Book-Plates 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Edmd. Sydney Williams. XIX th Cent. Jac. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

Harry Percy Williams. Modern gothic Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

Chas. Williams. "The Standard." Crest. 

[Williams.] Chip. Arm. Imp. \Bray or Grindall. 
Signed "J. Kirk sculpt." Not mentioned by 

Richard Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. with ? Trevor 
on an esc. of pre. Welsh motto. 

Hutchins Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

W. M. Williams. Spade Arm. A rare plate. (Not 
in Franks Coll.) 

William Morgan Williams, of Trefach, co. Pembroke ; H. 
Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1784 ; his d. and h. m. Captain Thomas 
Bowen, of Pantyderi, co. Pembroke, father of James William 
Bowen, Q.C., of Plas-y-Bridell (ob. 1888). 

First Nonconformist H. Sheriff of co. Cardigan. 

James Williams. / Woodlands. Wreath and Ribbon 

Coat of Williams of Llangibby and of Malvern Hall. 

Charles Wye Williams Esqr. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Richard Williams Esq. / Drumcondra Castle. Early 

XlXth Cent. Arm. 
James Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Gulielmus Williams, S.T.B. Chip Arm. 

? ? William Williams, s. of William Williams, pleb. of 
Westminster; matric. University College, Oxford, 1736; 
M.A. from St Mary Hall; B.D. 1761. 

Edward Williams Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

Coat of Williams of Glanywan and DyfFryn, co. Denbigh. 
(Papworth, p. 982.) 

John Williams. Chip. Arm. Pict. 

Weisk Book-Plates 141 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Charles Williams. Chip. Arm. 

William Williams. Festoon Arm. 

R. E. L. C. Williams Esqr. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Marshall Williams. Festoon Arm. (?XIXth Cent.) 
? Of Pule Hill Hall, Yorks. 

John Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Owen ap Madoc. Welsh motto. 

Lawrance Williams / Major, 1874. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
with date. Imp. Carrier. Signed "D. C. E. 

? Major Lawrance William Edward Williams, J.P., s. of 
Marshall Williams, of Pule Hill Hall, Yorks ; of Barton End 
House, near Stroud, Glos. 

James Williams. Chip. Arm. 

Coat of Brochtvel Tsgrithog, of Powys. 

John Williams / Esqr. Chip. Arm. 

Geoe. Williams Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 

[Rev. J. Williams M.A. /Bryntirion.] Early XIX th 
Cent. Arm. Name and place added in writing. 
Signed "Gawthorp, 16 Long Acre." 

S. of Rev. John Williams (by Abigail Evans, his wife) ; b. 
1797; M.A. Ch. Ch., Oxford; vicar of Spelsbury, Oxon ; 
m. Jane, widow of John Patterson; ob. 1873. 

(Father of S. C. Evans-Williams, of Bryntirion, M.P. for 
co. Radnor, 1880-1884.) 

Revd. Jno. M. Williams. Festoon, allegorical. 

Wm. Williams Esqr. / Ivy Tower / Pembrokeshire. 

Eldest s. of William Williams of Ivy Tower ; b. 1736 ; m. 
Maria Jermyn ; H. Sheriff co. Pembroke, 1766; four times 
mayor of Tenby ; author of Primitive History and other works ; 
his d. and h. m. Orlando Harris- Williams, of Ivy Tower 
(H. Sheriff, 1824), who assumed his wife's surname. 

142 Welsh Book-Plates 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Revd. John Williams / Vicar of Caer-Rhun / Carnar- 
vonshire. Label. 

Revd. J. H. Williams / Rector of / Llangadwaladr. 

The Library of Rowland Williams, D.D. Seal, with 
crest and Welsh motto. 

Eminent theologian and Vice-Principal of St David's 
College, Lampeter ; s. of Canon Rowland Williams, of St 
Asaph, rector of Meifod ; b. 1817 ; B.A. King's College, 
Cambridge ; contributor to Essays and Reviews ; opposed the 
fusion of the sees of Bangor and St Asaph ; ob. 1870. 

The Library of Rowland Williams, D.D. The 
Swansea Library. 

[Williams.] Arm., two shields addorsed, with Order 
of the Bath, and imp. Hill. Welsh motto. 

General Sir William Williams, K.C.B., Col. of i3th Regt ; 
m. (1820) Jenny, d., of Marcus Hill, and gd.-d. of Sir Hugh 
Hill, Bart., of Brooke Hall, co. Londonderry. 

Admiral Sir Thomas Williams. Crest, with wreath 
and Order of the Bath. 

S. of Capt. William Williams, R.N. ; b. 1762 ; knighted 

1796; K.C.B. 1815; G.C.B. 1831; m. (1800) 

Whapshare, of Salisbury ; ob. 1841. 

John Charles Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm., signed 
" B. Wyon sc.," with Grenville on an esc. of pre. 

Joannes Williams, A.M. / E. Coll. Jes. Oxon. Soc. / 1783. 
Dated Label. 

? S. of David Williams, of Llanraglan, co. Carnarvon; matric. 
Jesus College, Oxford, 1776 ; M.A. 1783. (See Gentleman's 
Magazine, 1830, i., p. 648.) 

Wm. Williams. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. 
Charles Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Book- Plates 143 

WILLIAMS continued. 

James Rice Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with 
Dunn qtg Chitty on an esc. of pre. 

J.P. and D.L. ; of Lee, Kent ; eldest s. of Thomas Williams 
(by Joana, his wife, d. of Rev. James Powel, of Churton House, 
Glam.), merchant, of Carmarthen; claimed to descend from 
Williams of Edwinsford. (Burke's Armoury.) 

Watkin Williams / Surgeon / Pant Cravog / 1757. 
Dated Label. 

Watkin Williams / Surgeon / Pant Cravog. 1758. 
Dated Label, probably by J. Ross of Carmarthen. 

Arthur LL. Griffith Williams. Crest, with Welsh 

James Williams. Crest. 

Stephen Williams. Crest. 

Robt. Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

David Williams. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Williams/ of /Blaina. Gwent. XIX th Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

[Williams.] Early XlXth Cent. "Aerial" Arm. 
Imp. ? Cheney. 

Coat of Williams ; Bart., of Gwernyfed, co. Brecknock 
(ext. 1798). 

Williams/ of /Aberpergwm. Early XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Welsh motto. 

William Williams, celebrated for " his zealous culture of the 
Cymric tongue " ; s. of Rees Williams ; m. (1837) Matilda, d. 
and h. of Col. Thomas Smith, of Castellan, Pontypridd ; ob. 1855. 

Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Coat of Williams, Bart., of Eltham (ext. 1804). 

Alfred Speed Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 
H. Williams. Crest. 
Sir W. Williams. Crest. 

144 Pf^elsh Book- Plates 

WILLIAMS continued. 

B. C. Williams. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. 

(Coat of Bishop Williams, of Chichester, 1697.) 

B. 0. Williams. Crest. Welsh motto. 
John Williams. Ribbon Arm. c. 1790. 
Edward Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

William Henry Williams, M.D., F.L.S. / of Gonville 
& Gains College Cambridge & / Fellow of the Royal 
College of Physicians / London. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Imp. ? Deering. 

Medical author and specialist in military hygiene ; s. of 
Richard Williams ; b. 1771 ; ob. 1841. 
' Inventor of the field torniquet." 

Sir John Bickerton Williams, Knt., LL.D., F.S.A. 
Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Robins. 

S. of Walter Williams, of Broseley, Salop; b. 1792; first 
Nonconformist mayor of Shrewsbury, 1836, and knighted by 
Queen Victoria, 1837, at the special request of H.R.H. the 
Duke of Sussex ; author ; m. Elizabeth Robins, of Birmingham ; 
ob. 1855. 

Syr John Williams, Barwnig / Rhoddwyd lonawr laf, 
1909. Modern Arm. Welsh motto. Gift plate 
of Sir John Williams, G.C.V.O., to the National 
Library of Wales. 

John Williams Ab Ithel. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Williams. ? Celtic motto. 

S. of Roger Williams of Tynant, co. Denbigh; b. 1811 ; 
M.A. Jesus College, Oxford ; vicar of Llanymawddwy, co. 
Merioneth ; joint founder (with Rev. H. Longueville Jones) 
of the " Cambrian Archaeological Association " ; scholar and 
antiquary; wrote as " Ab Ithel "; m. Elizabeth Williams, of 
Dolgelly; ob. 1862. 

John Williams (Ab Ithel). XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. 
Williams. Welsh motto. 

The same owner. 

Owen Williams Esq. Modern Arm. within a garter. 

Welsh Book-Plates 145 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Revd. H. H. Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

? Henry Herbert Williams, eldest s. of Henry Owen Williams, 
arm., of London; matric. Wadham College, 1874; of Tre' 
Arddur and Tre' Castell, Anglesey. 

Reginald Freke Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. 
Welsh motto. 

2nd s. of R. W. Williams, Isle of Wight; b. 1835 ; m. 
Charlotte Rawson ; D.L. and J.P. for co. Brecknock. 

The / Revd. Wm. Williams. Spade Arm. 

Edwd. Williams, D.D. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. 
Imp. . 

? Emblematic mock-heraldry. 

Sir Geoe. Griffies Williams Bart. Early XIX th Cent. 
Arm. Punning Welsh motto. 

S. of the Rev. George Griffies (by Anne Thackeray, his 
wife) ; assumed the additional name of Williams under the will 
of his uncle, David Williams, of Carmarthen ; cr. a Baronet, 
1815 ; m. Anna-Margaretta Evans, of Highmead, co. Cardigan ; 
of Llwyny wormwood Park, co. Carmarthen ; H. Sheriff, 1791 ; 
ob. 1843. 

Penry Williams. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Of Penpont, co. Brecknock; m. (1804) Maria Yeates ; 
Lord-Lieut, co. Brecknock ; ob. 1847. 

Father of Penry Williams of Penpont, b. 1807. 

J. Penry Williams. XlXth Cent. Festoon Arm. 

? ? Rev. John Williams, canon of St David's ; eldest s. of 
Archdeacon Williams, of Cardigan (by Anne, d. of Penry 
Williams, of Penpont). 

Revd. G. Williams. XIX th Cent. Arm. 

Sir M. Monier-Williams, K.C.I.E. Mod. Arm. and 
Pict. A large plate. Signed "E. B. R. '97." 
Coat of Ednyfed Vychan. 

B. 1819; s. of Col. Monier-Williams, of Bombay; m. 
Julia Faithfull ; Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford University ; 
knighted 1886 ; ob. 1899. 

146 Welsh Book- Plates 

WILLIAMS continued. 

Leonard James Williams. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh 

Sir Rhys Williams, Bart. Mod. Arm. Welsh motto. 

B. 1 865 ; s. of Judge Gwilym Williams, of Miskin Manor, 
co. Glamorgan ; cr. a Baronet, 1918. 

William Williams. Crest. 

Thomas Williams, Dean of Llandaff. Crest, within a 

Eldest s. of Thomas Williams, of Aberbran, co. Brecknock ; 
b. 1801 ; m. Elizabeth, d. of Archdeacon Davies, of Brecon; 
B.A. Oriel College, Oxford, 1822 ; Archdeacon of Llandaff, 
1843 ; Dean 1857. 

[William Williams.] Crests. Welsh motto. Name 
in writing. 

Rev. George Williams. Crest. 

John Williams, M.D. Crest. Welsh motto. 

Edward Maunsell Williams. Crest. 

Geoffrey S. Williams. / His Book. Modern Pict. with 
small coat-of-arms introduced. Printed in umber. 

R. James Williams. Modern Pict. Signed 
"R. J. W." 

Alexandra K. E. Williams / her Book. Modern Pict. 
with crest. Printed in brown. 


George Willis, M.D. of Monmouth. XlXth Cent. 
Seal Arm. Imp. ? Owen. 

Eldest s. of G. Willis, Florence Court, co. Fermanagh ; b. 
1828 ; J.P. co. Monmouth; of Newton Hall, Monmouth. 

&, >^#to 

Welsh Book- Plates 147 


John Wogan / of Wiston, Pembrokeshire. Jac. Pict. 
and Arm. 

Of Wiston and Hean Castle, co. Pembroke ; H. Sheriff, 
1745 ; s. of Lewis Wogan, M.P., of Wiston (by Martha, d. 
of David Williams, of Hean Castle) ; m. Susanna Parsons ; ob. 

, leaving a son, John Wogan, the last male of the Wogans 

of Wiston. 

A scarce plate. (Not in Franks Coll.) 


[J. E. Woodroffe / Lincolns Inn.] XIX th Cent. Arm. 
within a garter. Name in writing. Welsh motto. 

3rd s. of John Woodroffe, M.P., of Dublin; b. 1822 ; m. 

Maria Witts. 


Will. Worthington, M.A. /Vicar of Blodwel in Shrop- 
shire. Jac. Arm. Book-pile. Greek motto. 

A scarce plate in this state. 

Will. Worthington, D.D. Jac. Arm. Book-pile. 
The same plate with altered inscription. 

S. of Thomas Worthington, of Aberhafesp, co. Montgomery ; 
b> 1703; graduate of St John's College, Cambridge; M.A. 
from Jesus College, Oxford ; vicar of Llanyblodwel and 
prebendary of St Asaph, 1773; author of various theological 
works ; ob. 1778. 


Ri. Wynne. Early Jac. Arm.. In writing "Trin. 
Coll. Cantab. A.B." 

Richard Wynne, Trinity College, Cambridge, A.B. 1729; 
A.M. 1733. 

The Reverend Ri. Wynne, M.A. 

The same plate with altered inscription. 

John Wynne, A.M. / Rector of Caerydruidion. Jac. 
Arm. and Pict. 

S. of Edward Wynne, of Llanyfudd, co. Denbigh, gent. ; 
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1718; M.A. 1725. 


148 Welsh Book- Plates 

WYNNE continued. 

W. Wynne. Late Jac. Arm. Welsh motto. 

Coat of Cynric Efell. 

[Wynne.] Chip. Arm. 

Coat of Peniarth, co. Merioneth, 

No name ; probably William Wynne, of Wern, b. 1 708 ; 
H. Sheriff co. Merioneth, 1 7 50 ; m. Eleanor Williams, of 
Llandegwning ; ob. 1766. 

[Wynne.] Pict. Arm. c. 1790. Printed in green 
Name added in writing. Signed "Painter sc. 
(The only known specimen by this engraver.) 

Coat of Wynne of Llangedwyn. 

0. W. Williams Wynn/Aedis Christi Alumnus. 
Landscape Pict. 

Rt. Hon. Charles Watkin Williams Wynne, 2nd s. of Sir 
W. Williams Wynne, 4th Bart., M.P. ; b. 1775; M.P. for 
co. Montgomery; D.C.L., etc.; m. (1806) Mary Cunliffe ; 
ob. 1850. 

R. W. W. [ynne] / Garthewin Library. Wreath and 
Ribbon with crest. Signed " Hicks set." 

Robert William Wynne, of Garthewin, co. Denbigh ; m. 
Laetitia Stanley; ob. 1844. 

Sigillum William Henrici Watkin Williams Wynn. 
Early XlXth Cent. Seal Arm. borne on an eagle, 
with sixteen coats. 

Rt. Hon. Sir W. H. Watkin Williams Wynn, G.C.H. ; 
K.C.B. ; 3rd s. of 4th Bart, of Wynnstay; b. 1783 ; envoy 
at Court of Denmark ; ob. 1856. 

[Williams Wynne.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Two 
shields accoles, three crests and four Welsh 

Sir W. Williams Wynne, 6th Bart, of Wynnstay ; b. 1820; 
m. (1852) his cousin, Mary Emily, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir Henry 
W. Wynn (vide supra] ; ob. 1885. 

Welsh Book- Plates 149 

WYNNE continued. 

W. W. E. Wynne / Peniarth Library. XlXth Cent. 
Arm. Imp. Slaney. 

William Watkin Edward Wynne, s. of William Wynne, of 
Bangor Iscoed, co. Denbigh ; b. 1801 ; matric. Jesus College, 
Oxford, 1820; of Peniarth, co. Merioneth; m. (1839) Mary 
Slaney, d. of R. A. Slaney, M.P., of Walford Manor, Salop. 

[Wynne.] Wreath Arm. qting Salesbury. 

Coat of Wynne of Garthewin. 

William Wynne. Crest. 

Arthur Meredyth Wynne. XlXth Cent. Arm. 

Of Hazlewood, co. Sligo. 

Rev. W. H. Wynne / of / Hazlewood. Modern Arm. 
Wynne /of Hazlewood. Modern Arm. Another 
state of same plate. 

Probably Owen Wynne, of Hazlewood, co. Sligo ; b. 1843 ; 
s. of Rt. Hon. J. A. Wynne, M.P. ; m. Stella Gore-Booth ; 
H. Sheriff co. Sligo, 1875. 

Of Welsh descent, claiming from Rind Flaidd, Lord of 


Edvardus Yardley, A.M. Collegii di Johannis. Cantab. 
Socius. 1721. Jac. Arm. Dated. 

Edwd. Yardley B.D. / Archdeacon of Cardigan / 1739. 
Jac. Arm. Dated. Same plate altered. 

B. 1698; Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, 1721 ; 
rector of St Florence, co. Pembroke, 1732 ; Archdeacon of 
Cardigan, 1739-1770; scholar and compiler of the MS. 
treatise (in the library of St David's Cathedral) known as 
Menevia Sacra. 


Pierce Wynne Yorke. Crests. 

Of Dyffryn Aled, co. Denbigh; b. 1784; m. Elizabeth 
Hughes, of Plas Coch, Anglesey ; H. Sheriff co. Denbigh, 
1817 ; father of Pierce Wynne Yorke, b. 1826, who m. Lucy P., 
d. of Sir Trevor Wheler, Bart. 

150 Welsh Book-Plates 


Chip. Arm. Welsh motto. Ermine a lion ramp. gu. 

[1 Griffith.] 
Wreath Arm. c. 1790. Qtly. i and 4, Ednowyn 

Bendew ; 2 and 3, Madoc ap Tnen. 
An interesting and frequent plate, evidently that of a 

North Wales library. 
Festoon Arm. i and 4 Collwyn ap Tagno; 2 and 3, 

Montagu qtly. with Month erme. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Ermines a goat passant between 3 

annulets arg. Welsh motto. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. Coat of Collwyn ap Tagno. 

Name erased. 
XlXth Cent. Arm. i and 4, Sa. a lion ramp. arg. ; 

2 and 3, Sa on a chevron arg. 3 roses gules. Welsh 

Modern gothic Arm. Welsh motto. Arg. a chevron 

between 3 bugle horns sa. p BassetJ] 
Date uncertain. A strange-looking plate, with the 

motto "Lock Sicker." No tinctures given. A 

heart, in chief 3 mullets ; imp. a bulFs head and in 

chief 3 pheons. The crest a boar chained to a 

holly bush is that of Owen of Henllys. Below 

is the word " Gyrn." 
Paly of six, arg. and sa. Two plates, very doubtful 

book-plates. Name of " Fran. Jones " on one. 

Coat of Madoc Ddu. (See Papworth, p. 1018.) 

? Early Jac. Arm. 
Arm. Qtly. i st and 4th, Gu. 3 lions ramp. arg. : 

2nd and 3rd, or a chev. . . . between 3 boys' 

heads couped at neck and twined with snakes. 

Welsh motto. 
Label, with rising sun and book. Welsh motto. 

Welsh Book- Plates 151 


Page i. Ablett. With Bury qting Ormerod on an esc. 
of pre. 

6. Brigstocke, Owen. Collector of the fine library 
at Blaenpant, which was dispersed in 1920. 
He m. Anne, d. and h. of Edward Browne, 
M.D., and gd.-d. and heiress-general of Sir 
Thomas Browne, of Norwich, author of 
Religio Medici, Urn-Burial, etc. (See 
Charles Williams, M.D., Pedigree of Browne 
Family, 1902.) 

8. Bulkeley, Sir John. He was of Presaddfed, 
Anglesey. H. Sheriff, 1795. 

1 2. Conway, Charles. Of Pontnewydd House, co. 
Monmouth; b. 1820; ob. 1884; buried in 
the Baptist chapel ground at Pontrhydyhun. 
This plate must date from the middle of the 
nineteenth century. 

20. Edisbury, James Fisher. Of Wrexham; b. 
1837; senior J.P. of Wrexham; prominent 
Freemason; ob. 1920. (See Western Mail, 
22nd October 1920.) 

24. Evans, John, Lord Bishop of Bangor. The 
arms of the see of Bangor are impaled with 
those attributed to Cilmin Droed-ddu ("Cilmin 
of the Black Foot "), of Glynllifon, founder 
of the Fourth Noble Tribe of Wales, from 
whom Bishop Brans claimed descent. 

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